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People who support Donald Trump believe he’ll give them everything they want. He’ll give them their country back. I just wonder what Vladimir Putin wants to do with the United States.

What baffles my mind, but not really, are all those Tea Party jerks who spent the years of the Obama presidency screaming “I want my country” and co-opting the word “patriot” to define themselves. They’ve spent the past eight years implying that anyone who’s liberal or a Democrat was not a patriot and didn’t love their country. Republicans have cornered the market of love for America, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet (even though Obama saved Chevrolet).

One of their favorite platforms is the Constitution. They believe Obama has disregarded it and is ruling as a king or a dictator. To repair that they’ll vote for a man who’s made violating the Constitution a huge part of his platform. The problem is that these Tea Party types, like Trump, are really only familiar with the 2nd Amendment. Trump doesn’t even know how many articles are in the Constitution as he’s promised to defend a few that don’t exist.

Wikileaks is attacking the Clinton campaign and the Tea Partiers, “patriots,” and Trump supporters are using the information from the leaks to campaign against Clinton. Many people say it’s not important who exposes the leaks. The only thing important is what’s in them. I don’t buy that. If the people hacking into U.S. computers is a foreign power trying to manipulate an American election, yeah, the motive is kinda important.

These “patriots” don’t care where the information is coming from. They don’t care if it’s a foreign power meddling in our affairs. They don’t care if the information is partly fabricated. They don’t care to notice that Wikileaks is not hacking into the Trump campaign’s computers. Seriously, there’s no warning signs or cause for suspicion with these people. They don’t care as long as they get what they want, which is a Trump presidency. That’s also what Russia wants.

They even refuse to acknowledge the Russians are behind the hacks. Even Trump who receives intelligence briefings has refused to admit Russia is playing a part. Maybe it’s the Chinese, or it’s not even happening. Let’s just forget the fact that Trump asked Russia to leak information on Clinton. The most important thing is the message that Hillary is corrupt. Yes, the man with a fake university and a fake charity wants us to believe the other candidate is corrupt. Of course Mr. Sniffles also wants her to take a drug test.

These people also don’t trust the media. They claim the election is rigged is by the media while they’re touting information hacked my another nation trying to rig our election. Sure, the press has an agenda but let’s trust and use the information Putin is feeding us.

There should be universal outrage in this nation over Russia’s attempt to screw with our Democratic process. This shouldn’t be political. It shouldn’t be left versus right. Can you imagine the outrage if Iran was hacking into Republican computers?

But there isn’t any outrage from Trump supporters. These people who want their country back are willing to lease it out to defeat Hillary Clinton. I would accuse them of checking their patriotism at the door when they signed up for Trump, except they never were patriots.

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  1. Clay, this one’s great as usual, but I think one statement could be rewritten thus, if the absolute truth is an issue: “The problem is that these Tea Party types are really only familiar with the 2nd Amendment, unlike Donald Trump who is most familiar with the 5th Amendment, because he pleaded it 97 times when asked 100 questions related to marriage infidelity in the Ivana Trump divorce proceedings.” I don’t want PolitiFact to get ya!

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    1. I think Trump finally said one thing that turned out to be true, Gipper. He called himself “the uniter.” He is that, but not in the way he was *pretending* that he intended to be. (He made it quite clear that he hated his opponents and even worse, that he was encouraging violence towards them.) Instead, he united the two parties in a way he never considered: against himself. Hooray for The Donald, the great uniter!


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