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Live Blog Roundup

Here’s the round-up of last night’s Live Blog, neatly compacted into one post. I’m doing this for you and for me, as it’ll be nicely archived for when I need to find it two years from now. There’s also a video. Yeah, I recorded all that mayhem.

Thanks to everyone who kept up, or is just catching up now.















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Live Blog, Update #15


That’s it, folks. I’m done.

My internet went out for a few hours which was infuriating. I kept drawing and after three cartoons, it came back. I didn’t get to cover every issue, but 15 cartoons isn’t too bad.

I kinda felt like I was up later than my audience and I was singing to an empty room for the past few hours. I had planned to finish way before 6:00 A.M., which is where I am now. But, I’ve sang to empty rooms before. Also, I haven’t checked any emails or notifications tonight. If you sent me something during this, I hope you weren’t waiting for a reply.

I’ll post today’s cartoon in a few hours. I need a break. I’m kinda tired of cartoons right now.

Thanks to everyone who followed along, shared, commented, clicked things, and played along. I love you all. Now, there are more challenges but first, I gotta get some sleep.