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Live Blog 2022

It’s now 2:18 a.m. and I think my live blog is over. It was a blast and I think I produced a higher content of quality over previous live blogs. I usually do these just for elections, but not all of them. Someone asked me how many cartoons I would draw. I never know beforehand because I don’t know what’ll happen. That’s part of the fun of doing a live blog, I never know what’s going to happen. But last night and this morning, I produced 12. That’s probably about average for my live blogs.

I didn’t update this blog with each cartoon, deciding to focus on posting each one to Twitter. I went ahead and also posted them to Instagram and Truth Social because it doesn’t take any time to duplicate my Tweets on those platforms. I also posted videos of each being drawn to TikTok, and most were shorter than 30 seconds.

My live blog cartoons usually look more like roughs than completed cartoons, but I decided to put a little more work into these than usual…so they’re kinda in between being roughs and completed cartoons.

Wanna see what the night produced? Here they are in order.

This was actually drawn during the day to promote the live blog.

There were fewer Republican victory speeches than expected.

I drew this between eating my pizza and the first results.

This was the first result I thought was worth drawing on. While not surprising, still kinda disappointing.

Also not surprising but equally sucking. This one may have gotten the most retweets of the night.

I think DeSantis’ victory sets up a presidential primary against Trump. This will be fun for me.

I was goofing off but I liked the way it turned out.

I was concerned that as soon as I would post this, the red wave would hit. It never did and it’s not going to. They started the campaign season talking about taking 60 seats, then 30, and whittled it down to 20. Now, they’re probably going to retake the House, but not with a majority strong enough to actually govern. Do you remember all the GOP accomplishments when they had the House and Senate during the Trump years? Exactly.

Republicans, those that won their races, pulled in higher numbers and percentages than Trump did in 2020. Most of his chosen candidates lost. So Republicans need to ask themselves why they’re so beholden to Trump. He’s a huge drag on their party.

J.D. Vance was one of the few Trump candidates to win his race, and he’s a hateful moron.

This is how the night turned out for Trump TV.

This was the last big result before I called it a night. It made me happy.

There are a few races and issues I didn’t get to. I didn’t do a cartoon on the abortion issue. And because the results never came in, I didn’t do any on Warnock/Walker, Lauren Boebert possibly losing, or the Arizona and Nevada races. I also would have liked to have done one on Abigail Spanberger’s win because she’s my representative and the GOP really targeted her. But it’s 2:30 a.m. now and I can’t sleep all day Wednesday. I gotta save some juice for my regular schedule.

I had a blast and I want to thank everyone who rode along with me. Thank you.

So, which are your favorites?

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Watch me draw:


Live Blog 2020, Post #12


Counting votes does not invalidate the votes that have already been counted. And you can’t argue that counting votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin after midnight is fraud while demanding that votes continue to be counted in Arizona. You also can’t bitch about Democrats unleashing their lawyers while also arguing that you’re going to the Supreme Court.

Seriously? We may have “reelected” this?

Ugh. I’m done. Thank you for staying up with me and reading the live blog. I appreciate all the comments, likes, and shares. You rock.

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