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Sully is a star.

He has his own Instagram page with over 183,000 followers. His image has been seen on socks worn by President George H. W. Bush, who was also his best friend. He was seen accompanying Bush while he was voting in the midterms. A heartbreaking photo of him lying by the president’s coffin has gone viral. Did I mention Sully is a dog? A yellow lab, to be specific.

Sully is a service dog for veterans, which was appropriate for Bush who was a World War II naval veteran, the youngest aviator at the time in the U.S. Navy, and shot down over the Bonin Islands.

Sully was acquired by Bush after the passing of Barbara. Sully completed his mission of serving Bush, and instead of staying with the Bush family, he will now take on new missions to help other veterans at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. President George W Bush said in a statement, “As much as our family is going to miss this dog, we’re comforted to know he’ll bring the same joy to his new home.”

Sully came from America’s VetDogs, and they are usually sent to another assignment.

The Bush family is dog people. Bush 41 brought Millie, a Springer Spaniel to the White House, and she even “wrote” a book. Millie gave birth to one litter of puppies and one of those, Spot, returned to the White House with Bush 43, which made him the first second-generation First Dog. Spot was accompanied by Barney, a Scotty. Barney once bit a reporter, which might give Trump second thoughts about having his own dog in the White House.

It was questioned whether Trump would be welcomed to the funeral of the 41st president, as the family is not a fan of his, and he wasn’t welcomed at the funeral for Barbara Bush. But, being a sitting president, Trump will be in attendance though he has not been invited to give a eulogy. There are concerns Trump will…sully things up, knock things over, leave a stain, etc.

There is no doubt Sully is welcomed. Sometimes, dogs are better people than people.

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Snowmaggedon 2016


I hate weather cartoons. But this is a bit beyond weather since it’s the only thing anyone is talking about on the East Coast. It’s also very dangerous and it threatens lives. On top of all that, my dog won’t poop outside.

I might have used this idea before. Maybe someone else did too. I figured it was quite appropriate since Sarah Palin blamed Obama for her son’s PTSD. No word yet if she blames Obama for putting an AR-15 with him inside her house.

At this point I’m mostly glad I finished the cartoon before my power goes out.

Hang in there my fellow East Coasters. Stop posting photos of snow on Facebook. I know what it looks like. So does my dog.

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Flailing In Flint


I have been intending to draw on this issue for over a week. I admit, I have drawn less important issues while putting this on the back burner, but the less important stuff was just more fun. More fun until I drew tentacle boy here. He kinda has a Bill The Cat vibe going there. Tentacles are almost as much fun to draw as sharks. Nothing is more fun than sharks.

If anyone deserves to be flailed and tossed around on mutant tentacles it’s Michigan governor Rick Snyder.

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Palin’s Blame Game


I wanted to draw a cartoon on the whiteness of the Oscars. I also want to do one on the Flint water crisis which is a more important issue. But Sarah Palin won’t shut up.

I didn’t want to do something on Palin two days in a row. In case you didn’t get the reference in yesterday’s cartoon, the “bag of hammers” was a reference to the Grizzly Mama. I couldn’t resist after her second day in a row of being a blabbering mess. This time she blamed Obama for her son’s recent arrest.

In case you’re not in the know, Palin’s son, Track (yes, that’s his name), was arrested for domestic violence. He’s accused of punching a girl he’s in a relationship with, being drunk while doing so, and there was a firearm involved. Police say his Trackness was “uncooperative, belligerent and evasive” during their questioning, which helped lead to the arrest.

Republicans love to blame Obama for everything. I thought it couldn’t reach a higher level of ridiculousness until Sarah said it was Obama’s neglect of our troops that led to her son’s PTSD that caused him to strike a woman. She said that? You betcha.

Anytime I make fun of her daughter, Bristol, the Palin supporters come after me. They say it’s unfair to pick on her. First off, I’m not fair. Second, Bristol has put herself into the discussion. She blogs her idiotic opinions on politics and current events, and is an advocate for abstinence yet she keeps getting knocked up by different dudes while remaining unmarried. Yeah, she’s fair game.

I promise I’ll try not to draw a Palin cartoon tomorrow. I’m sure Sarah Palin can’t top her last stupid statement before the week’s over. She can’t, right?

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The Endorsement’s In The Bag


Oh happy day! Sarah Palin’s back. Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president today. The only way life could get better for a political cartoonist would be if Trump makes her his veep pick while ditching Melania and proposing to her.

Palin chose between Trump and Ted Cruz. Even if you’re choosing between those two for your vote, you’re a special kind of stupid. She endorsed Cruz for his Senate run and he was very saddened not to get her support this time as he wouldn’t be required to go duck hunting with camo makeup on his face like he had to do for the endorsement of those Duck Dynasty lunatics.

It was Trump’s second endorsement of the day. Earlier in the day he picked up the endorsement from John Wayne’s family. Trump talked about how John Wayne, from Iowa, displayed toughness and a manly swagger (I made that up but it’s the gist of what he said). John Wayne, real name “Marion”, served World War II on a movie set. He never shot at anyone nor was he shot at. He wasn’t even a real cowboy but he was a white supremacist. So I’m sure the endorsement from his family is really going to cement that conservative Iowa vote. At least he didn’t do a Michele Bachmann and confuse John Wayne with the serial killer John Wayne Gacy, though perhaps with relatives still available they can endorse Ted Cruz.

Palin showed up at a Trump event and gave a speech that totally wowed the crowd. Wowed or confused them. It was hard to tell but they were really quiet. There’s speculation that a large percentage of the crowd were college kids forced to attend while pledging a fraternity.

During her speech Sarah uttered such brilliants Palinisms as status quo slurping off the gravy train, safety nets into hammocks, “rock ‘n’ rollers and holy rollers” make the world go round, Right-wingin’, bitter-clingin’, proud clingers of our guns,our God, and our religions and our Constitution, wearing political correctness like a suicide vest, drill baby drill, squirmishes, yelling Allah Akbar, no more pussyfooting around, and can I get a hallelujah for the main thing. 

So after hearing her speech we’re pretty sure she either endorsed Trump or suffered a tiny stroke.

Any time I say something even the slightest bit critical of Palin right wingers really come after me. It’s always amusing to be insulted by people who share Palin’s clarity and intellect. At least I think they’re insulting me. Again, it’s hard to tell exactly what point they’re making or if they too, are suffering from tiny strokes.

I was going with another idea but I tweeted out the caption of this cartoon, just on a lark and without any intention of it being my cartoon. Then I started to like it and when I went to delete the post on Facebook it had over 30 likes and a bunch of comments, so I let it stay. People told me it should be my cartoon so, it’s my cartoon. I don’t like to reveal my idea before I draw it (a few of my colleagues show roughs before they publish their cartoons). I prefer the reader experience the writing, punch line, viewpoint, etc, in the cartoon for the first time when they’re reading it.

I also had two other ideas for different subjects when the Palin news broke. I had to go with a Palin/Trump cartoon.

Here’s my first idea, which I killed because it’s obvious. The New York Daily News used the same theme.


Hillary On Bernie’s Record


Hillary Clinton doesn’t always lie about Bernie Sanders’ record. Sometimes she has her daughter Chelsea do it.

I spent a really long time drawing this cartoon. It’s after 4:30 AM here on the East Coast and I don’t feel like thinking anymore. So this is all the blogging you’re getting with this cartoon. Sorry about that but I promise I’ll write something extra offensive for you tomorrow.

In tribute to Glenn Frey, he’s somewhere in the crowd. See if you can find him. Sorry there’s no Waldo.

Update: A lot of people (not everyone) seem confused with this cartoon and that I would criticize Hillary Clinton. The confusion is that I’m a political cartoonist and not an activist. While I advocate for issues, I do not work for candidates or causes. While I am left of center, I am not a Democrat. I’m an independent and nobody is off limits. The only decision I have made so far regarding my vote, is that it won’t be for a Republican.

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