What Would Nixon Do?


What would Nixon do? Why he’d do something like what Trump did, which is fire the attorney general. The “acting” attorney general in this case.

Sally Yates was a holdover from the Obama administration. She was asked by the Trump administration to serve as acting attorney general to bridge the gap between Loretta Lynch and Trump’s nominee, Jeff Sessions.

Her tenure was expected to be short and non-controversial. Her service was intended to keep the Justice Department’s trains running on time, so to speak. It’s not like a constitutional crisis would erupt, like the president enacting a ban on refugees based upon their religion. That would be just crazy.

The attorney general is the lead attorney for the American people, not the president. Sally Yates understands this and when Trump issued an executive order banning Muslim refugees from seven nations, Yates issued an order to her department not to enforce the unconstitutional measure.

Trump reacted by firing her and informing her of the firing two minutes before they announced it to the public. In the statement from the White House they said that Yates “betrayed” the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce Trump’s ban.

No, Mr. President. You betrayed the American people by violating the United States Constitution, which is something you swore to uphold and protect.

Trump’s administration says this is not a ban on Muslims. During the campaign he said “Donald Trump is calling for a ban on Muslims.” When he announced the ban last week he said it was a “ban.” Now they’re blaming the press for using the word “ban.” That’s more of those “alternative facts” the Trump team loves so well.

Our nation is not under a threat by allowing immigrants into it. In fact, none of the most recent attacks in this nation from terrorists would have been stopped by this ban. Trump’s defenders say we need a better vetting process, despite there not being evidence or examples of the current process not working. What’s not working and is a threat to this nation is the Trump presidency.

In 1973 President Richard Nixon wanted his attorney general to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox who was investigating Watergate and was about to subpoena the president for tapes from the Oval Office. Instead of following the president’s orders, Elliot Richardson resigned as attorney general. The deputy attorney general also refused to follow orders and Nixon fired him in what became known as the “Saturday Night Massacre.” Sound familiar?

I drew Nixon about a month ago. Something tells me I may end up drawing him again during the Trump administration, whether that lasts four years or four more weeks. For what it’s worth, I’m really getting tired of drawing Trump. Steve Bannon on the other hand, some people punch Nazis, I draw them.

And what’s the deal with Donald Trump holding and displaying his executive orders for the cameras like it’s something he’s proud of that he made in the toilet? What a narcissist.

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