Tiny Desk Donald


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I totally forgot to blog this cartoon last week. What I normally do is give CNN all Sunday with the cartoon then later that night, or Monday…or even Tuesday, I’ll post it on my page. The danger in my waiting is that I’ll forget. That’s why I usually post it on Tuesday. But after CNN posts it, I go ahead and start the blog without publishing, so it sits in my drafts where I never look.

Also, I had covid. I’m blaming everything on covid now. I tripped on the sidewalk yesterday. That was covid. I get dizzy walking down or up stairs. Covid. Often in mid-step on flat ground, I feel like the ground isn’t going to be there and I’m about to step off a cliff to my spiraling death. That’s covid. Why do I think the death will be spiraling? Covid. Sometimes when I grab for something, like the handle on a cabinet door inches from my fase, and I miss. Covid. Did I forget your birthday? Covid. I had coffee burning for 14 hours yesterday and never smelled it which is the stinkiest smell in the world. THAT’s covid. My fantasy football team has lost four straight games and will probably lose today because I’ll probably forget to adjust my roster. Covid. Does my Biden caricature look more like George H. W. Bush. Fucking covid, man.

Leave me alone. I had covid.

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Watch me draw:


  1. Clay, hope you’re feeling better! I wish I could blame my lousy fantasy football team and poor balance on covid but I don’t think anyone would buy it. You’re the best! Take care!

    Diane Lyon Sent from my iPhone



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