Religious Test Bigotry


Don’t take my word for it that Republicans are going to lose in November. Take theirs.

Republicans know they’re going to lose the Senate (even South Carolina is competitive. South Carolina!). They’re going to lose the White House. There is no chance they can retake Congress.

Republicans know the will of the American people is against them. The majority of the nation rejects Republicanism and Trumpism. In the past 32 years, they’ve only won the popular vote in a presidential election…ONCE. In 2018, Senate Democratic candidates received 12 million more votes than Republican candidates. And despite the will of this nation being against Republicans, they control the White House, the Senate, and will soon have six out of nine justices on the Supreme Court which will rule for decades. Do you think that’s fucked up? Good, because it’s fucked up.

Republicans know the majority of America doesn’t like them. They know the more educated and informed Americans are, they more likely they’ll vote against their policies because their policies are stupid, racist, and regressive. “Make America great again” means make America go backwards. And that’s why they’re ramming through the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.

Nine months was the time between Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court and the election in 2016, yet Republicans wouldn’t even discuss it. There were no hearings. Republican senators refused to even meet with the man. There are 21 days between now and election day and yesterday, Republicans began hearings for Amy Coney Barrett.

Is it because she’s so qualified? No. While I don’t believe she’s a mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging moron, she doesn’t have much experience. She’s been a judge, not just a federal judge…but a judge period for less than four years. Does she need to be rammed through because of her excellent judgement? Well, she judged that all seven of her children could attend a White House super-spreader event without wearing face masks or engaging in social distancing. Should we ram her through because she’s a person who stands by her word and has exemplary principles? I don’t know because she once said only conservatives should replace conservative justices and vice versa for liberals. Today, she’s a conservative nominee replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

And should we ram her through because of her independence and free will? No because she’s in a cult. Literally. She is in a religious cult.

Republicans scream that Democrats shouldn’t exercise “religious bigotry” over her. I disagree. Exercise that shit. She’s in a cult. She’s going to be on the bench for decades. We have a right to know if she’s going to rule like the Handmaid’s Tale. It’s fair to ask if she’s going to enact her religious beliefs when it comes to abortion, health coverage for all Americans, guns, birth control, gay marriage, or force every unwed woman in the nation to wear a chastity belt, and if they screw around, a scarlet letter.

Yesterday, I observed an exchange between a conservative cartoonist and a liberal cartoonist. I merely observed…for once. The conservative was upset with the liberal’s cartoon on Donald Trump’s nominee and said his work “smacked” of religious bigotry. The conservative asked, “What would you have drawn had she been a devout Muslim or an Orthodox Jew?” My question to him would be, “What would you have drawn?”.

Let’s be honest. If a Democratic president nominated a Muslim female, the GOP would freak out. For example, look at what they’ve done with Ilhan Omar, and she’s a Congresswoman. Donald Trump has accused her of coming to “our” nation after messing up her birth nation of Somalia, never mind the fact she left Somalia when she was eight. They’ve accused her of supporting terrorists and of being a terrorist. They’ve yelled, “Send her back.” Republicans have said, “How dare she tell us how to run ‘our’ country,” forgetting the fact she was elected to tell us how to run our country. Never mind the fact that our country is also her country. They’ve even accused her of marrying her brother. Seriously. And if we take Donald Trump’s track record of hypocrisy into account, we should investigate to see if Melania is his sister.

So yeah. I’m sure Republicans wouldn’t exercise any religious bigotry if a Muslim was nominated to the Supreme Court…or any court for that matter. And just how many Muslims are currently occupying federal courts in the United States of America? Zero. Zip. Nada. Nil. Zilch. None.

There are no Muslims on any of our nation’s federal courts. And yet, Republicans are clutching their pearls by people asking a religious zealot who’s a member of a literal cult that literally tells women to be submissive to their men, if her faith will play a part in her decisions.

I have two great ideas: First, let’s nominate nothing but atheists. They won’t be influenced by some backwards dogma while also respecting religious freedom because that also protects our right to not have any faith.

My second great idea is to stop these proceedings because ramming this confirmation of Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court is a joke leading to a tragedy.

This is a lifetime appointment. By ramming it through, Republicans are showing they don’t respect that. They don’t respect the American people. They say the American people should decide who puts these judges on the courts but by ramming this through within 22 days shows that Republicans are afraid of what the American people will decide.

And has Amy Coney Barrett said, “Hey, let’s wait until after the election.”? Of course not. Because just like everyone else Donald Trump has nominated, she doesn’t have any principles. She can not wait to get on the Supreme Court and take away your health insurance and to outlaw abortion. Hell, Justices Thomas and Alito are salivating at the chance to outlaw gay marriage.

The real irony here is that after she gets on the court and helps install Donald Trump president for life, there will no longer be a Supreme Court.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT’S GOING ON!! … “My second great idea is to stop these proceedings because ramming this confirmation of Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court is a joke leading to a tragedy.

    This is a lifetime appointment. By ramming it through, Republicans are showing they don’t respect that. They don’t respect the American people. They say the American people should decide who puts these judges on the courts but by ramming this through within 22 days shows that Republicans are afraid of what the American people will decide.”

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  2. OK CLAY…… you know how i envy and admire your work.

    how you can hit a policy home run with humor and mud-in-the-eye honesty.

    here is something to consider.

    check out last night’s (Tues 10/13) Maddow show.

    she had a small segment about barrett and how a journal of fertility doctors ANTI ENDORSED HER because she signed on to a radical group that was

    wait for it

    ANTI — IVF……. and contraception. ( they view IVF treatments as man slaughter )

    the journal wrote that these views could set contraceptive options back decades.

    this jumped out to me. the conservatives do not give a wit about a woman’s rights over her own body but boy howdy do they want to protect their right to reproduce !!!!! IVF TREATMENTS ARE MORE POPULAR THAN COKE AND PEPSI COMBINED.

    we all have CONSERVATIVE friends and family who now have a kid because of treatments (or don’t have a kid cause of contraception)

    check out Rachel M maybe you can come up with a biting idea. my lawyer brother said… THIS IS A BIG DEAL !

    you know the conservatives… it doesn’t matter UNTIL IT HITS THEIR HOME (or womb)

    my distribution sucks (sadly) maybe you can get some headway outta this issue!!!!!!!!!

    ( and yes…. crazy lady that I am… i have also ranted about this to my senators

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  3. I’m amazed how much the GOP is willing to sacrifice themselves for this nomination. The committee votes next week, right? And I think the week after it goes to the Senate floor for a vote. The committee is packed in there with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. What if it spreads through the judiciary and two or more Republican become too ill to vote on the floor? I mean, it’s not likely, but then so was the idea of South Carolina being competitive for Democrats to win.

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  4. Hindsight is 2020. The year 2020.

    We’re phucked with our pants on regarding Handmaiden Barrett.

    Unfortunately, the Democrats got outta bed too late – twice:
    1. RBG should have retired while Obama was in office. Everyone expected Hillary to win so she didn’t retire.
    2. Not enough Democrats voted in 2016 (and of course literally every election in the 20th century.) Some Dems woke up in 2018. It looks like more have woke-up this year. I sure hope so.

    That aside. Anyone else seeing a shipload of trump ads on this, “Clay’s” site? I’m seeing four trump ads while I’m typing this, and one of them states, “….Biden wants all manufacturing to be done in China.” !!! I do suspect Biden was born in Kenya.

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    1. I have yet to see any advertisements on this site, or any other WordPress sites I regularly visit. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. And remember, the ads that DO come up, do so ’cause of your own visitation algorithms, not ’cause Clay has anything to say about ’em. They’ll miraculously disappear after 3 November, just like the coronavirus was to have done. Several times. ‘-)

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  5. In the 1960s Bob Dylan told us the The Times They Are A’Changin’! He was right (left was correctly right then), and he wasn’t even president. Now the the president is right, he and his party are definitely wrong! One might say they are definitely, and definitively, left behind in an insane world.
    Did you get all that, the left was right until the right became wrong! Amy Conehead Barrett is so obviously wrong for the Supreme Court, and even her god cannot stop her… fRightening!


    1. Your mention of Bob Dylan brings forth a thought I’ve had for the past four years: WHERE ARE THE PROTEST SONGS? Where are the Joan Baezes, Pete Seegers, Woody Guthries, The Weaverses and the Bob Dylans of this time??? I lived thru their heyday, their time of protests, and I revere them still. There aren’t any today . . . no ‘We Shall Overcome’ or ‘The Times They Are A’Changing’ or “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall’ or The Doors’ ‘Unknown Soldier’ or Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ or The Beatles ‘Revolution’; not even a ‘The Fool on the Hill’ (which would be REALLY apropos today, altho ‘The FoolS on the Hill’ would be even better.

      (Sorry – got a little carried away there, living my HippieYouth.)


      1. I am still that hippie of my youth. The only thing that has changed for me is my thumb is too crooked with arthritis to stick out and hitchhike with.
        It was never a hit, not sure why, but Eric Burdon and War’s recording, They Can’t Take Away Our Music is kinda my last real protest song, and it failed to chart. The times had changed right out from under us, and for as good as an effect we had on the world, it was too little, and unsustainable in a capitalist world. The great they bought our vision and changed it back into theirs. Too few of us were strong enough to resist.
        I resist, and will to my death. If you are still resisting, I welcome you side-by-side.


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