Nobel Nonsense


In 2009, the Nobel Committee awarded their prize to Barack Obama. It was thought that it was a preemptive award encouraging him to scale down America’s militaristic foreign policy. In reality, it was given to him because he wasn’t George W. Bush, a man who started a war on false pretenses. It makes me wonder what sort of grand prize will be given to the Democrat who follows Trump?

Republicans and other sycophants are clamoring for Donald Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize because North Korea wants to chat. It sounds crazy, right? Should a man who threatens nuclear war, wants to dismantle a treaty that ended Iran’s nuclear program, and has praised Nazis be awarded a peace prize? If you look at past recipients, crazy isn’t new to the Nobel Committee.

Aung San Suu Kyi won the award in 1991 and today she denies the genocide taking place in Myanmar which has led to an exodus of over 400,000 Rohingya Muslims. Her defense is basically, there are good and bad people on both sides. Crap, that sounds familiar.

Cordell Hull won the Nobel AFTER he led a revolt of Southern Democrats opposed to allowing Jewish refugees asylum in the United States. It was because of his pressure that Franklin Delano Roosevelt wouldn’t let them off their boat and shipped them back into the waiting arms of Hitler’s holocaust.

Did you know they gave a Nobel in medicine to the asshole who invented the frontal lobotomy? Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi does NOT have a Nobel?

Sometimes the people who give awards forget what the award is supposed to be for. A couple weeks ago, the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning went to two guys, neither of whom are editorial cartoonists and one of them doesn’t even draw. Go figure. But I’m not bitter.

Last week at a rally in Michigan (Michael the Black Man was there in his usual spot behind Trump’s podium), the crowd chanted “Nobel, Nobel, Nobel.” These are the same jerks upset that we signed a treaty with Iran ending their nuclear program, that to this day Iran has not violated, and they no longer have a nuclear program. Trump wants to end this. But, these people love the idea of giving Trump a prize in peace because Kim Jong Un wants to chit-chat.

Remember how Obama and John Kerry were derided for the deal with Iran? They said we can’t trust Iran. But, for some reason, we can trust North Korea who has broken many promises and treaties in the past. Hell, Trump called Kim “honorable” last week. This is a man who had his uncle shot and his brother murdered on foreign soil. He’ll probably end up sharing the Nobel with Trump.

Let that sink in. Sharing a Nobel with Kim Jong Un. Is it really a grand achievement to share an award with a man who starves his nation, threatens war on a daily basis, sends dissenters to gulags, and murders his family? That’d be like sharing it with a wannabe fascist who uses his Justice Department to prosecute his enemies and wants to destroy the free press.

If they want to give Trump a Nobel, they better hurry while there’s still space on his wall for false achievements. He’s claimed credit for Obama’s economy, so maybe he can claim Obama’s Nobel.

Here’s the Video.

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  1. The only reason he wants a Nobel is because Obama got one first. It’s like he’s Obama’s bratty kid brother.

    Nice trophy wall. I’m sure that was fun.

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  2. Trying to figure out the partially obscured ones:
    Most Wives
    Most Orange
    Most Money Laundered
    Best Fake Charity
    Most Leaks

    Not sure about:
    St St St St = Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid ?


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You got them all correct except for the one that stumped you. That’s the only one that’s not anything. But, it can be whatever you want it to be. I’m flattered you worked on them.

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