Jared Says “Nyet”


Trust-fund baby and poster child for nepotism Jared Kushner said the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election was worse for our country than the interference.

Jared said, “The whole thing is just a big distraction for the country. You look at what Russia did — buying some Facebook ads to try and sow dissent. And it’s a terrible thing, but I think the investigation and all the speculation that’s happened over the past two years has had a much harsher impact on our democracy than a couple of Facebook ads.”

A couple of Facebook ads? According to the Mueller Report and American Intelligence agencies, the Russias did a little more than buying a couple of Facebook ads in order to disrupt our country, hurt the Clinton campaign, and help Donald Trump. Jared should know. He was in the Trump Tower meeting with Russians. He saw first hand and up close how they were offering to help Trump win the election.

After the election, Jared went to the Russian embassy and attempted to establish a back channel to Moscow in order to communicate with Russia without our intelligence agencies detecting it. The idea was so stupid that it shocked the Russians, who passed on the idea. Up to that point, they thought Carter Page was the dumbest fuck to come out of the Trump campaign…other than Trump himself.

A Kremlin-backed entity called the Internet Research Agency, or IRA, ran the social media campaign out of St. Petersburg, Russia. The IRA purchased over 3,500 Facebook advertisements and spent some $100,000 on the political ads. According to the Mueller Report, the group also controlled multiple Facebook groups and Instagram accounts that “had hundreds of thousands of U.S. participants.” If you believe the Mueller Report exonerated Trump and have ignored the findings on Trump’s obstruction and willingness to accept help from Russians, then you were probably one of those participants. You are the cattle from the Russian troll farms.

After the election, a Facebook executive told Congress that the IRA controlled some 470 accounts that generated 80,000 posts between January 2015 and August 2017.

Mueller also reported, “Facebook estimated the IRA reached as many as 126 million persons through its Facebook accounts.” The IRA controlled Twitter accounts with “tens of thousands of followers.” Among the followers were “multiple U.S. political figures who retweeted IRA-created content.” You know, Republicans.

Twitter says the IRA controlled more than 3,800 accounts, and likely reached nearly 1.5 million Twitter users.

These are not the only facts Jared is ignoring. He didn’t mention Russia’s hacking and dumping of material belong to the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton Campaign. He also failed to mention his father-in-law publicly asking Russia to do this. He also didn’t mention Donald Trump Jr. saying in a reply to the Russians offering help, “I love it.”

Saying it was just a couple of Facebook ads that were used in a hostile nation’s attack against our country is like saying 9/11 was one or two planes flying into buildings, but who’s counting?

Jared got the job as Senior Adviser to the president based on his high qualifications of marrying Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, who is also on staff at the White House as an adviser based upon her qualifications of being Trump’s daughter and designing handbags.

You would think a guy serving as a senior adviser to the president would advise him on the facts, not feed his confirmation bias. Then again, Jared isn’t qualified for the job. He didn’t even qualify for his security clearance and needed Trump to overrule the FBI’s decision not to give him one.

Jared has been compromised by Russia and his financial ties to nations in the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia. Upon receiving his security clearance, he proved he wasn’t qualified for it or had our nation’s interest at heart because he started conversating with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman through WhatsApp, hoping conversations would be deleted, and undetected by U.S. intelligence. What the hell are you and MBS talking about, Jared?  Many professionals in American intelligence are shocked at Jared’s attempts to skip protocol and security in talking to foreign officials.

After Saudi Arabia killed a Washington Post journalist by hacking him to death inside one of their embassies, Jared didn’t call it murder. He would only go so far as to call it a “tragedy,” as though the journalist slipped into the bone saw.

An author of a new book on Jared, Ivanka, and their special privilege says that Jared couldn’t get a “TSA pre-check” without Trump’s help.

The Trump administration is dangerous. Donald Trump has yet to publicly call for Russia not to interfere in our elections. Am I the only one to notice that? It’s been reported that former Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen was instructed not to mention Russian meddling to Trump as it would hurt his fragile ego. Thank God FDR’s advisers didn’t feel that way about Pearl Harbor.

Reading Jared’s description of Russian interference, it sounds like he’d rather soothe Trump’s insecurities than defend the United States. This is why they’re dangerous. They’re not protecting America. In fact, they are encouraging Russia to do it again. They’ve already made it clear there will be no consequences for their actions.

Being a trust-fund baby who marries a trust-fund baby who’s the daughter of a trust-fund baby doesn’t qualify one for the position of Senior Adviser to the president of the United States. Jared also doesn’t qualify for a security clearance, and the man who granted it, the president of the United States, doesn’t qualify for one either.

Congress shouldn’t stop at Trump’s tax returns. They should go after Jared’s too. Jared does not belong in Washington. Soon, just like Trump, he’ll belong in prison.

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  1. Trump isn’t going to stop Russian meddling in our elections because such acts benefits him for the 2020 election. What pisses me off is that many Trump supporters don’t care about this fact. They may acknowledge that Russia is messing with our elections, but they’re so blase about it as if trying to stop the Russians is just a waste of time. This is not normal! This should NEVER be normal!

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  2. Used to be, the Republicans were anti-Russian. Of course, used to be they were pro-morality too. But they’ll still harp on how they’re the “party of Lincoln” and southern Democrats were racists seventy years ago.

    Liked by 2 people

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