Clinton Emails

Leaking To Rudy


Sinister forces are attempting to manipulate this election in favor of Donald Trump and not enough people care. What’s worse is that too many people are falling for it.

While many people can’t vote for Hillary Clinton because they believe she exposed U.S. intelligence to our nation’s enemies, they’re perfectly fine with Russia supporting the Trump campaign.

While Trump and his cronies complain about a rigged system and election process, Republicans are still trying to prevent minorities from voting by limiting polling places, purging voter rolls, closing DMV’s in poorer communities where they can register to vote, and even posting fake ads on social media aimed at Democrats telling them they can vote by phone. They forget the poorly educated are Trump’s demographic.

On Thursday Eddie Munster’s lost twin Bret Baier reported on Fox News that an indictment was about to land on Clinton. By the time he apologized for his faulty reporting the Trump campaign was already off and running with the erroneous report.

Right when you think you’re still sane and the FBI aren’t going to become involved, the FBI becomes involved. Maybe they don’t want the remnants of the KGB having all the fun.

When FBI director Jim Comey sent a letter to Congress that they were looking into Clinton’s emails again because of content on Anthony Weiner’s computer many people accused the agency of trying to foil the Clinton campaign. Now it appears more complicated.

Sources are saying Comey was trying to beat a leak from within his own agency. Even though they don’t have any new information on Clinton’s emails the director felt he needed to save face. Apparently some within the FBI really don’t like Clinton and leaked the information to the Trump campaign. Comey knew it was coming. Who did they leak it to in the campaign? Mr. 9/11 himself Rudy Giuliani.

Two days before Comey sent his little tainted letter to Congress Giuliani went on Fox News, proving he can expose himself to sunlight, and with great creepy glee said the Trump campaign had “a surprise or two that you’re going to hear about in the next few days.” It took all of Rudy’s willpower not to cap the sentence off with a “bwahaha.”

Early Friday Rudy was on Fox And Friends and bragged that he knew the information was coming and said “Did I hear about it? Darn right I heard about it.” Later in the day he went on CNN, where it’s not as much of a Trump pep rally, and told Wolf Blitzer that the information was a complete surprise. Rudy hasn’t done that much twisting since that time he tried to explain to his wife why his mistress moved into Gracie Mansion.

If Clinton gave explanations like that, then retracted, there would be indictments. There’s a lot of talk about future Congressional investigations designed to harass Clinton after she’s elected president, and there will be. The investigations we really need are to look into the FBI’s attempt to meddle with an election.

And while they’re at it they need to look into Trump’s campaign coordinating with Russia.

Republicans love to chant “lock her up.” I’m really hoping for some great irony in the near future.

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This Cartoon Is Badinov


The only thing surprising about a weiner disrupting Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the final week is that it doesn’t belong to Bill.

The FBI is NOT supposed to involve themselves in elections. That’s the CIA’s job to do in other nations. The bureau swears they’re not despite director, and Republican, Jim Comey issuing a letter within 11 days of the election stating they’re looking into newly discovered emails related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton. They didn’t have a warrant to actually look at the emails. They don’t know what’s in them. They weren’t sent from Clinton or on any device owned by her. But hey, everybody. We want you to know there could possibly, maybe, I don’t know, perhaps, possibly be something there. Maybe it’s details of her selling weapons to Iran like Reagan did. Maybe it’s just coupons for pantsuits.

They don’t want to become involved in this election or give any impression they’re trying to tilt it in one direction or another, so they’re not going to tell us anymore about the emails before election day. Nope. Don’t want to be involved.

So I’m sure it wasn’t any meddling when the FBI leaked information that they don’t see any cooperation between Donald Trump and Russia in this election. None at all despite Donald Trump publicly asking the Russians to leak Clinton’s emails, or that his former campaign director collected millions of dollars from Putin puppets in Ukraine, or the fact that Russia is hacking into the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party’s computers. I’m sure the Russians just want to mess up our entire electoral process because look at all the emails they’ve released from the Trump campaign…no wait. They’re not doing that. I would not be surprised after this election that a bombshell comes out about Trump and Russia’s involvement. I just hope for Vladimir’s sake they got paid up front because right now there’s some pissed-off stiffed pollsters out there.

Again, they don’t want to be involved in this election but hey, look at these documents concerning Bill Clinton’s pardon of financier Marc Rich who fled the country after he was charged with tax evasion. Look at it now as there’s only a week left in this election.

The FBi released the documents Monday but just in case nobody noticed, they tweeted out a statement from one of their Twitter accounts they haven’t used in over a year. In a statement, the FBI said that any material requested three or more times under the Freedom of Information Act is automatically made available to the public online on a “first in, first out basis.” I’m not sure if there’s any legal requirements to announce it on Twitter.

You need three requests to the FBI? OK, I have three. How about shut up, and shut up, and oh yeah…shut the hell up.

Since the FBI is so busy will they reveal anything concerning Donald Trump’s housing segregation from the 1970s? How about something on Trump’s fraud lawsuit over his fake university which is going to trial after the election? Or better yet, how about some juicy tidbits from his upcoming trial where he’s accused of raping a 13-year-old girl? How about any information from the over 70 lawsuits Cheeto Oompa Loompa is facing? No? Can I make a request?

The IRS won’t even release anything on Trump’s taxes or even confirm he’s being audited like he claims. Does he pay taxes? Was it legal? Does he have financial ties to Russia? Does he give anything to charity? I’m a hell of a lot more concerned about who Trump is indebted to than I am with how many of Hillary’s emails had a “C” on them.

Trump keeps screaming that Hillary is crooked and these emails definitely prove she should be in prison, even though he has no idea what’s in them. Meanwhile we’re supposed to take his word that he’s a charitable guy (he’s not) or that there’s nothing fishy in his tax returns.  Since he can make statements about what’s in a document he hasn’t seen then can I state that Trump’s tax returns definitely contain details of his running a brothel out of Trump Tower for teenage hookers? How about they contain write-offs for bulk purchases of Viagra, ass cream, and teeny tiny condoms?

If you’re more concerned that Hillary Clinton sent emails than any of the vast array of Trump’s scandals then I only have one question for you:

Whatsamatta U?

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Patriot’s News Source


People who support Donald Trump believe he’ll give them everything they want. He’ll give them their country back. I just wonder what Vladimir Putin wants to do with the United States.

What baffles my mind, but not really, are all those Tea Party jerks who spent the years of the Obama presidency screaming “I want my country” and co-opting the word “patriot” to define themselves. They’ve spent the past eight years implying that anyone who’s liberal or a Democrat was not a patriot and didn’t love their country. Republicans have cornered the market of love for America, baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet (even though Obama saved Chevrolet).

One of their favorite platforms is the Constitution. They believe Obama has disregarded it and is ruling as a king or a dictator. To repair that they’ll vote for a man who’s made violating the Constitution a huge part of his platform. The problem is that these Tea Party types, like Trump, are really only familiar with the 2nd Amendment. Trump doesn’t even know how many articles are in the Constitution as he’s promised to defend a few that don’t exist.

Wikileaks is attacking the Clinton campaign and the Tea Partiers, “patriots,” and Trump supporters are using the information from the leaks to campaign against Clinton. Many people say it’s not important who exposes the leaks. The only thing important is what’s in them. I don’t buy that. If the people hacking into U.S. computers is a foreign power trying to manipulate an American election, yeah, the motive is kinda important.

These “patriots” don’t care where the information is coming from. They don’t care if it’s a foreign power meddling in our affairs. They don’t care if the information is partly fabricated. They don’t care to notice that Wikileaks is not hacking into the Trump campaign’s computers. Seriously, there’s no warning signs or cause for suspicion with these people. They don’t care as long as they get what they want, which is a Trump presidency. That’s also what Russia wants.

They even refuse to acknowledge the Russians are behind the hacks. Even Trump who receives intelligence briefings has refused to admit Russia is playing a part. Maybe it’s the Chinese, or it’s not even happening. Let’s just forget the fact that Trump asked Russia to leak information on Clinton. The most important thing is the message that Hillary is corrupt. Yes, the man with a fake university and a fake charity wants us to believe the other candidate is corrupt. Of course Mr. Sniffles also wants her to take a drug test.

These people also don’t trust the media. They claim the election is rigged is by the media while they’re touting information hacked my another nation trying to rig our election. Sure, the press has an agenda but let’s trust and use the information Putin is feeding us.

There should be universal outrage in this nation over Russia’s attempt to screw with our Democratic process. This shouldn’t be political. It shouldn’t be left versus right. Can you imagine the outrage if Iran was hacking into Republican computers?

But there isn’t any outrage from Trump supporters. These people who want their country back are willing to lease it out to defeat Hillary Clinton. I would accuse them of checking their patriotism at the door when they signed up for Trump, except they never were patriots.

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Devil Of A Leak


Wikileaks dumped a bunch of transcripts from Clinton’s meetings with Wall Street players and emails between her and figures within The Clinton Foundation. They are being overshadowed by the leak of the Trump groper video.

U.S. intelligence says the Russians are hacking into the Democrats’ computers in an attempt to influence our presidential election. It’s not Hillary Clinton they’re trying to help.

Donald Trump, who referred to Hillary as “the devil” during Sunday’s debate, says we don’t know if it was the Russians, or if there are actually any hacks. As it turns out he knows better. During his intelligence briefings one of the topics discussed was the Russians hacking the Democrats. Gee, I wonder who leaked that.

Vladimir Putin wants a Trump presidency. Trump, who’s sending very loud signals that he plans to govern in the authoritarian style of Putin, will be a much softer president for the Russian leader to manipulate. All he has to do is give Trump a compliment. He eats those up.

Trump has said he’s willing to bail on NATO, not offer help to our Eastern European allies, has heaped praise on Putin and said it’d be great if we could get along with Russia. He’s also opposed to taking out Assad in Syria, who is Putin’s puppy. Trump isn’t even aware that Russian troops are in Ukraine and Georgia, and if he did he’d tell them to burn Atlanta.

This all gets really weird. U.S. fugitive Eric Snowden is currently residing in Russia in exile for leaking classified information from the National Security Agency. Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, is holded up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London avoiding being extradited to Sweden for rape allegations. He and Trump would probably have a great conversation, especially if it was on a bus.

Wikileaks has been promising an “October Surprise.” If this is their “October Surprise,” it’s as surprising as every girl you know dressing as Harley Quinn this Halloween. The juciest tidbits are that Hillary stated she needs a public and private viewpoint and Chelsea is a spoiled brat. I expect a future email to inform us that Socks the Cat ate cat food. A lot of the emails are suspected of being manipulated so now we don’t know what to believe. Donald Trump has already recited information proven to be false, which is from the Russian government.

Is Hillary the devil? Yeah she is. But I’ll take the intelligent career-driven devil we know over that racist, putin-lovin’ dumbass, groping devil we know.

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Hillary’s Health Scare


The current arguments against Hillary Clinton must not be good enough reasons for people to vote against her. The GOP is pushing the narrative that she’s a liar despite the fact they have a nominee that only tells the truth about 10% of the time. They’re still pushing the email server issue and the Clinton Foundation and are pressing for more investigations. After 20 years they haven’t let go of her husband’s infidelity issues. Still, none of that is good enough for Republicans because they’re falling back on conspiracy theories and making stuff up.

Over the past couple of weeks they were whispering rumors about her health. The biggest conspiracy lovers among them were sharing pictures of Clinton being helped up some steps as if she was an invalid. Never mind that we actually had a president who was in a wheel chair and another who continued to serve after suffering a stroke which rendered him paralyzed (you get bonus points today if you know which president that is without Googling for the answer).

Those whispers have now turned into shouts. Donald Trump himself has questioned his physical and mental health which is obvious he’s reflecting his own condition. Now he’s released one of his favorite attack dogs, who traded in his credibility and dignity a few years ago, to make a case out of the health issue.

Rudy 9/11 Giuliani is now scaring up talk over Clinton’s health. This is the same guy who ran for president after beating prostrate cancer.

This is the new birtherism and the birthers are now healthers. That means they don’t need facts. They just need someone to say it and a few rabid right wing websites to bark it out.

These healthers are using junk science and conspiracy theories to argue that Clinton is suffering from brain injuries. Why don’t they just say she’s growing a tail? Giuliani claims the media is hiding evidence about the former Secretary of State’s health and that people should go online to find the truth. If you Google about Clinton’s health what you’ll find is Giuliani spreading theories about Clinton’s health. This stuff is almost as far-fetched as saying Chelsea had four plastic surgeries to hide that Bill isn’t her real father…wait. Someone is pushing that too. At what point do extra terrestrials enter into this?

There is not any evidence here or anything to hide. Clinton’s physician, the only person to speak on the record who has actually examined her, has repeatedly affirmed her health and physical fitness.

Meanwhile Donald Trump’s physician who released a letter affirming the GOP nominee’s fitness isn’t a general practitioner, but a gastroenterologist. He doesn’t mention if he gave Trump a colonoscopy but in fairness, if you had to perform that procedure on Trump you’d probably want to forget it also.

The really weird part of this ass doctor’s letter is where he wrote “if elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” Why would a doctor say that? Did this doc travel through time and look up Mallard Fillmore’s bum? Can he tell us how much corn he found in William Henry Harrison’s stool? And what about Taft? That was one serious fat bastard but Trump would still be older than him if elected. I find it hard to believe The Donald could be healthier Than JFK or Teddy Roosevelt. Even Reagan, who is our oldest president, physically walked into the hospital after he was shot. Trump let bone spurs keep him out of Vietnam and probably wouldn’t be capable of walking into a clinic if he had a splinter. By the way, Teddy was shot while giving a speech and he continued and finished his speech.

I would totally be raising my eyebrows and give health conspiracies another look if Clinton’s letter from a physician was worded the same as Trump’s. Trump’s letter, which used the word “positive” makes you question how many venereal diseases he’s acquired throughout his life. Quite frankly I want to know if my president has herpes.

I do believe a candidate’s age and health are fair issues to discuss to a point. It was fair to question Reagan and McCain’s age and health. It’s fair to ask about Clinton’s. It’s even more fair to ask about Donald Trump, who is two years older than Clinton. After the answers are given then it’s time to let it go and maybe focus on actual issues.

If we want to start conspiracy theories about stuff we don’t have information on, let’s talk about Trump’s taxes. Is he in the mafia? Accepted bribes from the KGB? Financed Justin Beiber’s first album? We need to know what sort of maniac we’re electing.

None of this conspiracy crap is surprising. At least with the Swift Boaters smear campaign the candidate was separated from it. In this case we have a nominee who cites the National Enquirer, spreads rumors that Ted Cruz’s dad was in on the JFK assassination, Obama was born in Kenya, and now wants to know if Mika and Joe from Morning Joe are bumping uglies.

In other news more than 14,000 additional emails are about to be released from Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary. This may not give her a heart attack but could possibly raise the blood pressure of her supporters.

For the answer on which president suffered the stroke, it was Woodrow Wilson. Did you cheat?

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Hillary’s Foundation


A conservative watchdog group has released a bunch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state which raises a lot of questions about the relationship between the department and her charity, The Clinton Foundation.

When Clinton took the job as head of the State Department she promised there wouldn’t be any overlap between it and her charity. Then her aide, Huma Abedin, was simultaneously employed by both. They understand conflict of interest about as well as employers at Fox News.

Many critics have charged that the foreign nations donated to the charity in a pay for play scheme to receive special treatment from the state department, though there’s no proof of that. The foundation signed a memorandum of understanding with Obama’s presidential transition team in December 2008. Under the terms of that agreement, the foundation promised to report its donors in order to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. It would say who gave, but it wouldn’t say precisely how much.

However, it’s a little disturbing that these emails show people from the foundation lobbying for jobs for donors to the foundation. The emails weren’t between Clinton and anyone from her foundation, but her aides at the state department. The official at the foundation wanted the state department to connect a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire donor to the charity to the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon. That’s a bit of an overlap between the charity and the department.

The question is: Did a foreign billionaire donate to Clinton’s charity to gain favor with the state department? It’s a legitimate question.

I don’t think Clinton is corrupt. I do think she is arrogant and obtuse to act surprised when it catches up to her. She threads the needle between improper and illegal which discourages the public from trusting her. There are a lot of Democrats who don’t trust her.

Hillary Clinton may be the most qualified person to ever run for president. She’s very accomplished, intelligent, understands policy, has the experience, and has a great understanding what the job of president entails. She is the best we have prepared for the position. Yet in her race against an orange, ignorant, racist, flame-throwing Cheeto, you would think she’d be leading by more than ten points in the polls.

I don’t mind drawing cartoons about Hillary Clinton. The responses are always amusing to me. Clinton defenders will see this and accuse me of being a right winger, as if this is the only cartoon of mine they’ve ever seen. Others readers, including some of my editors, will be glad I hit Hillary and a week later tell me I never hit Hillary. Go figure.

I don’t try to make one demographic happy with every cartoon. If you believe I’m always on your side of the aisle, or on the opposite, at some point I’m going to let you down. Yes, I’m liberal but I’m not a member of any party and I don’t campaign for candidates or join causes. I don’t promote. I denigrate. Editorial cartooning is a negative art form.

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Are You Being Served?


I drew this last night sitting in a tavern. People go out to drink, socialize, and forget work. I go out and work. That is my fun. I’m a nerd. I did have some good Mini Elvises, which are tiny cheeseburgers.

I posted this cartoon on Facebook last night with the comment “what do Bernie supports and Republicans have in common? They will both click like on this cartoon.” The like button got a lot of clicks but some people circumvented my test and clicked “haha.”

I always feel guilty when I hit Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. My usual readership gets confused and currently, they’re bickering with each other over the Democratic candidates. But I don’t really feel guilty.

Here’s the thing: I’m a liberal, yes. Very liberal. Fellow liberals tell me I’m more liberal than they are. Though I’m a liberal, I am not a Democrat. I don’t join parties. I advocate for issues, not personalities. I will take down a politician I defended yesterday. I am not a hit man and go after people because they’re fair game or they have a target on them. I go with my true feelings. My true feeling with this is “Hillary Clinton! Release your damn speeches!”

This idea was provoked out of me by fellow cartoonist Ted Rall. Ted tweeted, or Facebooked (I don’t recall which), that there are no longer any presidential candidates left who gave speeches to Wall Street, so Hillary Clinton should go ahead and release her speeches. Is that true? Trump never spoke to Wall Street? Man, if Wall Street doesn’t want to hear from the billionaire with the best words and unusually sized hands, then why is he the GOP nominee if his one specialty is being rich? I digress. For some reason reading Ted’s post made this idea pop into my head.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anything to Clinton’s emails or her speeches other than she should just release the damn speeches. Isn’t it kinda weird that no one who attended one of her speeches has come out to detail what she said? Was she paid to speak to an empty room?

If you’re old like me and non-British, you might vaguely recall the sitcom “Are You Being Served.” I totally forgot about that show until I started writing today’s blog. I figure Brits are very familiar with it despite it being off the air since 1985. Reruns of the show were shown in the U.S. on PBS, which means no conservative knows what I’m talking about. It was a very irreverent show that really pushed the boundaries. Sometimes I believe I was born in the wrong country (at least that’s what my ex used to say). It was brilliant and ran from 1972 to 1985, which I just learned from Wikipedia.

Now if you’re an American and you recall the Brit sitcom The Young Ones, then you are an old geek like me and you might want to have that looked at. There is not a cure.

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