Paint Job, Con Job, Nut Job


Do you know why fisherman use shiny lures? Because, fish are stupid.

Sunday night, Trump tweeted a new distraction to distract us from his treasonous behavior during the Putin summit, or maybe to distract us from his last distraction that his former lawyer/fixer taped their conversation about paying off a Playmate to keep quiet about boinking Donald Trump.


Yes, he really used all caps. When I first saw it, I thought it was something created by a person who hated Trump, being shared by other people who hated Trump who didn’t bother to check on the accuracy (a practice common with conservatives who get hooked by Russian troll farms). When something appears too stupid to have actually happened, I check the authenticity of it, and damn…this one really happened. Old man screams at foreigners.

My second thought was; “suffer consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before?” We’re going to make them watch the pee-pee tape?

Other than being a distraction and a reason to be concerned about dementia, it reminded us of the time Trump was shouting at North Korea incoherently.

For decades, North Korea threatened to destroy the United States. The threats were about as frequent and irritating as spam phone calls promising to pay off student debt you paid off a decade ago. But, then we got a president who threatened back.

Trump threatened North Korea with “fire and fury.” The Dear Leader and Dear Leader traded insults. Then, they met for a photo-op, and Trump got to claim he solved a crisis he created. Now, instead of calling him “Little Rocket Man, Trump refers to Kim Jong Un as Chairman Kim, and when Kim thinks of Trump, he no longer calls him a dotard but instead says, “BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Does this mean Iran will get a summit? I don’t think so. Neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia would like that. They’d rather we actually go to war with Iran, which won’t happen either.

This is just Trump posturing and trying to give the impression his former adviser, white supremacist, and wanted fugitive Sebastian Gorka once promised. “The era of the pajama boy is over.” Now, we have the era of the fat guy tweeting on the toilet.

Trump wants a new paint scheme for Air Force One. He doesn’t like the presidential look created by John F. Kennedy. Instead, he wants red, white, and blue to give off a stronger, more muscular impression. Perhaps they can add the new mantra described by a member of his team after his G-7 debacle. “We’re America, Bitch.”

I doubt they actually paint a big giant ass on the plane. They already have one riding up front.

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Watch me draw.


Rogue Nation


In breaking the treaty preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, Donald Trump said he’s a man who keeps his promises, thus making the United States a nation that does not.

Except, Donald Trump is not a man who keeps his promises. Ask his first wife, or his second, or his third. I’d tell you to ask his idiot sycophants who were promised Mexico would pay for the wall, except they’re idiots.

We know the government of Iran is made of religious zealots who lie. That was a factor the six nations who are a part of this deal accounted for when it was made. As we now negotiate a treaty to end North Korea’s nuclear program, they will keep in mind that Donald Trump lies.

Pulling us out of the deal will reinstate sanctions on Iran and inflict them upon those who do business with that nation. Iran and the other members of the deal, Russia, China, and our allies England, France, and Germany, plan to abide by it despite our absence. This may force us to place sanctions on our allies. Other nations will now make it a part of their foreign policy not to trust the United States, all because Donald Trump wants to erase Obama’s legacy.

The deal is not perfect. It doesn’t prevent Iran from exporting terror, disable their missile program, or stop them from jailing dissidents. But it prevents them from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Our intelligence and even the Israeli intelligence say Iran has not violated the agreement. But now, the United States is in violation of it.

This deal also affects the moderates in Iran. Much like our rabid Republicans who attacked Obama for this deal, the zealots in Iran are now pointing at Trump’s actions as proof that the U.S. is a hostile nation that can’t be trusted, and that they should stop trusting their more moderate leaders.

Trump cited the fact that Iran often chants “death to America” as a reason to pull out of the deal. Has the “dotard” heard what North Korea chants?

The only three nations cheering Trump’s stupid decision are Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. These nations have long wished for regime change in Iran, but they don’t want to do it themselves. They would love to see the United States take military action against Iran, which would be a bigger mess and quagmire than Iraq. For Saudi Arabia and the UAE, a war would raise oil prices which would greatly benefit them.

Trump doesn’t care about the best interest of the United States either. He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He’s moving our Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. None of these moves make the U.S. stronger but it’s red meat for his base of stupid people.

If Trump had negotiated this same exact deal with Iran his sycophants and Republicans would be trying to nominate him for a Nobel Prize. Why? Because it prevents Iran from getting nukes. Right now, the sycophants forging applications to nominate him for the prize based only on his agreement to meet with Kim Jong Un.

Now, the United States is the rogue nation. Why? Because our president is a stupid and petty little man. Iran and North Korea are dangers to the world, and so is Donald Trump.

Here’s the video.

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Award Winning


On Monday morning I was informed I had a winning cartoon in a contest conducted by an organization in Iran. The cartoon posted here is the winning cartoon.

The contest was on “Trumpism,” and was highly critical of Donald Trump. I was down for that. I criticize our president without any prospects of winning an award. There were two categories, cartoons and caricatures, with ten winners in each. I was flattered, honored, and extremely humbled that I was among the ten winners out of over 1,600 entries from all over the world. I even made a post about it this morning on social media writing, “Some lazy American cartoonist is among the winners of an international cartoon contest. Probably a total hack.” I like self-deprecating humor.

I was mentioned in stories by ABC News, The Hill, Newsweek, Yahoo, the Associated Press, and from the United Kingdom, the BBC, The Independent, and The Daily Mail. I was even mentioned in Dunya from Pakistan. That was pretty cool though except for the BBC and Dunya, each of these articles has me listed as “Robert Jones Clayton.” I don’t know who that guy is.

It was also from these articles that I learned the organization, Iran’s The Organization for Sacred Defense Artistic and Cinema Affairs, which ran this contest is the same one that held a contest last year on the Holocaust, which organizers say was meant to “highlight Western double standards on free speech and not to cast doubt on the Nazi genocide.”

This is where I have a problem.

I was unaware this was the same group as the Holocaust event organizers. I wasn’t even aware it was held in Iran until Monday when I learned I won. I entered several months ago when a request was submitted to me. I didn’t do any research and assumed it was held in Europe. I don’t know why I assumed that.

I have an issue with a contest sponsored by the government of Iran that’s critical of free speech in the United States when they don’t allow freedom of speech, or freedom for the press in their nation. I have an issue with a contest that was a wolf whistle for antisemitism. Though the Trumpism contest wasn’t about any of that, it’s not a party I would accept an invitation to. If the Ku Klux Klan held a cartoon contest on economics, I wouldn’t want to enter, and I don’t want to be involved with a group that engages in antisemitism, no matter how their denial may be worded.

It’s for that reason I have to decline the award, honor, citation, or whatever it is. Thank you very much, but no thanks. I do not want to be with any group that engages in hatred, no matter how much fun it is to mock Donald Trump. But it’s not about Donald Trump for me.

So officially, I, CLAYTON ROBERT JONES, decline being awarded for my cartoons by the Iranian Trumpism contest.

I Ran With Hypocrisy


In 1979 the United States government made an arms deal with Iran, and then there was a revolution and the regime friendly to the U.S. was ousted. What did the U.S. do with Iran’s money? Duh, they kept it.

Back in January the Obama administration announced they were paying back the money. It turns out the cash was delivered the same day Iran released four Americans they were holding prisoners. Ruh-roh, Scooby Doo, that looks like a ransom payment.

It is weird timing. No, it doesn’t look good. It’s hard to defend that. And you know what, maybe it kinda sorta is a ransom payment.

Here’s the thing: The U.S. was going to repay this money. The negotiations were separate from those for the release of the prisoners. What if Iran said “we’re not going to release these prisoners until you pay us back?”

What if we said “you’re not receiving this money until you release the prisoners?” Does that sound better? Wouldn’t it make you mad if we returned THEIR money without receiving our people? Yes. It was their money. In 1953 The C.I.A. staged a coup in Iran overthrowing their elected government, installed a puppet dictator, and reaped money from Iranian oil. Twenty six years later in 1979 a revolution overthrew the U.S. installed government. We’re still trying to figure out why they call us Great Satan.

A lot of conservatives from the usual outraged narrative crowd say this is American taxpayer money. It’s not. They point out how the money was delivered in cash in currencies other than U.S. and Iranian. We don’t have a relationship with Iran so it’s not like we can do a wire transfer, write a check or do a Paypal payment. Can you imagine how much Paypal would charge in fees to deliver $400 million? They scalp me each month when I receive a payment from Costa Rica. Paypal jerks.

On top of all this, Republicans are repeating what they always do: It’s OK when a Republican does it. Don’t investigate a Republican president after a terrorist attack. Don’t criticize a Republican for incurring debt. Don’t criticize a Republican for vacations. Don’t criticize a Republican for negotiating with terrorist…wait? A Republican would NEVER negotiate or trade arms with terrorists. Well, of course, except they did. Not just any Republican president either, but Saint Ronald Reagan.

Reagan actually delivered weapons to Iran in exchange for hostages, and then diverted the money to the Contras, which was all illegal and impeachable. Keep in mind this is after Iran held 52 Americans in the U.S. embassy, and after they were behind a terrorists attack in Beirut that killed 241 Marines. People still argue to this day that Iran released the embassy hostages because they were afraid of tough guy Ronald Reagan….who eventually kissed their mullah loving asses and gave them weapons and let them kill our people for it.

Of course the entire thing wouldn’t be complete without Donald Trump taking a stage somewhere (or Twitter) and making up some big fat lie about it. This time it was that he watched a video, that Iran released to embarrass us, of the money being delivered. He repeated the lie the next day. Turns out it was a video of the plane in Geneva with the hostages…which was not released by Iran.

Creative note and stuff: I enjoy drawing Ronald Reagan. My career started during the George H.W. Bush administration and he was not as much fun to draw as his former boss. I totally missed the Reagan administration because I was a teenager throughout it and the comic books I was drawing at the time were about race car hoodlums fighting zombies. Yeah, I was on the zombie train way early. Today I take advantage of drawing Reagan any chance I can. I also miss George W. Bush (those ears) and Bill Clinton, who will be giving me a lot more opportunities soon…at least four years worth.

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Iranian Hostages


Who the Hell complains about American hostages and prisoners being released by an enemy nation? Republicans. Specifically Republicans running for president.

They’re upset they were taken in the first place, which we all are. But they say their capture is a result of the disrespect the world has for President Obama, as if it wouldn’t have happened with a Republican president. Americans, members of the military or civilians, have never been taken by a foreign power during any other presidential administration. Oh wait…yes they have. OK, not during a Republican administration….oh yeah…they have. During George W. Bush’s first year in office China captured several military personnel. When they were released Bush apologized to China and let China keep all the technology inside their plane.

They’re also upset with the way Iran promoted the capture by showing video of the sailors on the knees, hands behind their heads, while guns were pointed at them. I agree that’s sickening and it shouldn’t be promoted. But we do it too. After we killed Saddam Hussein’s two sons we flashed photos of their corpses across the media landscape.

In addition to the soldiers being released, Iran released five other prisoners on Saturday. Four of them were part of a “swap.” U.S. clemency was offered to seven Iranians charged or imprisoned for sanctions violations and the dismissal of outstanding charges against 14 Iranians outside the United States. They were not shipped to Iran and can pretty much go wherever they want. None of the seven were charged with terrorism.

Republicans are still upset. They say we shouldn’t have made the deal because….they don’t know why but it’s just wrong. They wanted a fight. I guess it would have been OK if a Republican was president and made the deal by illegally giving Iran missiles, which is how President Reagan got hostages released.

The GOP has complained that the release of the five prisoners in Iran should have been a part of the nuclear deal. Their release is not a part of it, but it has coincided with the start of the deal. Yet, they’re still complaining.

It’s funny the people who claim to love America, love the military, claim to be patriots, do the most harm to America and the military. Screaming about the release of the hostages before they’re actually released is a disqualifier for the office of president. Negotiations are sensitive. If you have to risk the lives of Americans and can’t wait another four hours to make political hay, you should not be president.

Diplomacy can work if you give it a chance. Sometimes you have to talk to your enemies. Even Reagan knew that, when someone told him who he was talking to and if he could stay awake long enough. The last time we didn’t give diplomacy a chance we waged a useless war in Iraq. The people who created the mess, foreign and domestic, that Obama has spent eight years cleaning up, are promising to make the mess again.

No thanks!

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State Of The Union Guest


The capture of ten U.S. sailors by Iran was a huge distraction during Obama’s last State of the Union address.

In reality, a fundamentalist religious extremist was invited. Kim Davis, the gay-hating Kentucky clerk was in attendance. The other conservative religious lunatics in attendance didn’t have to be invited as they’re all Republican members of Congress.

The one hateful zealot who skipped the address was Ted Cruz. He was too busy campaigning for the office he’s disrespecting.

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I RAN From Jounalism


It would have been nice if part of the nuclear deal the United States  five other countries recently struck with Iran included the release of Washington Post reporter Jason Reziain and other Americans currently detained in Iran. However, I realize the nuclear deal is important and is a totally separate situation than anyone arrested and detained by the Iranian government.

This is not the Iranian Hostage crisis which gripped the nation from 1979 to 1981 and helped destroy the Jimmy Carter administration.

Washington Post reporter Jason Reziain was arrested by the Iranian government on charges of espionage and other crimes. One of the charges is that he identified companies that may have evaded U.S. sanctions against Iran.

In a secret trial in Iran, Reziain has been convicted of crimes that haven’t been explained by the government, nor is has his sentence been revealed. The government doesn’t have any evidence that the journalist is guilty of anything other than doing his job.

Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron said in a statement “Iran has behaved unconscionably throughout this case, but never more so than with this indefensible decision by a Revolutionary Court to convict an innocent journalist of serious crimes after a proceeding that unfolded in secret, with no evidence whatsoever of any wrongdoing,” They plan to appeal.

Iran will now try to swing a separate deal for Reziain and other Americans, hoping to get Iranians held by the United States released. The other Americans are Amir Hekmati, a former Marine sentenced to death in January 2012 for espionage, and Saeed Abedini, a pastor detained in Iran in 2012 and sentenced to eight years in prison on charges of attempting to undermine the government.

Every single person I have ever met from Iran has been extremely kind. They are some of the nicest and warmest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have never met anyone from the Iranian government.

In November a few of my cartoons, along with hundreds from other professional cartoonists, will be auctioned at an event called Cartoons & Cocktails at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The funds will go towards supporting cartoonists detained, arrested, tortured and oppressed in countries that don’t allow a free press. Support for a free press in other nations should be important to every American journalist.

I realize that my drawing funny pictures of government officials is something that would have made me disappear a long time ago if I wasn’t fortunate enough to be doing it in a free nation.

If you’ll be in the area, I highly recommend attending the event in D.C.