Snotty On Snitty


While mucking around in Georgetown on Thursday, I popped into the campus bookstore and for ten bucks, bought a copy of the Mueller Report.

The only reason I had to purchase the thing is for posterity’s sake. I bought a copy of the Starr Report when it first came out too (and believe it or not, in the only conversation I ever had with him, Herblock told me to throw it away). I have already gone through Mueller’s report, but now I can at least grab the hard, OK, softcover copy for reference. And, I bought it despite one of the writers for the introduction being Alan Dershowitz, who has spent the past two years being a Trump sycophant.

From the introduction, it seems Dershowitz had read more of the report than Attorney General William Barr, who has proven to be nothing more than Donald Trump’s Roy Cohn.

Barr released a very flawed summary of the report weeks before releasing a redacted version. During his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Barr complained that Mueller’s objection to his description of the report was “snitty.” He also complained about the volume of material Mueller included in the report, probably because it created more stuff for Barr to lie about.

Barr also complained about the summaries Mueller included, saying, “I made it clear to him I was not in the business of putting out periodic summaries because a summary would start a whole public debate about its accuracy”, says the guy who wrote an inaccurate summary.

He complained about Mueller digging into “additional episodes” of Trump’s possible obstruction, which doesn’t matter since Barr had decided before he even took the job that Trump never obstructed justice.

He even insulted team Mueller. When asked by Senator Marsha Blackburn, “Do you consider these lawyers to be the best and the brightest in the field?” Barr replied, “Not necessarily.”

In testimony before releasing the report, Barr was asked if Mueller approved of his summary. He said he didn’t know. He lied. He knew Mueller was unhappy because he had received it in a written context. It was on the record. He had also talked to Mueller personally. He knew. Before the United States Senate, William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States, committed perjury.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also accused Barr of committing perjury. Republicans and the White House were upset with that. But then again, they also say you can’t accuse a president of obstruction when he commits obstruction.

Barr has not operated as the nation’s top lawyer and has worked more as Trump’s personal defender. If there’s any real estate left on Trump’s colossal ass that Sean Hannity has missed, Barr has it covered.

Barr should be impeached, or resign, or at the very least have his own colossal ass kicked by Robert Mueller. Maybe there are “13 angry” Democrats who’d like to join in.

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  1. Lying to Congress was the charge for which Clinton (the other one) was impeached. Barr deserves to have his lying butt kicked sky-high.

    And for those who say that Trump can’t be impeached if the inquiry goes after him for one thing and finds another, they went after Clinton for the Whitewater land deal, scraped that barrel for years without finding anything, and finally tried to nail his ass for lying about getting blow jobs.

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