Trump Sees A Bomb


What a lot of people find funny depends on their confirmation bias. I often hear conservatives say Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee, Jon Stewart, or Seth Myers aren’t funny at all. That’s because those comedians rarely ever say anything conservatives want to hear as there’s often truth in comedy. It must suck to be a Republican because they don’t have a sense of humor thus, there aren’t really any funny conservatives. Greg Gutfeld is a conservative who believes he is humorous and has billed himself in the past as a conservative Jon Stewart. You’ll never hear a liberal comedian say they’re the left-wing Dennis Miller or Greg Gutfeld.

So, conservatives were outraged by the performance of comedian Michelle Wolf at last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which Donald Trump skipped again. They were very upset at her jokes about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was in attendance. How dare Wolf attack a woman’s looks, even though Wolf really didn’t do that. Most conservatives misheard one joke and believe she said “fat” when in actuality, she said “fact.” The truth hurts their faux outrage.

These same conservatives have never expressed outrage about Trump’s insults on a woman’s appearance, which he has made before he was president and after he was elected. Sanders herself has defended Trump’s attacks on women by describing him as a counter-puncher.

I’m in the middle about Wolf’s performance. I don’t believe she did anything wrong. She’s a comedian. If the WHCD Association who booked her is upset, which they said they are, it’s their fault. Perhaps they should have vetted her better than Trump vetted Ronny Jackson (hey, maybe I should emcee next year).

But, I didn’t find Wolf funny at all. When I say she wasn’t funny, I don’t mean she offended me. I just didn’t laugh at any of it while not being bothered by at all. I agreed with her opinions. Her voice did annoy me on a Gilbert Gottfried level, and CNN kept replaying a part of her bit over and over and over, etc.

Here’s the thing, conservatives; Lighten up, stop being snowflakes or go find a safe space. Also, prioritize. Early Monday, a bomb which ISIS has taken credit for, killed 31 people, including ten journalists. Our president issued two tweets with the word “bomb,” but neither was about this terrorist attack. They were on Michelle Wolf. But then again, Trump has called journalists the “enemy of the American people,” so why would he have any concern or sympathy for those killed while trying to report information?

The president called the White House Correspondents’ Dinner a disaster. The biggest disaster is the Trump presidency. It’s also a pretty good joke.

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  1. “The easiest way to tell an extremist is they have no self-directed sense of humor.” Stanley Mosk, Attorney General of California during the peak of the John Birch Society.

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  2. Wow, was this ever right on! I agree completely with your analysis of Wolf. Not particularly funny, but not offensive, and I know what you mean about her voice. And yes, priorities seem lacking, don’t they. Hell, if you hosted the dinner I’d find a way to attend!! LOL!


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  3. “The biggest disaster is the Trump presidency. It’s also a pretty good joke.”

    No… No… Actually it’s a Really BAD Joke, the Worst Possible (IM)Practical Joke Ever Played on Our Nation and The World.
    And although scores of Cartoonists, Columnists, TV Pundits, and Late Night Hosts and Comics find it Impossible to NOT find something Funny to Say about 45* and Friends 24/365, nobody’s laughing about the Critical Damage 45* and Friends are inflicting on us every day.
    “‘Tain’t funny, McGee.”


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