Not His Favorite Baldwin


I think it’s safe to say that Alec Baldwin is not Trump’s favorite Baldwin brother. It’s probably Stephen who’s a right-wing evangelical and a conservative nut job. Was that redundant? He’s also the star of the much-acclaimed film Sharks In Venice. How he didn’t snag an Oscar for that performance is a true injustice of the movie award voting system. It was probably rigged.

If you had not seen Alex Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump on SNL but read Trump’s tweet saying “it stinks” then you’d get the impression that Baldwin is killing it. He is.

Today president Obama told Donald Trump to stop whining. Trump has gone beyond whining and into insanity over the past few days.

He’s complained that the election is going to be rigged. It’ll be rigged by bankers, “global business elite,” The media, and Saturday Night Live. He’s also accused Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire, of guiding The New York Times coverage of his sexual assaults.  Never mind the fact that voter fraud doesn’t really exist. Let me write that again. It doesn’t exist.

When Trump loses this election he is going to lose it fair and square. The only disadvantage he has is that he’s an idiot. He’s surrounded himself with idiots. A lot of people say they don’t want to besmirch Trump supporters, but I will. His supporters and entire base is composed of idiots. Did you hear me? You’re all idiots. Move along now.

Trump supporters (idiots) are towing the “rigged” election line despite lack of any evidence. Even Mike Pence (another idiot) was complaining about the unfair media coverage and how it’s so negative of Trump. I’m sorry, Governor Pence, but when your running mate only says negative things and the press reports it, it’s not their fault the coverage is negative. It’s like the media is biased against Trump for reporting what he actually says. Hours, and often times minutes, his supporters (again, in case you forgot, idiots) are on the air explaining what he really meant.

He has also called for drug tests before the next debate. Seriously. I mentioned this in my last blog and mentioned how bizarre it is that Snorty McSnorterson is the one who wants drug tests. I didn’t believe Trump has a cocaine habit. I thought it was irresponsible for Howard Dean to accuse him of it but now…looking at his history of projecting…yeah he might be dancing with a white rabbit. If the man’s erratic behavior is any indication he’s probably responsible for three fourths of Bolivia’s economy.

Trump also said he walked past Clinton at the debate and he “wasn’t impressed.” Yes it’s a very important quality in a female presidential candidate that she serves fries with that shake. Trump’s comment backs up both of my earlier theories. He’s projecting and he’s totally riding a white horse to the next debate.

In regards to Alec Baldwin, the talented Baldwin (not that idiot shark-movie-making Baldwin), Trump is not amused. He tweeted that SNL isn’t funny anymore while also voicing his displeasure with Baldwin’s orange impression (For the record, Kate McKinnon is also nailing it with her impression of Hillary Clinton). Dude, people have been saying SNL isn’t funny anymore since 1980. Trump didn’t mind SNL’s brand of comedy when he hosted the show last year. He even tweeted how much he thinks of the show. It’s kinda like his hate for the media while loving the fact they’ve given him billions in free campaign coverage.

Hillary Clinton is going to win this election, fairly, and with a huge electoral landslide. Despite that she will not have a mandate because the person she’s going to defeat is a lying, narcissistic, racist, xenophobic, insane bully. And Trump will still be here after the election. He’ll be whining about the media, accusing the election of being rigged, try to start an armed insurgency (as long as he and his children aren’t fighting), all while trying to start his brand new TV network.

The crazy Trump train will keep chugging after November. Toot! Toot!

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  1. Let’s give some praise to the much maligned Matt Lauer for that, whatever it was, Clinton/Trump so called debate.
    Anyway…on a recent Today Show, Matt & gang were reporting on the insufferable jerk who attempted to kiss Kim Kardashian’s buttocks a couple weeks ago – and has in the past kissed Will Smith at a red carpet thing and pulled off other stuff of the same going for that 15 minutes of fame thing, I’m guessing.
    At the end of the video clip, Matt said, “Let’s not do anymore stories on this guy.” The gang agreed.
    It would be wonderful if ALL media applied the same example to that insufferable jerk who is heading the Republican ticket for POTUS.

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    1. You vacuous idiots lost the election because you’re a bunch of delusional angry racist hypocrites. All your incessant bitching about “waaaaahhhh sexist” as you demand pro life women be “gang-raped” and “beaten to death” while bragging about “menstrual blood” while women in the Middle East and along the southern border are being raped and sold into sex slavery but do you care? No because you’re a hate spewing stupid bitch more obsessed with being trashy than classy. You leftist feminazi airheads are an embarrassment to women’s rights.


  2. C’mon now! 31 cases out of about 1 billion votes cast in-person (which is the reason Drumpf is demanding people “watch the polls” – translated: “intimidate people at the polls” – for him) isn’t non-existent… it’s just completely inconsequential. LOL 😉

    Sorry, I’m a smart-aleck. Not to be confused with smart-Alec-Baldwin. 😀 😛

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    1. You’re in no position to bitch about “intimidation” when the Black Panthers did that for Obama. You damn morons just never stop projecting your own hate and crimes and racist angry terrorist bigotry and hypocrisy. Everything you spew is what you leftist garbage have been doing both before and since the election. You’ve been out rioting, spewing trash and venomous searing profane hate while making relentless death threats and acts of terrorism. It’s you people committing all the violence and shootings. I’d like to plant my fist right in your fat toxic mouths. Come and get me, bitch. I’ll shove that menstrual blood back up your snatch.


  3. Hey Clay.

    Just to tell you, you’re slamming it out of the park!

    For myself, I find myself Jonesing (no relation?) for more Crack pot out of Trump! I’m surprised to find myself hooked! I am not looking forward to the Cold Turkey sweats after the election on November 28th!

    You, I don’t know what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna hafta start working for a living again! No more; Wake up, see Twitters from DJT, make cartoon!

    But I have faith in you! You’ll do good!

    If I may, also a shout out to my friend Ms Martens Fennec. Hey Fennec. I usually just view Clay over there these days. It’s just too hard to navigate through the ads over there. And I don’t bother much with the comments sections, but it does look like there has been a semi equivalent rout out of the more egregious RWNJ’s.

    To both,

    I agree, at this point the old saying comes into play “If you lie down with pigs you get up smelling like pigs.” Trump has courted the “Deplorables” segment of the Republican Party. If you support him, you are supporting them. If you support them, you are as despicable as they are deplorable.


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    1. You deserve a fist to your fat bloated mouth you tinfoil sucking homo. YOU STUPID STINKING HYPOCRITES LOST THE ELECTION BECAUSE YOU’RE A BUNCH OF SMUG VACUOUS PRETENTIOUS IDIOTS AND HATE SPEWING RACIST BIGOTS. You’re so delusional and disconnected from reality it’s disgusting. You stupid stinking hypocrites immediately started crying “bawww Russia collusion” as you went out rioting and punching people including women, children, and the elderly and issuing death threats like “assassinate Trump” and “rape Melania” and “hunt Republicans” as you kick and scream “waaaaahhhh I’m oppressed stop pretending to be white I hope you get deported.” You angry bigoted piece of stupid crap. THERE IS NO HISPANIC RACE YOU CHRISTOPHIC IDIOT. You’re the violent rabid terrorists and bigots; it’s no surprise you support Sharia and genocide against Christians and “death to Israel.” I’d like to beat the stupid spoiled crap out you to make up for all the beatings your self entitled whiny ass should have gotten during your upbringing.


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