Muslim Ban

History With SCOTUS


We’ve been so consumed with Donald Trump’s racism toward Hispanics that we almost forgot his hatred toward Muslims.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, in another infamous 5-4 ruling, gave a victory to Trump’s travel ban on people from specific Muslim nations. In doing so, they chose to ignore Trump’s own words about banning Muslims.

During his presidential campaign, Trump called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” He didn’t call for a ban on specific nations or groups. It was directed at all Muslims. He called for a nationwide surveillance of mosques in the United States. He said we needed a national Muslim registry, and that he thinks “Islam hates us.”

That rhetoric was a factor in Trump’s ban being struck down in lower courts. So his legal team reworded it only for to be struck down again. The third attempt was also struck down but made its way to the Supreme Court who upheld it. Would the highest court have upheld either of the first two versions? If not, did they believe Trump’s hateful intention changed with the legal wording or by adding two non-Muslim nations to the list (one of which, North Korea, where no one ever travels to the U.S.).

While upholding Trump’s ban on Muslims, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the court now officially rejects the court’s 1944 decision upholding the internment of Japanese Americans.

In 1942, the United States government, in a grip of fear, racism, and paranoia, ordered the incarceration of 110,000-120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, 62% of who was American citizens. The U.S. did not order the incarceration of Germans or Italians, white Europeans. The only ones we didn’t trust were those of Japanese descent.

Fred Korematsu refused to go. He was born in Oakland, which is not in Honshu, Kyushu, Hokkaido, or Shikoku. He left his job at his family’s flower nursery to become a welder to contribute to the war effort, as the Army had rejected him. Korematsu never broke a law that would send him to jail or a prison camp, but the Supreme Court, on a 6-3 decision, said he had to go. Years later, it was discovered the government argued their case with lies.

Most Americans consider the internment of our fellow citizens as one of the ugliest acts in our nation’s history. At the time, it had broad support. There were editorials in favor of incarcerating innocent civilians and American citizens in The Atlanta Constitution, the Los Angeles Times, and The Washington Post. The American Civil Liberties Union argued against the local branch of its organization’s fight for Korematsu’s case. For good measure, check out this Dr. Seuss cartoon, which he professed shame for years later.

John Roberts wrote, “Korematsu was gravely wrong the day it was decided, has been overruled in the court of history, and — to be clear — ‘has no place in law under the Constitution.’ ”

I read a comment a few days ago which went something like, “If you ever wondered what you would have done during Slavery, the Holocaust, Civil Rights Movement…you’re doing it right now.”

The Supreme Court, and so many others are doing it right now. What are you doing?

Watch me draw.

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Blocking Bigoted Brackets


No matter how much Trump and his band of goons adjust and modify their bigotry, federal courts continue to deny them from making their hatred U.S. law.

After No. 45’s first ban on Muslims from select countries was knocked down by federal courts, he went back to the drawing board. This time he put a smiley face on it.

His first argument for the travel ban was that we’re facing such a dangerous threat from Muslims that the ban can’t wait. Then he made the ban wait so it wouldn’t distract from a speech where he used coherent sentences.

His second argument is that it’s NOT a ban against Muslims. He and his people are using this argument despite the fact Rudy Giuliani said Trump called him and asked how they can create a ban on Muslims and do it legally, and that Trump said he was calling for a “ban on Muslims entering the United States,” and that other time where he said “Islam hated the United States.”

Hawaii saw Trump’s newest ban and instead of saying “mahalo” they said “aloha.” Aloha as in goodbye. While English speakers use “aloha” to say hello and goodbye, in the Hawaiian language it means peace, affection, compassion, and mercy. Each of those components are missing from Trump’s Muslim ban so it’s no wonder Hawaii’s attorney general took it to court, and the court put a temporary restraining order on it.

Trump said the judge was “overreaching,” and 45 is a man who knows all about reaching and grabbing the wrong places.

It’s no wonder Hawaii would want to reject a ban on a class of people. Japanese-Americans make up around 30% of the state’s population and they’re well aware of this nation’s history of reactionary executive orders that discriminate against certain groups of people. During World War II the government decided that people of Japanese descent in the United States could not be trusted, so they interned them in camps like prisoners of war. Men, women, and children were locked behind fences. Homes and businesses were lost. It has become one of the greatest failings of the United States and it shouldn’t be forgotten.

Hawaii is rejecting Trump’s bigotry. I stand with Hawaii, my former home for a year.

To Hawaii, I say “mahalo.”

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What Would Nixon Do?


What would Nixon do? Why he’d do something like what Trump did, which is fire the attorney general. The “acting” attorney general in this case.

Sally Yates was a holdover from the Obama administration. She was asked by the Trump administration to serve as acting attorney general to bridge the gap between Loretta Lynch and Trump’s nominee, Jeff Sessions.

Her tenure was expected to be short and non-controversial. Her service was intended to keep the Justice Department’s trains running on time, so to speak. It’s not like a constitutional crisis would erupt, like the president enacting a ban on refugees based upon their religion. That would be just crazy.

The attorney general is the lead attorney for the American people, not the president. Sally Yates understands this and when Trump issued an executive order banning Muslim refugees from seven nations, Yates issued an order to her department not to enforce the unconstitutional measure.

Trump reacted by firing her and informing her of the firing two minutes before they announced it to the public. In the statement from the White House they said that Yates “betrayed” the Department of Justice by refusing to enforce Trump’s ban.

No, Mr. President. You betrayed the American people by violating the United States Constitution, which is something you swore to uphold and protect.

Trump’s administration says this is not a ban on Muslims. During the campaign he said “Donald Trump is calling for a ban on Muslims.” When he announced the ban last week he said it was a “ban.” Now they’re blaming the press for using the word “ban.” That’s more of those “alternative facts” the Trump team loves so well.

Our nation is not under a threat by allowing immigrants into it. In fact, none of the most recent attacks in this nation from terrorists would have been stopped by this ban. Trump’s defenders say we need a better vetting process, despite there not being evidence or examples of the current process not working. What’s not working and is a threat to this nation is the Trump presidency.

In 1973 President Richard Nixon wanted his attorney general to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox who was investigating Watergate and was about to subpoena the president for tapes from the Oval Office. Instead of following the president’s orders, Elliot Richardson resigned as attorney general. The deputy attorney general also refused to follow orders and Nixon fired him in what became known as the “Saturday Night Massacre.” Sound familiar?

I drew Nixon about a month ago. Something tells me I may end up drawing him again during the Trump administration, whether that lasts four years or four more weeks. For what it’s worth, I’m really getting tired of drawing Trump. Steve Bannon on the other hand, some people punch Nazis, I draw them.

And what’s the deal with Donald Trump holding and displaying his executive orders for the cameras like it’s something he’s proud of that he made in the toilet? What a narcissist.

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Mounting A Ban


The chances of you being gunned down by a radical Islamic terrorist in North America is pretty slim. The odds of being butchered by a radical conservative terrorist with a gun are much greater. This was proven Sunday in Quebec City, Canada.

There’s just so much irony that during President Trump’s illegal executive order to ban Muslims from entering the United States, that a fan of his visits a mosque and guns down Muslims. Trump has not acknowledged this. Republicans aren’t screaming about Radical conservatives. Trump has not congratulated himself for predicting the attack.

There has not been any recent attacks to provoke Trump’s ban. The shooter in Orlando was born in the United States. One of the shooters in San Bernardino was also born in the United States and his wife was born in Pakistan, which is not on Trump’s list. The Boston bombers, born in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, neither of which is on Trump’s list. The majority of people shooting Americans are American born white guys.

If Canada decides to build a wall to keep out any white guy wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, who can blame them?

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Trumping Liberty


During the presidential campaign Trump promised to ban Muslims refugees from entering the United States. He was flaky on it for the rest of the campaign but just a little over a week into his presidency, he lived up to it.

Trump issued an executive order banning refugees from seven nations strife with terrorism. A funny thing about executive orders and private servers. They’re only bad things if a Democrat uses them.

Seven Muslim nations are on Trump’s crap list of nasty countries. None of these are nations where Donald has any business interests. He and his supporters say we need this ban until we can improve our system of vetting refugees. The most recent terror attacks were not the result of sloppy vetting, and the nation where terrorists responsible for 9/11 are from, Saudi Arabia, is not on the list. It turns out Trump has business interest in the Saudi kingdom. Go figure.

The Trump team claims this isn’t a religious ban, but there will be exceptions made for Christians from these regions.

I know people get tired of Nazi comparisons but I’m tired of the Trump administration acting like Nazis. Banning refugees is un-American. It’s cruel, cowardly and doesn’t fit our values or who we are. I’m sorry that refugees tend to be from troubled spots in the world but people aren’t fleeing for their lives from Monaco.

Within hours of the order, issued on Holocaust Remembrance Day, innocent people who were already cleared to enter the United States, and after going through a years-long and rigorous vetting process, were detained at U.S. airports. A federal judge in Brooklyn on Saturday evening issued an emergency stay, ordering that those stuck at the airports not be returned to their home countries. Also on Saturday thousands of Americans gathered at American airports to protest this decision and the fascism of Donald Trump. It seems a weekly protest against Trump may be the new thing now.

Trump has staffed his administration with members of the alt-right movement, an Islamophobe who’s a fan of conspiracy theories, and has begun efforts to build a wall between us and Mexico (damaging our relationship with one of our closest allies), and has furthered his xenophobic cause with this ban against Muslims. It’s only been a week.

History will remember Donald Trump as a fascist. It will also remember all those who support him, or remain silent, as cowards. How will it remember you?

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Mooslem Patrol


I think I ranted enough yesterday on this topic that I can spare you a political rant today.

While writing yesterday’s column I inserted a part about getting a tan. Then I thought, hey that’s my next cartoon. So I took it out and saved it for this. I went to bed and then I got back up because I wanted to rough it out at least. I had a fear I’d forget the idea even though I don’t forget ideas I like.

I sat on it all day because there’s only one cartoonist out there I think is crazy and weird enough to think like me. I wanted to see if he came up with the same idea. Yeah, I could have drawn it and beaten him to the punch but even if I’m first with the idea, I don’t want to publish the same idea. Thankfully he wasn’t as weird as me on Tuesday.

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