We still don’t know who perpetrated the explosion in downtown Nashville on Christmas morning, or why. Authorities say it was an “intentional” explosion. Really? Ya’ think?

Perhaps it’s not an act of terrorism and no targets were intended. It could have been more of a statement than an attempt to inflict actual damage or murder. The explosion came from an RV that blared warnings about a bomb before it detonated. 

It could be Islamic terrorists, though no group has claimed credit and usually, they do that, even if they didn’t do it. Perhaps it was a solo suicide by an overly dramatic person.

But did your thoughts go to domestic terrorism? Did they include Trump followers? Honestly, mine did.

Maybe this wasn’t a terrorist attack by Trump fucknuts, but you’re forgiven if that’s the first group that came to mind. The truth is, most terrorism in this nation is committed domestically. It’s not just that it’s homegrown. The people who commit the most terrorism in the United States are white supremacists. I love hearing people who claim they’re not racist, argue in defense of white supremacists. And, Donald Trump’s base consists of white supremacists…and people who claim they’re not racist but defend supremacists.

When Donald Trump gives them a shout-out, they act. They attempt to “liberate” Michigan. They storm state capitol buildings while armed. They go to Kenosha to shoot protesters in the street. They drive vans covered in Trump signs and send mail bombs to media figures. They march in Charlottesville with tiki torches chanting, “Jews will not replace us” and “Blood and soil” before driving a car through a crowd and killing a young woman. And Donald Trump encourages this. From an onion festival to California, to a Walmart shooting in El Paso, to terrorists attacks at two mosques in New Zealand, Trump terrorists leave manifestos praising Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s followers engaged in a plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor.

Since Donald Trump took the White House in 2016, attacks against minorities have risen. Attacks against black churches, mosques, and synagogues have risen.

Another reason you are forgiven if your first thoughts went to Trump supporters is that they’ve been warning about starting a civil war. And another reason you’re forgiven is that Donald Trump has been blaring warnings about this nation being torn apart if he doesn’t remain in the White House.

When the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that absentee ballots could be received up to three days after the election, Trump tweeted it would “induce violence in the streets” and said it was a “very dangerous situation. And I mean physically dangerous.” Officials in Georgia warn he’s inciting violence and election officials are receiving death threats. People with Dominion Voting Systems are receiving death threats. When Donald Trump warns of danger, it’s not a warning as much as it’s an instigation.

On top of everything else, Donald Trump is trying to destroy the nation in a temper tantrum over his self-interest.

And like the RV in Nashville, Donald Trump is giving us warnings of an impending explosion.

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  1. Some sanity in the GOP seems to be gaining strength, but not enough, and certainly not fast enough. And only Trump’s psychophants know for sure what is going to happen on Jan. 20, if anything.
    We can only hope their bluster is “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing” but that remains to be seen. Trump has catered to domestic terrorists his whole presidency, and feels they owe him something for his support. Will they give it to him, or are they going to realize in time he is not worthy of their incarceration, or their deaths? They know he is using them, but they want to be used.
    I hope Shakespeare is right, but not right wing.

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    A nation on the VERGE!! Exactly where my thoughts went … there’s a person of interest already!! … “Trump is trying to destroy the nation in a temper tantrum over his self-interest. And like the RV in Nashville, Trump is giving us warnings of an impending explosion.”

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