Most newspaper editors love a nice soft editorial cartoon. Me, not so much. But with a few of them voicing that they don’t want so much Trump coverage because Trump supporters get mad and threaten to kill them, I don’t mind finding other subjects occasionally. Especially if that other subject is rooting for my Chicago Cubs.

I don’t mean any disrespect to fans of the Dodgers, Blue Jays, or Indians. Actually, no. Screw those people. They’ve seen their team go to the World Series at least once in the past 71 years. I and most people have never seen the Cubs in a World Series. Even Donald Trump hasn’t seen it in his lifetime and he’s really old. So if you’re not wild about the Cubs breaking the curse then you can go choke on some Cracker Jacks, you hater.

I am a lifelong Cubs fan. My first memories are of growing up in Elgin, Illinois (before my mom transplanted me to Louisiana, then Georgia, and back to Louisiana). I remember her taking me to Wrigley Field and the first time I went the Cubs were playing the Dodgers (Cubs lost).

My biggest memory of that trip was the bathroom. Yeah, the bathroom. They don’t have urinals at Wrigley. They have a great big trough for men to pee in. It was enough to give a small child such as myself stage fright.

As the years went by and my memory became hazy I wondered if I had imagined that disgusting detail of the men’s room. In 1995 I went back to Wrigley. My then-wife and I drove up from Mississippi and took in a night game (night games were rare). The Cubs lost to the Rockies. It was late July and we almost froze. I bought a Cubs jacket in Wrigleyville. I think Michelle’s greatest pleasure was getting a true Chicago hot dog at the game. They were awesome.

When I visited the rest room I discovered I had not fabricated the pee trough in my head. It did exist and it was still there and in fact, after over 25 years between visits I don’t think anything had changed. The smell was still there too.

That’s my Cubs story you didn’t need to read. I don’t care. I’ve been to major league games in Houston (Astrodome), Pittsburgh, Denver, Baltimore, and D.C., and as nice as some of those stadiums are, none can compare to Wrigley.

I’m excited. The Cubs have now made the NLCS two seasons in a row (screw you, Mets). I don’t think Steve Bartman or goats are allowed back to Wrigley so we have that going for us. I bought a bag of peanuts for Saturday’s game and I accidentally threw them and shells everywhere when Miguel Montero pinch-hit a grand slam in the eighth. Yeah he did.

Liberals, conservatives, Trump supporters, Hillary supporters, etc., everyone can root, root, root for the Cubbies right now. If you’re not rooting for the Cubs then you’re probably one of those horrible people who puts ketchup on hot dogs.

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