Fox And Flunkies


Trump’s lawyers are afraid to let him talk to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In fact, they actually received a list of questions Mueller wants to ask, and they still don’t want him to testify. They’re afraid of a perjury trap, but how is it a perjury trap when you have the questions beforehand allowing you to practice your lies?

There are no perjury traps. There’s just perjury. You couldn’t ask Trump for his favorite snow cone flavor without him lying.

And, that’s the thing. Donald Trump is a walking, bleeding case of a bunch of perjuries. They’re afraid of him talking to the FBI, the Justice Department, and Mueller? Donald Trump can’t talk to Fox & Friends without destroying his presidency.

The good thing for Trump is that Fox & Friends are actually Fox & Flunkies. They practically hung up on Trump so he’d stop talking and cutting his own throat.

During his call to Fox & Sycophants, Trump admitted Michael Cohen represented him in the “crazy Stormy Daniels deal,” that there really isn’t attorney/client privilege as Cohen does a “very tiny, tiny little fraction” of actual legal work for him, admitted he stayed overnight in Moscow on pee-pee-hooker night after telling Comey TWICE that he didn’t, that he intends to obstruct justice in the future by meddling with the Justice Department, and that he only got Melania a card for her birthday. Melania can cheer up because her other gift was Trump admitting he slept with a porn star.

Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called Trump a “fucking moron,” and according to reports that rely on eight current and former White House sources, Chief of Staff John Kelly has referred to Trump as an idiot. If you can watch Fox & Friends, or read Trump’s tweets, or listen to him speak on any subject, and not believe he’s an idiot or a fucking moron, you have successfully been gas-lighted.

Trump complained about the “idiot” comment, calling it “fake news.” Yet, in the two tweets he sent complaining about it, he didn’t mention Kelly. He also complained about the leak of Mueller’s questions. The real question is; who leaked it? The White House leaked it which is the same place where NBC got the sources for Kelly’s comments. The White House is a sieve. Did new Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani do the leaking?

Mueller’s list contains dozens of questions that he probably already has the answers to. The lies Trump gives for each of these questions will more than likely create new questions. One interesting question concerns Manafort attempting to contact Russia for help in the election. Previously, we were led to believe that Russia was the one attempting contact. Trump and his sycophants say there’s no evidence of collusion with Russia. The problem with that argument is that they don’t know what Mueller knows. Another problem is it may not be as much of a collusion as it is a conspiracy.

Trump would rather be a Chatty Cathy in the friendly environs of Fox & Friends instead of talking to Mueller’s team. The gang of stupids over at Fox aren’t as much journalists as they are Trump enablers and defenders. When Trump’s rant started to destroy his legal defense the Fox team hurriedly got him off the air, even though Trump was still ranting. As a Slate headline read; Old Man Yells At Country.

The old man is about to yell himself out of the presidency and potentially into prison. I agree with Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and wish that Trump would call Fox & Friends everyday. I’m sure Robert Mueller will be watching.

Here’s the video.

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  1. “Mueller’s list contains dozens of questions that he probably already has the answers to.”

    I have heard (from Many People, Many People) that the Number One Rule that Good Prosecutors follow is:
    “NEVER Ask A QUESTION That You DON’T Already KNOW The ANSWER To”.

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