Impeach! Impeach! Impeach!


There is a long list of things Donald Trump doesn’t understand. During his very first visit to the White House while he was president-elect, he asked Obama if all the West Wing staffers were staying. Obama, to his credit, did not reply, “We’re totally fucked because the nation elected an idiot.” Nope. Obama educated Trump that he had to hire an all-new staff for the West Wing to fill all 400 plus positions. Unfortunately for the nation, everyone Trump knows is an idiot, criminal, or a psychopath. Trump is all three.

Trump also did not know that he shouldn’t hire Michael Flynn. Obama gave Trump two pieces of advice. One was that North Korea would be his biggest problem (which was wrong but who could have guessed that Trump would work so hard on creating even larger problems) and do not hire Michael Flynn. Then, Trump hired Michael Flynn.

Trump doesn’t understand nuclear triad. When asked during a GOP debate in 2015 about modernizing the arsenal in the United State’s nuclear triad, he tossed out some word salad about Obama and global warming, Syria, how he opposed the war in Iraq, and that devastation is “very important to him.” Either he doesn’t know the nuclear triad is a system of being prepared to respond with nuclear missiles from land, sea, and air, or he doesn’t know triangles have three sides.

He doesn’t understand tariffs and they’ve been explained to him time and time again. He doesn’t get that tariffs are basically taxes on consumers. He claims Mexico will pay for his stupid racist border wall by his increasing tariffs on their products, not understanding that U.S. consumers will pay those higher tariffs. He also doesn’t understand that Congress appropriates spending and would be the body that decides how to spend money from increased tariffs.

And while we’re on the topic of the stupid racist border wall and funding for it, his stupid racist sycophants who started a GoFundMe to finance the wall don’t understand appropriations either. You can’t decide how money is spent that you give to the U.S. government. Congress decides. So, those GoFundMe idiots would have been giving all their money to Congress. Who controls the House? Democrats, who could have taken that money and given it to undocumented transgender atheist immigrants in need of abortions if they wanted to. That would have been a swift kick in their stupid racist crotches.

Trump doesn’t understand how people buy groceries because he thinks an ID is required. Seriously. If you can’t find any Frankenberry in your local grocery store, blame an immigrant. That’s why the caravans are coming here.

Despite this “genius” claiming to be a great negotiator, he doesn’t understand that either. Trump was given an offer on border funding and negotiated it down to where he got nothing. Usually, in a negotiation, both sides have a number and they meet somewhere in between. It would be like going to a car dealership and giving them all your money and leaving without a car. At this point, we’re lucky North Korea doesn’t own Hawaii.

He didn’t understand islands because it took a hurricane for him to discover Puerto Rico is surrounded by water.

He doesn’t understand that the highest elected official in a territory is the governor and not the president. He’s the president of Puerto Rico, but he doesn’t know it. I wish I didn’t know it.

He didn’t understand that if you stop paying people then they can’t pay their bills, which was exhibited by the month-long government shutdown. Who knew?

He doesn’t understand you’re not supposed to publicly lust after your daughter…or even privately. He should at least conceal that pervy shit instead of telling all of us that if they weren’t related that they’d be dating and that they’re both obsessed with sex. How does he know they’re both obsessed with sex? That’s a rhetorical question because I really don’t want the answer.

This is getting to be a long list so we’re gonna have to cut a LOT of stuff out, but we’ll finish with…Trump doesn’t understand impeachment.

Trump tweeted that he can’t be impeached because a president can only be impeached if he’s committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and he hasn’t been convicted of a crime. What he doesn’t get is, Congress can be the one who decides he committed a crime, such as obstruction. Also, the term “high crimes and misdemeanors” also covers the president’s misconduct, even if it doesn’t involve an actual crime. If Congress believes a president is a threat to national security but he hasn’t committed any crimes, they can impeach him. It’d be very hard, but they can do it.

Trump also said he would use the Supreme Court to stop impeachment. It doesn’t work that way. Impeachment is a political issue, not judicial. The court has ruled over a case involving an impeached judge on a lower court and decided they have no role in it. The only involvement with impeachment is the Chief Justice presiding over the Senate trial, which is after impeachment.

You would have more luck saying “Beetlejuice” three times to stop an impeachment than calling the Supreme Court. And trust me. Nobody calls Brett Kavanaugh or Clarence Thomas more than once.

All the stuff above, I have to know to be a political cartoonist (and everyone should know about lusting after your daughter. It’s wrong). Well, at least a liberal political cartoonist. The conservative ones need a lot of educating. But, don’t you think if a cartoonist has to know all this stuff then the president does too? I’m no genius. Knowing all the information above doesn’t make me smart or super informed. It’s all basic stuff I had a fair grasp of by middle school (we called them “junior highs” back then). I sucked at math but I knew history and civics. History and civics aren’t hard. All you have to do is read….ooooooooooooh. That’s the problem.

Donald Trump needs a civics lesson and I can’t think of a better education than impeaching him. If nothing else, maybe it’ll educate his stupid racist followers.

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  1. The Mueller report gave Congress 10 potential counts of Obstruction of Justice to look into. That’s not a small number. Even if, say, they only make a solid case on a third of those, you’re still looking at 3-4 counts. I believe that’s more than the number past impeachment articles drafted. Currently, Trump is not only openly telling his staff not to comply with subpoenas, but he’s suing to stop congressional oversight. That’ll probably add on a few more Obstruction charges. Yes, he is buying himself time by slowing the process, but one can only buy so much time until the whole system comes crashing down on you.

    And this is just the Congress side. There’s still ongoing investigations with several other state and federal departments (such as SDNY) that haven’t finished. Things could get really bad for Trump in the coming months.

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  2. I still think impeachment is too ‘iffy’ and would take too long AND is no guarantee that he’d be out of the WH before 2020. I say we INDICT him and the entire family . . . THAT would take care of the situation much more quickly, and take in everyone in the family, not just him.

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  3. “Who controls the House? Democrats, who could have taken that money and given it to undocumented transgender atheist immigrants in need of abortions if they wanted to. ”

    Expect to see this in a tweet….coming soon from a dickhead of a president.

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  4. Just re-read Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury way back in 1951. Prescient. I think everyone who posts here should to. Well, those of us who still read books.

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  5. I know about the history of poll taxes and how racists have used widely varying questions to control who votes. I still think voters need to have some kind of basic knowledge of how government works and what the hell is happening. It doesn’t have to be complicated. True/False: The President can fire Congress. Saddam Hussein was responsible for the 9/11 attacks. We’re being taxed to give soybean farmers the $12 billion they lost because Trump started a trade war with China. Climate change is real, it’s happening now, we’re causing it, it’s going to get much worse if we don’t work fast to slow it down, and all respected scientists agree on that. The Civil War was fought before World War II. A few things like that– simple things, no trick questions. You have to get at least 3 out of 5 right to be able to vote OR run for office. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

    I’ve been told that students no longer study Civics. This explains a lot.

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    1. My closest friend in the Army thought only college graduates should be allowed to vote. I asked him if black college graduates should be included. He responded that it depended on what college they attended. It’s thinking like this that has allowed a buffoon like Trumputinov to sit on his golden throne believing himself to be invincible.

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  6. Alternate title for the column: “Donald, You Ignorant Slut.” Not that he’s within 50 IQ points of the recipient of the original remark, but it fits him so much better.

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