Mr. President-Elect


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In fact, for this week’s newsletter. I drew TWO cartoon.

In the first cartoon, I wanted to show the contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. I’ve seen a few other cartoonists do this also.

With Biden, you have a president-elect calling for unity. He’s already building his government.

In Donald Trump, here’s a man refusing to concede and engaging in wild conspiracy theories in order to cling to power. In firing his Defense Secretary, he’s dismantling his government. For their part, the GOP is enabling him. They keep saying we need to count every “legal” ballot, ignoring the fact we don’t have an abundance or any clear signs there are illegal ballots. It’s not like you go to a restaurant and say you only want food that’s not from a human carcass. That’s a given, right?

In 2016, Hillary Clinton conceded and President Obama invited Donald Trump to the White House. President Obama got the wheels rolling for the transition. He handed over the keys. Trump’s administration is refusing to cooperate with the president-elect’s transition team. In doing so, Donald Trump is proving he doesn’t care about the best interest of the nation.

When Trump was in Obama’s White House, President Obama said he wanted Trump to succeed because when he succeeds, “we all succeed.” Trump’s actions today show he’s not just wishing Biden to fail, he’s trying to make him fail.

Every presidential race has a loser. Most of those losers distinguish themselves with some dignity. Donald Trump doesn’t know how to do dignity. It doesn’t know how to afford people the generosity and privilege that’s been extended to him. Donald Trump is incapable of behaving like an adult. Donald Trump was a sore winner in 2016. In 2020, he’s distinguishing himself as a sore loser.

The same people who are crying about voter fraud in 2020 never proved it when they cried “voter fraud” in 2016. In fact, Donald Trump created a special commission to investigate voter fraud which failed to find any and quietly disbanded after working as a government agency acquiring voter roll data for the Trump Campaign. Fact.

Now, the same lawyers who are going to litigate voter fraud accusations are the same jerks who can’t differentiate between the Four Seasons Hotel and Four Seasons landscaping next to a Philadelphia dildo store (which should be called “Philadelphia dildos”). The leader of this legal team is the same jerk caught with his hands literally down his pants in a hotel room, with what he thought was a teenage girl, in a Borat movie. Do you want an investigation? Let’s investigate that. Screw missing ballots in Michigan. Rudy, why were you in a hotel room having drinks with a teenage girl while lying down with your hand down your pants? Kudo’s to Borat.

Also, if you run into Rudy, you have another reason besides Covid 19 to bring hand sanitizer.


As for polls: Dammit, pollsters.

I spent four years defending your polling asses. In 2016, the polls weren’t off. The race was in the margin of error. The polls were pretty accurate in each state. What was off were the predictions.

This time however, they were off. National polls had Biden ahead way outside the margin of error. While plenty of states were tight, like Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, and even Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan were way off. Those states gave Biden a huge lead.

Even though I knew they were mostly counting election day ballots on election night, I knew the were polls were wrong. Way wrong.

If you’re like me, a journalist who’s been reading the polls on a daily basis, you’re kinda pissed. This is a resource for me. I like my resources to be…what’s the word? Oh yeah. RESOURCEFUL!!!

These polling agencies need to figure out what they’re doing wrong. Maybe start with not only calling people with landlines anymore. That’s like taking a poll of people who don’t have the internet. And why can’t they call cell phones? People are calling me everyday on mine to ask about the warranty on the car I don’t have.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Trump is a sorry excuse for a ‘human entity!! … “Trump doesn’t know how to do dignity. It doesn’t know how to afford people the generosity and privilege that’s been extended to him. Donald Trump is incapable of behaving like an adult. Donald Trump was a sore winner in 2016. In 2020, he’s distinguishing himself as a sore loser.”

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  2. Trump’s motto is, TRUMP NEVER LOSES, How can anyone who believes that of themselves be human, let alone have any dignity. No, the man never advanced past the ago of two maturity-wise. He cannot be expected to go quietly. He has to rage, not against anything, but because his daddy can’t get him out of this one.

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  3. Polls are fallible, human inventions. Polls give Candidate A the lead and his supporters start really giving money to keep him there because now they know they’re backing a winner (and some thing “what the hell, he don’t need me” and don’t bother voting, chipping away at that projected lead because folks in the u.s. are too freaking lazy to do the bare minimum of civic duty if they don’t feel they have to).

    Candidate B’s supporters see these numbers and either quietly drift away or the lower-rungs flock to try and flip the apple cart and create an upset. It’s like a footrace. Unless they’re going for a record, the guy with a several meter lead can slow down and conserve a bit of energy, but the 2nd place just starts pumping faster, hoping to eek out a win.

    Polls are taken from folks with their own agendas (and like you said, a not very good sample), and those folks can try to skew things with their answers in hopes their guy will become like Candidate A and get a lot of financial support to take the win. Or you have a lot of folks who won’t admit, even to a stranger pollster that they’ll likely never see again, that they’ll vote for Trump. There’s a shame element to this election, and I’m sure the folks who aren’t the flag-displaying, t-shirt wearing, rally-attending crowd will never admit they voted for Trump, but tell the Pollsters they’d go for Biden.

    There are too many factors involved to make polling even reasonably accurate.


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