Trumping Liberty


During the presidential campaign Trump promised to ban Muslims refugees from entering the United States. He was flaky on it for the rest of the campaign but just a little over a week into his presidency, he lived up to it.

Trump issued an executive order banning refugees from seven nations strife with terrorism. A funny thing about executive orders and private servers. They’re only bad things if a Democrat uses them.

Seven Muslim nations are on Trump’s crap list of nasty countries. None of these are nations where Donald has any business interests. He and his supporters say we need this ban until we can improve our system of vetting refugees. The most recent terror attacks were not the result of sloppy vetting, and the nation where terrorists responsible for 9/11 are from, Saudi Arabia, is not on the list. It turns out Trump has business interest in the Saudi kingdom. Go figure.

The Trump team claims this isn’t a religious ban, but there will be exceptions made for Christians from these regions.

I know people get tired of Nazi comparisons but I’m tired of the Trump administration acting like Nazis. Banning refugees is un-American. It’s cruel, cowardly and doesn’t fit our values or who we are. I’m sorry that refugees tend to be from troubled spots in the world but people aren’t fleeing for their lives from Monaco.

Within hours of the order, issued on Holocaust Remembrance Day, innocent people who were already cleared to enter the United States, and after going through a years-long and rigorous vetting process, were detained at U.S. airports. A federal judge in Brooklyn on Saturday evening issued an emergency stay, ordering that those stuck at the airports not be returned to their home countries. Also on Saturday thousands of Americans gathered at American airports to protest this decision and the fascism of Donald Trump. It seems a weekly protest against Trump may be the new thing now.

Trump has staffed his administration with members of the alt-right movement, an Islamophobe who’s a fan of conspiracy theories, and has begun efforts to build a wall between us and Mexico (damaging our relationship with one of our closest allies), and has furthered his xenophobic cause with this ban against Muslims. It’s only been a week.

History will remember Donald Trump as a fascist. It will also remember all those who support him, or remain silent, as cowards. How will it remember you?

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  1. This is the most frightening and shameful thing I have ever seen in my country in my lifetime. It is WAY worse than 9/11 or any other terrorist attack on America because this comes, not just from within, but directly from the leader of a country whose very existence was founded on welcoming refugees. I am too old to take an active physical role in the coming revolution but I can punch numbers into my phone and bang on a keyboard with the best of them!

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  2. And they said that not mentioning the Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day was deliberate because other people suffered too. Yes, including the handicapped whom Trump mocked, and gays whose lives Pence wants to make miserable.

    And when you’re tallying up the beauts Trump has gathered around him, don’t forget a National Security Adviser who believed (maybe still does) that Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza place on Connecticut Avenue. I feel safer. Don’t you feel safer?

    I did not want to live in times this damn interesting.


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