Snitty Redactions


Attorney General William Barr did not just mislead Congress and the American people. He lied. He is a liar and an obstructor helping the fraudulently elected president of the United States engage in a coverup.

Barr sat on the Mueller Report for three weeks but released a summary stating Mueller wanted him, as Attorney General, to determine if Trump had obstructed justice. After the report was released, we discovered he had misrepresented it and that Mueller intended Congress to make the determination of obstruction, not the AG.

During a Congressional hearing several weeks ago before he released the report, Barr was asked if Mueller agreed with his summary. Barr said he didn’t know. Barr lied. At that time, Barr knew Mueller didn’t agree with his summary.

Last night, we found out Mueller did NOT agree with Barr’s summary and was concerned with the way it was represented to the public. During today’s testimony before the Senate, Barr said Mueller’s chief concern was how the media was covering it. However, Mueller’s letter didn’t mention the media.

Barr was also perplexed as to why Mueller even wrote a letter instead of calling him to express concerns, appearing ignorant as to why the Special Counsel would want it in the written record that he disagreed with Barr.

Mueller wrote, “The summary letter the Department sent to Congress and released to the public late in the afternoon of March 24 did not fully capture the context, nature, and substance of this Office’s work and conclusions.” Mueller took the Attorney General to the woodshed.

He also wrote, “There is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigation. This threatens to undermine a central purpose for which the Department appointed the Special Counsel: to assure full public confidence in the outcome of the investigations.”

Barr described the letter as a “little snitty.” This sniveling shitweasel who’s acting at Trump’s personal attorney and defender, who has misrepresented and lied about the Mueller Report, thinks his letter is a “little snitty.”

How’s this for snitty? Mueller wrote, “Accordingly, the enclosed documents are in a form that can be released to the public consistent with legal requirements and Department policies. I am requesting that you provide these materials to Congress and authorize their public release at this time.” Barr did NOT release those at that time. He sat on them and instead released his shit-stained summary. Why? Because he’s helping Donald Trump engage in a coverup.

Barr was asked today when the president requested that Mueller be removed, how was that not obstruction of justice? Barr responded that asking Mueller be removed was not the same as asking for him to be fired. Seriously. I did not go to law school but I think the legal term for what Barr said is “bullshit.”

After the hearing, Trump suckup Lindsey Graham, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said that he will not call for Mueller or former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify. He said the entire thing “is over.” Thankfully, the House is controlled by Democrats and we’ll probably see testimonies from Mueller and McGahn.

Barr is set to testify before the House tomorrow, but he’s refusing to go. His complaint is that the House will allow their lawyers to question him. Keep in mind, that when Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate, the GOP started the hearing by having a lawyer question her. Blasey Ford did not back down or refuse to go. She bravely confronted this line of questioning by a partisan professional prosecutor. Barr, who is a lawyer and the freaking Attorney General of the United States, is afraid of being questioned by lawyers.

Lindsey Graham and Republicans accused Democrats, specifically Senator Mazie Hirono, of slandering Barr and his reputation. You are not slandering a liar when you call him a liar. When you crawl up Donald Trump’s ass, nobody is slandering your reputation. You slandered it yourself.

And you smell like shit.

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  1. As usual, you hit the nail on the head. Barr is so far up Trump’s he eats intestines for breakfast. At least we now have an idea who IQ45’s cellmate/playmate will be.

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  2. And Mr. Graham, who said it was time to “move on” also said he wanted to return to investigating Hillary Clinton.

    The House ought to put impeachment of the POTUS* on a back burner and instead consider impeaching Mr. Barr.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. I agree with this plan. The House needs to gets Mueller and his special council team on the stand to testify in public; get their side of events for Americans to see/hear (because not many people will read a 400+ document). There will quite likely be some new things to learn from that hearing, and the information gained will help the House move public opinion to their side when they open a vote for Barr’s impeachment.

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      1. Slowly, slowly. i don’t mean to forget about the POTUS*, but go after his current greatest enabler first, and let his boss twist in the wind just a little longer.

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  3. What else can you expect from a butt-licking little toad who got the job because he said the President couldn’t be indicted for anything ever? If we had a Senate that wasn’t controlled by a majority of lockstep buttlickers, Barr would never have been confirmed.

    I have to believe that the future is going to look back on these few years as we look at them: when the US government, thanks to the Electoral College, Russia, and a GOP leadership that had lost all love for their country, lost its collective mind.

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