Even when it comes to war, Donald Trump fails at being presidential or even at maturity.

He threatened Iran by saying he has 52 targets. That’s the number of hostages taken by Iran in 1979. He also threatened to hit Iranian cultural sites, which would be a war crime. But his hit of Soleimani may be a war crime already, so what the hell?

Being a troll has made Iran call for more revenge…and to troll Trump right back by posting photos of large protests in Iran and asking Trump (who loves to boast and lie about his large crowds) if he’s ever seen a crowd so large.

If Trump is going to destroy Iranian cultural sites and be in the same class as the Taliban, he’ll need someone to tell him which sites are cultural. You see, Donald Trump isn’t just a man without class, taste, ethics, principles, or manners. He’s also devoid of all culture. This is a guy who believes McDonald’s is great food. He’s a guy who enjoys a burnt steak slobbered in ketchup. This is a guy who catered campaign strategy sessions with hot dogs. Eating with Donald Trump has been described as like eating at an eight-year-old’s birthday party.

Let’s hope the military can refuse to follow a presidential directive if the president is directing them to break the law. But then again, he may have already done that and they complied.

Trump has been fortunate in that he hasn’t had a real crisis during his presidency. But he’s going to change that.  Trump created this crisis with Iran, a nation who our history didn’t start with Trump tearing up the nuclear agreement or even in 1979.

So maybe when staffers are pointing out Iranian cultural sites to Donald Trump, they will also provide him with a history lesson. Just don’t forget the hot dogs.

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  1. Oops, DefCon 5 is very weak. DefCon 1 being the highest state of alert. DefCon 5 being normal peacetime readiness and DefCon 1 being get ready for nuclear war.

    Leave to MacDonalds to screw it up!

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  2. Trump is nothing more than a big bully, one of the biggest bullies on the block. Knowing he has the biggest bully, Putin, at his back he thinks he can get away with anything. What happens when he finds he has taken on someone who is willing to outbully the bully. Iran is his biggest nightmare, better he had taken on Greenland.

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  3. Trump is so full of shit he has to flush his toilet 15 times to send his orange turds home to mama. What a moron. Why can’t he just sit down for 5 minutes or a day or two to think about things: such as asking for advice. BTW can he find the WH washroom by himself or does he need help when he takes a pee. Can’t we just flush the toilet once and be rid of this imbecilic embarrassment to the USA?

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