Sneaking On Pete


Donald Trump is going to cheat in the next election. How do we know this? First off, because he’s Donald Trump and he’s a Republican. Also, he cheated last time, he’s boasted he’s going to cheat this time, he’s already doing it, and the United States Senate has given him carte blanche in lawbreaking.

Bernie Sanders is the front runner in the Democratic primary at this moment. The entire Republican plan in case he’s the nominee is to go after him for being a socialist. They’ll ignore that most democratic nations are social democracies where people are happier and instead, will use Venezuela as a comparison to his policies. Of course, they’re still going to cheat no matter who the nominee is.

But, what if Pete Buttigieg is the nominee? While Bernie is the front runner, Mayor Pete actually leads in delegates by one. Rush Limbaugh thinks all you have to do is point out he’s gay, has a husband, and will kiss his husband on a debate stage. While most Republicans may react as though voting for Buttigieg will give them cooties, the majority of Americans may not give a shit that he’s gay. How much mileage will the Trump campaign get going after a gay husband while they have a former porn star in the White House?

But like Sanders, Buttigieg gives Trump problems in that he’s an all-around decent human being.

Yeah, you can squabble about policy differences, but Pete and Bernie are genuinely good people, especially in contrast to a vile, racist, lying, stupid sack of crap like Donald Trump. Bernie has the same political stance today that he had in the 1960s. He’s a man who’s fought for civil rights and was arrested doing so. Mayor Pete is a veteran and Donald Trump is a draft dodger. The other problem with Pete for Trump is that he’s a moderate, like most Americans. The most liberal thing about Pete is that he’s in a gay marriage, and that’s not even that liberal anymore…unless you’re Rush Limbaugh. But then again, women voting is liberal to Rush Limbaugh.

Another problem for Trump is that Bernie and Pete are likable. Donald Trump is really only likable to people who think it’s OK to march with a tiki torch while chanting “Jews will not replace us.” People can relate to Bernie and Pete as people while Trump is more of a collection of vile personality traits than he is an actual person.

The Trump campaign is really going to have to make some shit up to run against Pete Buttigieg. But, fortunately for them, that’s really all they do. Maybe they can take all that crapola they gathered on Joe Biden and just insert Pete’s name. Does he have a son named Hunter? Even if they can’t find corruption on an opponent, Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani strongly believe that if you scream about corruption, it deflects from their own.

I doubt Pete has any business dealings in Ukraine so don’t be surprised if Rudy breaks into his house. If Pete is the nominee, it’ll be interesting to see how low the Republicans will go. I have faith in them.

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