Roughing It, Volume 32

I’m posting this on a train. Whee, trains!

I drew this batch of roughs the week before last, which feels like a year ago. Time in politics and news has a different measurement than reality.


This is the rough for the cartoon I eventually drew for CNN. It turned into…


…this. I like drawing Romney.


This was before I drew the many heads on a pike cartoon which I think turned out better.


This was the first rough I sketched out last week. I intended to do it for my clients but then I got bogged down in other stuff. I even forgot to draw the guy in the second panel as Bernie Sanders. So anyway, that round head thing in the second panel was supposed to be Bernie Sanders.


I think this might be the plan.


Pretty much. I was afraid this was too obvious.


I like this format and I’ve only used it a couple times in my career. Funny thing, I never saw anyone else use it either until I used it once. Then it popped up here and there. Fuckers.


This is the one that turned into a finished cartoon which I liked a lot. But first, I threw it at an editor. He said it was kinda dark. Because I like to screw with people, I touched it up.


In my reply, I asked, “better?” He didn’t answer.


I heard this from Trump supporters. What was hateful and divisive about Trump’s SOTU? This is why I feel it’s OK to make fun of Trump supporters. I totally meant to draw this cartoon but again, other shit kept getting in the way. Now its time has passed and I drew another cartoon on Rush Limbaugh a couple days ago.

Which rough or roughs do you think I should have finished and published?

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