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As it turns out, there is a cure for anything that ails you. Don’t look for it.

Donald Trump has the answer to the coronavirus. He said, “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases if any.”

That means if you don’t weigh yourself, then you didn’t put on any pounds during the pandemic. Sure, you haven’t seen your penis in four months, but that’s probably just a little water bloating…or better yet, it fell off. Better as in, if you’re a Republican, you people need to stop breeding.

But, ya’ know…even stupid probably know it’s not the pregnancy test that gets you pregnant. That baby’s coming whether you test or not. And the same is true with the coronavirus…or any disease.

Donald Trump actually believes we would have fewer cases if we stop testing for the coronavirus. He is really desperate for the numbers to go down. Now, is that more to help his reelection or is it just because he wants to get out and stand before adoring fans and ramble like your crazy uncle? Yes and yes, even if it kills you. Donald Trump doesn’t care about you.

Even Mike Pence is in on it, arguing cases are going down in Oklahoma (where they are not going down), where Trump will have his first post-pandemic rally this Saturday. Pence even wrote an op-ed for The New York Times (which Trump says is failing yet they’re writing columns for) where he claims talk of a second wave of the coronavirus is “fear-mongering” by the media. But it’s the federal government, the one Donald Trump is executive of (sic), that warns of a second wave. The media is reporting. Pence has also encouraged governors to repeat the administration’s lie that testing leads to more cases and said, “Most of the cases where we are seeing some marginal rise in number, that’s more a result of the extraordinary work you’re doing.” Do what?

Does that mean if Donald Trump still has syphilis from the 1980s because he never tested for it, it’s because of some “extraordinary work?”

It’s not that simple (not the syphilis thing). According to that failing newspaper, The New York Times, in at least 14 states, positive cases have outstripped the average number of tests that have been administered.

It is a head-in-the-sand strategy. Hey, if it works for ostriches then it should work for Republicans.

The Trump administration shut down two websites on open government and removed 40,000 data sets from another. For several weeks, the administration blocked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from issuing its guidelines for reopening.

In Florida, the Republicans in charge of the state fired the head of its virus-data website after she objected to the removal of records showing people had symptoms or positive tests before the cases were announced.

In Georgia, Republicans reorganized the state’s data in ways that made things look better than they were.

In Arizona, the Republicans attempted to stop the running of models showing the virus spreading.

In addition to all that, the administration and right-wing propaganda sites have spent the past few months telling us the deaths from coronavirus are exaggerated. These are the same people trying to argue that the cop’s chokehold wasn’t responsible for killing George Floyd.

Fighting a pandemic is hard work which is why Donald Trump and other Republicans don’t want to do it. It’s extremely difficult to take on a task if you don’t understand it. It’s hard to tackle a complex problem when you’re a fucking moron. You know, the kind of fucking moron that asks if drinking bleach will kill the virus.

And Donald Trump is wrong. There will not be fewer cases of the coronavirus if we simply stop testing. Just because Donald Trump is ignorant of something, doesn’t mean it’s not out there. An example of this is the world of stuff Donald Trump has displayed he knows nothing about.

If ignorance truly was bliss, Donald Trump would be the greatest president we’ve ever had.

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