Mounting A Ban


The chances of you being gunned down by a radical Islamic terrorist in North America is pretty slim. The odds of being butchered by a radical conservative terrorist with a gun are much greater. This was proven Sunday in Quebec City, Canada.

There’s just so much irony that during President Trump’s illegal executive order to ban Muslims from entering the United States, that a fan of his visits a mosque and guns down Muslims. Trump has not acknowledged this. Republicans aren’t screaming about Radical conservatives. Trump has not congratulated himself for predicting the attack.

There has not been any recent attacks to provoke Trump’s ban. The shooter in Orlando was born in the United States. One of the shooters in San Bernardino was also born in the United States and his wife was born in Pakistan, which is not on Trump’s list. The Boston bombers, born in Russia and Kyrgyzstan, neither of which is on Trump’s list. The majority of people shooting Americans are American born white guys.

If Canada decides to build a wall to keep out any white guy wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, who can blame them?

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