Live Blog 2020, Post #12


Counting votes does not invalidate the votes that have already been counted. And you can’t argue that counting votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin after midnight is fraud while demanding that votes continue to be counted in Arizona. You also can’t bitch about Democrats unleashing their lawyers while also arguing that you’re going to the Supreme Court.

Seriously? We may have “reelected” this?

Ugh. I’m done. Thank you for staying up with me and reading the live blog. I appreciate all the comments, likes, and shares. You rock.

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  1. Thanks for all your efforts Clay. It’s 6:24 am EST Nov 4th. I will never understand how millions of people could vote for the greatest liar ever seen in my lifetime. Dark times ahead for America and the world.

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  2. Read with caution, especially if you are American. The world is watching you come apart at the seams:
    Unfortunately, Trump was brought up to never say lose. It was always his way, or the bye-wave. Not that I ever liked America, it was and still is a pretentiously pompous nation, but even I would never have wished this outcome on you. Not only are you not the greatest nation in the world, nor were you ever, but now you are the most fallen nation in the world. Rome had Nero–you have Trump pets.
    I am not sorry to see you get your comeuppance, but I am sad to see you go. Most Americans are nice, good people, but it’s the others that ruined it for everyone. When you gotta be the best, you generally never get there. Now you apparently never will…

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    1. I read you, loud and clear, and don’t blame you a bit for your thoughts on America right now. Just read a snippet earlier (had so many blog posts up I forgot where), but apparently Dump is putting together a commission to do that patriotism project or whatever you call it in schools. My inner teacher is dying inside; he’s had zero curiosity and knows nothing about history and civics, but is demanding we go back to rah, rah patriotism like his beloved 1950s textbooks. We were getting away from that, but why the Republicans are so enamored with “American Exceptionalism” (and I have hated that phrase since I heard it), I don’t know. I guess they want to live with the illusion that the U.S. has never done anything wrong. As a history major, I have to grit my teeth when my incurious family of Dumpers tries to crap over my domain and they’re frothing at the mouth angry over “changing history”. No, when you learn new stuff, you’re supposed to work with it and then make changes to your thinking accordingly.

      But this election has proved millions haven’t learned a damned thing. Single issue voters (abortion mostly, guns 2nd) are murdering this democracy. What good is it for them to get that one thing they want if everything else disappears while they do their victory dance? They’re following a toddler who “leads” by tantrum and Tweet. It’s despicable, and I haven’t been this depressed in a while. I thought with the voting part done, at least there would be a slight release of the pressure valve. It’s just as tightly closed as it’s been for months. No TV for me today, I’m worked up just reading a few articles as it is.

      For the sake of the world, and my idiotic country, Biden has to win. I don’t want to know what 4 more years of the Great Pumpkin is going to do to us, and the world itself.

      Virtual hugs to all and be well.


  3. He knows that if all are counted, he”sin troublr

    Bob Robert B. Walker 703-437-5128 Sent from tablet, please excuse typos


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