After Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic, he caught a lot of heat for not wearing a face mask. His wife, Mother, told the press that they were unaware beforehand that masks were required inside the clinic. After being exposed as another lie from the administration, the Trump team threatened the reporter. What was the lie? The press accompanying Pence to the clinic was told beforehand by the Trump team that masks were required.

A few days later, Pence did wear a mask while touring a General Motors plant in Kokomo, Indiana (where I have family), because while it’s not important to infect patients at the Mayo Clinic. you really don’t want to spread the coronavirus to car engines. You really don’t want to create a Chevy-powered virus.

Donald Trump, itching to get out of the White House and resume his hate rallies where he can lead racist chants, set out to visit Honeywell, a mask factory in Arizona. He could have visited one much closer in Rhode Island but Arizona is a swing state. In case you’re a Republican, Rhode Island is on the east coast, just like the White House where the president (sic) lives. Arizona is on the west coast.

Before going, Trump was all, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ll wear a mask…maybe.” But in the photos and video of the factory tour, Trump was NOT wearing a mask. Later, he said he did but the press missed those moments.

That makes about as much sense as Pence saying he didn’t wear a mask covering his pie and nose holes because he wanted to look people in their eyes. What the hell? Maybe Trump only wore the mask around blacks and Mexicans in the plant. Who knows.

I think Trump is lying. He didn’t wear a face mask at the…FACE-MASK factory!!! And he can’t claim they didn’t know wearing face masks were a requirement because there was a big sign at the entrance reading, “Attention, face mask is required in this area.” But then again, this is Trump and to have to read the sign, he’d have to be literate. He may also claim he thought his photo op with Honeywell was supposed to be with Honey Boo-Boo.

But, Donald Trump wants to look tough. He wants his stupid base of racist voters to believe he’s immune. He wants to give the impression masks aren’t that important which will discourage them from wearing masks, especially when they’re storming their state capitals to scream in the face of police that they need haircuts and cheesecakes.

Donald Trump did wear goggles because you never know when a flying face mask will come out of nowhere and strike you in the eyeball.

The officials at Honeywell weren’t required to wear masks either as everyone getting near Trump were required to take tests for the coronavirus. So, after the tests, they assume everyone’s in the clear. How long does it take for these tests to come in? Of course, after being near Trump, you may wanna be tested for mono, herpes, hepatitis C, etc.

During his visit, someone played the Guns N Roses version of Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.” Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, “I can think of no better metaphor for this presidency than Donald Trump not wearing a face mask to a face mask factory while the song “Live and Let Die” blares in the background.”

I don’t know. The Trump campaign likes playing music like this at his hate rallies. And perhaps Drowning Pool refused to give them the rights to play “Let the Bodies hit the Floor.”

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  1. Trump doesn’t need a mask because he is not human, and therefore immune to the corona virus. He is a ball of shit wrapped in a used skinbag that turned orange during tanning. (Not suntanning, if you’re a repuglycan, but hide tanning, like making leather.)

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  2. “During his visit, someone played the Guns N Roses version of Paul McCartney’s “Live and Let Die.””

    I heard that Ki45*TF liked it so much that IT is going to use it in place of “Heil… er… Hail To The Chief”.


  3. Here in this hopeless fucking hole we call L.A.
    The only way to fix it is to flush it all away
    Any fucking time, any fucking day
    Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay


  4. The Arizona schools didn’t get into the Pac-8 until 1978, and they decided the conference would be the Pac-10. (I had to look that up; I quit following college conferences in the early 70s.) Don’t know if the officials were geographically challenged or just not sufficiently ingenious to create a more-inclusive conference name. Once Colorado and Utah came into the conference…. well, I can only shake my head at the decision to call the conference the Pac-12.

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