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Find The Thug


I can’t claim to totally understand race issues in our country. But I understand enough to know that you have to be able to identify racism before you can start to understand race issues.

For example: The president (sic) of the United States doesn’t see his own hypocrisy when it comes to race. He didn’t just endorse white gun nuts storming Michigan’s state capitol building. He egged them on. He tweeted to the governor of that state to “make a deal” with the protesters because they were “good people” who are angry. Contrast that with protesters in Minneapolis. Donald Trump tweeted, “When the looting starts, that’s when the shooting starts.” Those in Michigan wearing MAGA shirts with signs saying they want haircuts, and a few with nooses and Nazi imagery, were “good people” to Donald Trump. Those in Minneapolis are “thugs.”

In case you’re a Republican, “thug” is the new N-word. Oh, wait, if you’re a Republican, you already know that. It’s why you use it so often.

I don’t totally understand looting. I don’t condone looting and vandalism. But I do realize it is a form of protest. If you argue it’s not, then I encourage you to take a history course and refresh your memory on the Boston Tea Party. Even then, the white rioters dressed up as minorities. You’re upset about looting and vandalism but you were also pissed off about the black football player taking a knee. Donald Trump said “fire that son of a bitch.” Donald Trump never said to strike a deal with Colin Kaepernick, who is still unable to get a job in the National Football League.

There is a huge problem with race in this nation. Direct evidence of that is the fact Donald Trump is president. Donald Trump is a racist. If Donald Trump isn’t a racist, then what the hell qualifies as racism?

Over 30 million people in this nation voted for Donald Trump in 2016. About that many say they’ll vote for him again in 2020. People who vote for Donald Trump wonder why racism is problem in this nation while racism isn’t a deal-breaker for them. They wonder why racism is a problem while they support a man who shouts “send them back” to their “shithole countries.”

People say the racist cop who killed George Floyd is an exception. Not all police are racists. We should trust the police. Then, the Minnesota State Police arrest a black journalist (leaving the white ones untouched) then later state they let him go after verifying his credentials. Yet, he was on TV showing them his credentials. That was not one cop lying about arresting a black journalist. That was the entire department lying about arresting a black journalist. The lie was the State Police’s official statement. Tell me again why we can trust the police? They can’t even stop lying during a race riot. Do you want to solve race problems and distrust with the police? Start by being honest.

It took days for there to be charges against the cop who killed George Floyd. Even then, there are only two charges. Black Americans know if the shoe was on the other foot, it wouldn’t have taken days for there to be charges and there would be a lot more than two. They also understand that as deals are made, charges are reduced. As one black American pointed out on CNN last night, A black suspect will start with 15 charges and hope to get down to two. With George Floyd’s killer, he’s already at two. What’s it going to be reduced to?

And you wonder why cities are burning. The entire system is broken in this nation.

Before you can fight racism, you have to be able to spot it. White America is failing.

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Not His Favorite Baldwin


I think it’s safe to say that Alec Baldwin is not Trump’s favorite Baldwin brother. It’s probably Stephen who’s a right-wing evangelical and a conservative nut job. Was that redundant? He’s also the star of the much-acclaimed film Sharks In Venice. How he didn’t snag an Oscar for that performance is a true injustice of the movie award voting system. It was probably rigged.

If you had not seen Alex Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump on SNL but read Trump’s tweet saying “it stinks” then you’d get the impression that Baldwin is killing it. He is.

Today president Obama told Donald Trump to stop whining. Trump has gone beyond whining and into insanity over the past few days.

He’s complained that the election is going to be rigged. It’ll be rigged by bankers, “global business elite,” The media, and Saturday Night Live. He’s also accused Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire, of guiding The New York Times coverage of his sexual assaults.  Never mind the fact that voter fraud doesn’t really exist. Let me write that again. It doesn’t exist.

When Trump loses this election he is going to lose it fair and square. The only disadvantage he has is that he’s an idiot. He’s surrounded himself with idiots. A lot of people say they don’t want to besmirch Trump supporters, but I will. His supporters and entire base is composed of idiots. Did you hear me? You’re all idiots. Move along now.

Trump supporters (idiots) are towing the “rigged” election line despite lack of any evidence. Even Mike Pence (another idiot) was complaining about the unfair media coverage and how it’s so negative of Trump. I’m sorry, Governor Pence, but when your running mate only says negative things and the press reports it, it’s not their fault the coverage is negative. It’s like the media is biased against Trump for reporting what he actually says. Hours, and often times minutes, his supporters (again, in case you forgot, idiots) are on the air explaining what he really meant.

He has also called for drug tests before the next debate. Seriously. I mentioned this in my last blog and mentioned how bizarre it is that Snorty McSnorterson is the one who wants drug tests. I didn’t believe Trump has a cocaine habit. I thought it was irresponsible for Howard Dean to accuse him of it but now…looking at his history of projecting…yeah he might be dancing with a white rabbit. If the man’s erratic behavior is any indication he’s probably responsible for three fourths of Bolivia’s economy.

Trump also said he walked past Clinton at the debate and he “wasn’t impressed.” Yes it’s a very important quality in a female presidential candidate that she serves fries with that shake. Trump’s comment backs up both of my earlier theories. He’s projecting and he’s totally riding a white horse to the next debate.

In regards to Alec Baldwin, the talented Baldwin (not that idiot shark-movie-making Baldwin), Trump is not amused. He tweeted that SNL isn’t funny anymore while also voicing his displeasure with Baldwin’s orange impression (For the record, Kate McKinnon is also nailing it with her impression of Hillary Clinton). Dude, people have been saying SNL isn’t funny anymore since 1980. Trump didn’t mind SNL’s brand of comedy when he hosted the show last year. He even tweeted how much he thinks of the show. It’s kinda like his hate for the media while loving the fact they’ve given him billions in free campaign coverage.

Hillary Clinton is going to win this election, fairly, and with a huge electoral landslide. Despite that she will not have a mandate because the person she’s going to defeat is a lying, narcissistic, racist, xenophobic, insane bully. And Trump will still be here after the election. He’ll be whining about the media, accusing the election of being rigged, try to start an armed insurgency (as long as he and his children aren’t fighting), all while trying to start his brand new TV network.

The crazy Trump train will keep chugging after November. Toot! Toot!

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Timmy and Debbie


I’m posting this with a Surface Pro I have not bought a keyboard for yet so if there are any typographical errors go suck a lemon.

Hillary Clinton made Virginia senator Tim Kaine, my senator, her veep pick.  It’s a good pick. If it doesn’t make Bernie supporters happy, they can suck a lemon too. Does she really have to bend over backwards to appease liberals so they won’t allow a Donald Trump presidency? Grow up.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz, chair of the Democratic party, was ousted after leaks showed, SURPRISE they did want Hillary to win.

I have a lot more to say but this no keyboard thing is hard.

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National Review Versus Trump


I’ve been hearing a lot of my conservative friends whine about Donald Trump. They claim he’s not a real conservative yet he’s stealing their party. Now National Review has joined in on the Trump attack.

The magazine National Review was always the authority within the Conservative movement. They actually garnered a fair amount of respect as a journalistic publication, before “journalism” from conservative sources such as Breitbart, The Daily Signal, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, etc, created an industry out of birtherism, race baiting, and just trolling Obama haters. Writers for NR were considered intelligent, even elitists (which is a word conservatives throw at liberals now). Now most conservative writers could work for the Klan.

National Review has assembled 20 conservatives to write essays in an attempt to destroy Trump. Pundits have been wrong on everything Trump since Trump entered the race but one thing I am right about is that the only one who’s going to destroy Donald Trump will be Donald Trump. If insulting the entire state of Iowa as stupid, saying John McCain is not a war hero, a desire to mimic Nazi tactics in regards to Muslims, referring to Mexicans as rapists and murderers, and hanging out with Sarah Palin, hasn’t killed him then the fading National Review doesn’t pose much risk to his candidacy. For that matter, neither will political cartoons but we’re not going to stop drawing them. They’re too much fun.

The people who say newspaper endorsements don’t really help elect candidates (and they’re right) now think the National Review’s endorsement of anyone but Trump will work. Even when the media source is conservative, it’s still the media.

What I love most about conservatives is that they’re lying in the racist bed they made. For years they have cultivated racism, sexism, homophobia, a war against the poor, and just outright bigtory. They watered it, fertilized it, made sure it got enough sunlight, recited poetry to it at night, and now they wonder how the Hell it bloomed and now it’s eating their house.

Trump is a conservative. Did any of these writers question his conservatism when he endorse Mitt Romney in 2012? The man led a birther campaign against the president. He wants policies that force people to say “merry Christmas.” He hates Latinos, Hispanics, Muslims, women, poor people, and he lacks any sense of humor. He’s a conservative. The reason National Review conservatives don’t like him is because he doesn’t disguise his racism, sexism, homophobia, and outright bigotry with their usual code words. Don’t you hate it when people don’t cooperate?

The conservative movement has always been kinda racist. You can go back very deep into history but just look toward the 1970’s Nixon strategy, to Reagan’s strategy, to Bush’s strategy. They won elections by telling the white man the black man is taking what belongs to him…so they better make sure the black man never has anything. Now the fear mongering is targeted toward Muslims, Gays, Hispanics, etc. You can’t win elections with that anymore.

After Obama was elected conservatives turned their racism up to a Spinal Tap amp of eleven. They refuse to work with him. They clearly stated their only legislative agenda was to make him a one-term president. They question where he’s born. They question his religion. They call him a communist. Then they say he’s the one being divisive.

Trump is not a conservative? Trump is the very picture of the voters Republicans have been aiming for. He is the face and bad hair of conservatism.

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Snowmaggedon 2016


I hate weather cartoons. But this is a bit beyond weather since it’s the only thing anyone is talking about on the East Coast. It’s also very dangerous and it threatens lives. On top of all that, my dog won’t poop outside.

I might have used this idea before. Maybe someone else did too. I figured it was quite appropriate since Sarah Palin blamed Obama for her son’s PTSD. No word yet if she blames Obama for putting an AR-15 with him inside her house.

At this point I’m mostly glad I finished the cartoon before my power goes out.

Hang in there my fellow East Coasters. Stop posting photos of snow on Facebook. I know what it looks like. So does my dog.

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Flailing In Flint


I have been intending to draw on this issue for over a week. I admit, I have drawn less important issues while putting this on the back burner, but the less important stuff was just more fun. More fun until I drew tentacle boy here. He kinda has a Bill The Cat vibe going there. Tentacles are almost as much fun to draw as sharks. Nothing is more fun than sharks.

If anyone deserves to be flailed and tossed around on mutant tentacles it’s Michigan governor Rick Snyder.

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Palin’s Blame Game


I wanted to draw a cartoon on the whiteness of the Oscars. I also want to do one on the Flint water crisis which is a more important issue. But Sarah Palin won’t shut up.

I didn’t want to do something on Palin two days in a row. In case you didn’t get the reference in yesterday’s cartoon, the “bag of hammers” was a reference to the Grizzly Mama. I couldn’t resist after her second day in a row of being a blabbering mess. This time she blamed Obama for her son’s recent arrest.

In case you’re not in the know, Palin’s son, Track (yes, that’s his name), was arrested for domestic violence. He’s accused of punching a girl he’s in a relationship with, being drunk while doing so, and there was a firearm involved. Police say his Trackness was “uncooperative, belligerent and evasive” during their questioning, which helped lead to the arrest.

Republicans love to blame Obama for everything. I thought it couldn’t reach a higher level of ridiculousness until Sarah said it was Obama’s neglect of our troops that led to her son’s PTSD that caused him to strike a woman. She said that? You betcha.

Anytime I make fun of her daughter, Bristol, the Palin supporters come after me. They say it’s unfair to pick on her. First off, I’m not fair. Second, Bristol has put herself into the discussion. She blogs her idiotic opinions on politics and current events, and is an advocate for abstinence yet she keeps getting knocked up by different dudes while remaining unmarried. Yeah, she’s fair game.

I promise I’ll try not to draw a Palin cartoon tomorrow. I’m sure Sarah Palin can’t top her last stupid statement before the week’s over. She can’t, right?

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The Endorsement’s In The Bag


Oh happy day! Sarah Palin’s back. Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president today. The only way life could get better for a political cartoonist would be if Trump makes her his veep pick while ditching Melania and proposing to her.

Palin chose between Trump and Ted Cruz. Even if you’re choosing between those two for your vote, you’re a special kind of stupid. She endorsed Cruz for his Senate run and he was very saddened not to get her support this time as he wouldn’t be required to go duck hunting with camo makeup on his face like he had to do for the endorsement of those Duck Dynasty lunatics.

It was Trump’s second endorsement of the day. Earlier in the day he picked up the endorsement from John Wayne’s family. Trump talked about how John Wayne, from Iowa, displayed toughness and a manly swagger (I made that up but it’s the gist of what he said). John Wayne, real name “Marion”, served World War II on a movie set. He never shot at anyone nor was he shot at. He wasn’t even a real cowboy but he was a white supremacist. So I’m sure the endorsement from his family is really going to cement that conservative Iowa vote. At least he didn’t do a Michele Bachmann and confuse John Wayne with the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, though perhaps with relatives still available they can endorse Ted Cruz.

Palin showed up at a Trump event and gave a speech that totally wowed the crowd. Wowed or confused them. It was hard to tell but they were really quiet. There’s speculation that a large percentage of the crowd were college kids forced to attend while pledging a fraternity.

During her speech Sarah uttered such brilliants Palinisms as status quo slurping off the gravy train, safety nets into hammocks, “rock ‘n’ rollers and holy rollers” make the world go round, Right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’, proud clingers of our guns,our God, and our religions and our Constitution, wearing political correctness like a suicide vest, drill baby drill, squirmishes, yelling Allah Akbar, no more pussyfooting around, and can I get a hallelujah for the main thing. 

So after hearing her speech we’re pretty sure she either endorsed Trump or suffered a tiny stroke.

Any time I say something even the slightest bit critical of Palin right wingers really come after me. It’s always amusing to be insulted by people who share Palin’s clarity and intellect. At least I think they’re insulting me. Again, it’s hard to tell exactly what point they’re making or if they too, are suffering from tiny strokes.

I was going with another idea but I tweeted out the caption of this cartoon, just on a lark and without any intention of it being my cartoon. Then I started to like it and when I went to delete the post on Facebook it had over 30 likes and a bunch of comments, so I let it stay. People told me it should be my cartoon so, it’s my cartoon. I don’t like to reveal my idea before I draw it (a few of my colleagues show roughs before they publish their cartoons). I prefer the reader experience the writing, punch line, viewpoint, etc, in the cartoon for the first time when they’re reading it.

I also had two other ideas for different subjects when the Palin news broke. I had to go with a Palin/Trump cartoon.

Here’s my first idea, which I killed because it’s obvious. The New York Daily News used the same theme.


Hillary On Bernie’s Record


Hillary Clinton doesn’t always lie about Bernie Sanders’ record. Sometimes she has her daughter Chelsea do it.

I spent a really long time drawing this cartoon. It’s after 4:30 AM here on the East Coast and I don’t feel like thinking anymore. So this is all the blogging you’re getting with this cartoon. Sorry about that but I promise I’ll write something extra offensive for you tomorrow.

In tribute to Glenn Frey, he’s somewhere in the crowd. See if you can find him. Sorry there’s no Waldo.

Update: A lot of people (not everyone) seem confused with this cartoon and that I would criticize Hillary Clinton. The confusion is that I’m a political cartoonist and not an activist. While I advocate for issues, I do not work for candidates or causes. While I am left of center, I am not a Democrat. I’m an independent and nobody is off limits. The only decision I have made so far regarding my vote, is that it won’t be for a Republican.

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