Is There A Corrupt Plan B?


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After all that, sending Rudy to Ukraine to create conspiracy theories, to accuse the Bidens of corruption, to break the law by asking a foreign nation to help you politically, to withhold taxpayer military funding from an ally at war with an enemy, to lie, obstruct Congress, to go through all that corruption, and ultimately impeachment…and the guy you did it to beat probably won’t be the nominee.

Good job, dumbass.

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  1. “. . . and the guy you did it to beat probably won’t be the nominee.

    “Good job, dumbass.”

    It WAS a good job; Biden was the strongest candidate; just the IDEA of a Biden scandal and going thru the impeachment caused by this IDEA of a Biden scandal and drumpf’s response to it, got rid of him. If I didn’t know better, I’d think drumpf was Machiavellian . . . probably SOMEone in the WH is (Stephen Miller, perhaps? He’s been back in the shadows for quite some time now).

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