Treason For Tucker


When Congress investigated the September 11, 2001 attack on our nation, the investigative committee did not include any members of al Qaida. When Congress has investigated the mafia, I don’t believe any of those committees included mobsters. When the GOP held investigation after investigation into the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans, I don’t believe their committees included Islamic terrorists. But, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi offered Republicans an opportunity to include supporters of terrorists on a committee to investigate a terrorist attack.

Make no mistake about it, the attack on January 6, 2021 was a terrorist attack. Not only are Republicans afraid to admit it was terrorists, they don’t want to admit it was an insurrection. A few of them even claim the terrorists were merely tourists. The reason being is that the terrorists were their terrorists.

The GOP made demands that had to be met before they would vote for an independent commission. They demanded equal representation on the committee and subpoena power. They could have used this to deflect from the real purpose of the investigation and shift the focus to Antifa, Black Lives Matter, why Tim Allen’s show can’t win Emmys, who put the bomp in the bomp-bah-bomp-bah-bomp, or if the NSA is investigating Tucker Carlson.

The Democrats gave Republicans everything they demanded and except for 35 members, they still voted against a commission. It ultimately failed in the Senate because of two Democratic jackasses. After voting against a commission that would have given them equal power, the Republicans complained it was partisan. Fine, let’s make it partisan.

If your partisanship is supporting terrorism, then we don’t need you. Now, the House has voted, mostly along party lines, to create a select committee to investigate the terrorist attack. This time, only two Republicans voted to investigate a terrorist attack.

There will be a 13-member panel with eight members appointed by Democrats and five appointed by Republicans. Pelosi has already given one of the Democratic seats to a Republican, Liz Cheney. Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader, has threatened his members with punishment if they serve on the committee. He’s threatening to remove their committee assignments.

McCarthy may want to appoint a few fucknuts like Jim Jordan, Elise Stefanik, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz to fill the committee with howler monkeys, but Pelosi can veto any of McCarthy’s choices. She should have this power because Republicans can’t be taken seriously and would use their appointments to defend terrorists. Pelosi should veto any members McCarthy chooses who voted against certifying the election. Let’s not allow terrorists to serve on the committee. The terrorist attack was motivated by the Big Lie. You can’t put members on a committee investigating the attack who continue to push the Big Lie.

Republicans are afraid of investigating the January 6 attack the same way cats are afraid of cucumbers. We don’t know why cats are afraid of cucumbers. It’s not like the cucumbers conducted a terrorist attack against the dog after coordinating with the cat, and the cat is afraid it’ll be implicated if you ask the cucumber any questions. But we do know that’s exactly why the Republicans are afraid of cucumbers, I mean, questions, committees, investigations, facts, etc. And for all we know, Donald Trump is afraid of cucumbers. They are a vegetable.

And just like cats leaping from a cucumber, Kevin McCarthy may hurt himself trying to get away from this investigation. At the very least, he’ll probably shit himself.

The people who attacked the Capitol did so to block the certification of an election and the peaceful transfer of power. They did so to destroy our democracy and install a dictator. They were supported by and received support from Republicans. There are questions as to how much support. Donald Trump tweeted for them to be at the Capitol that day. Donald Trump held a pep rally before the attack. A lot of Republicans voted against certifying the election, delaying it for the terrorists to stop the certification. Some Republicans may have been in contact with terrorists while they were in the Capitol. One Representative was tweeting locations of Democratic members. The terrorists were Trump supporters. There was a large white nationalist element to it.

Liz Cheney said her service on the committee is a matter of honoring her “oath to defend the Constitution.” McCarthy can honor his oath and select members who will also “defend the Constitution,” but that will also shine the light on the party’s culpability with the terrorists. McCarthy and Republicans are more loyal to Trump and his cult than they are to the Constitution.

The terrorists engaged in an attack to stop an act mandated by the Constitution. If McCarthy refuses to appoint anyone, he shows he doesn’t care…which he doesn’t.

McCarthy is also a witness. He was on the phone with Trump during the attack, asking him to call off his terrorists…which Trump refused to do right away.

Republicans spent years and millions of dollars investigating the terrorist attack on Benghazi. Quick! Tell me what they learned from their investigations. Now, another terrorist attack needs an investigation but they don’t want to talk about it because they’re implicated. They would probably rather investigate Tucker Carlson’s claims the National Security Agency is spying on him. Several Republicans, howler monkeys, have backed him up on this bullshit.

Tucker claimed, without any evidence, the NSA has hacked into his emails and plans to release them. This is ironic since he was a big fan of Russia hacking into the Democratic Party’s emails during the 2016 campaign. Maybe someone else has hacked into his emails and plans to release them and Tucker is just preparing us for the amount of gay porn they’ll contain. Quick! What did the release of the Democratic Party’s emails contain? Something about pizza?

In fact, you’re not going to believe this shit…Kevin McCarthy said, “There is a public report that NSA read the emails of Fox News host Tucker Carlson.” Uh, that “public report” is Tucker’s claim. Fox News’ lawyers claimed in court that nobody can believe Tucker. Someone needs to tell McCarthy he can’t believe anything Tucker claims. McCarthy also said, “I have serious questions regarding this matter that must be answered…the NSA cannot be used as a political instrument.” McCarthy has called on Devin Nunes, another howler monkey, to look into this.

Matt Gaetz, a howler monkey who does NOT want anyone to look at his emails, called for an…wait for it…an investigation. Jim Jordan, another howler, is also promoting the lie…along with all his other lies.

How can anyone justify not voting to investigate a terrorist attack on our nation while calling to investigate bullshit by Tucker Carlson? If we’re going to investigate fictional shit on TV, let’s find out why Jerry hated Newman so much.

Do you know how this Tucker claim will end up? It’ll land like all the other Tucker claims.

What happened to Tucker’s claims he had documents that would incriminate the Bidens in all sort of illegal shenanigans? What happened to Tucker’s claims he had emails proving Dr. Anthony Fauci was involved in a criminal coverup of the origins of Covid-19? Tucker was OK with spying on those emails. What happened to Tucker’s claims the FBI was behind the insurrection? Do you remember anything coming from those? You don’t because nothing did.

If there is an investigation, I’m sure it’d be dropped just as soon as Republicans discovered Tucker was partly responsible for the white nationalist terrorist attack, he’s full of crap, his emails are full of gay porn, and he’s afraid of cucumbers.

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  1. The reason that Tucker (that ‘T’ is Definitely a typo!) is afraid of cucumbers goes back to his time in college when he had a part-time job as a busboy at the local Deli. They caught him sticking his penis into the Pickle Slicer, so they fired his ass.
    Anyway… err… What?… What did you say? What did they do with the Pickle Slicer? Oh, they fired her too.


  2. This runs about 40 minutes, well worth your time

    WARNING: Many times as I watched this, I had to fight a very strong urge to smash my iPhone when one of the “principals” was talking or shouting.

    From the New York Times

    A Day Of Rage




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