Huckster University


There are several institutions of higher learning named after great people. People like George Washington, George Mason, William Cornell, John Purdue,  and John Harvard are a few examples. There are universities named after women such as Mary Washington (which is located in my hometown), Queen Mary II, and Dolly Madison. Wait. Dolly Madison’s name was lent to snack cakes, not a university. Anyway, these are just a very few examples from an extremely long list.

Do you know what is not on that list other than the snack cakes? Trump University. Why not? Because Trump is not a great person and Trump University isn’t an actual university. In fact, it had to change it’s name to “The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative” because the New York State Department of Education forced it stop using the word “university” since they were not a university, accredited, chartered, or licensed.

The thing that kinda boggles my mind is that so many people stupid enough to fall for the scam of Trump U had such a long line of credit waiting to be bilked. Many “students” of Trump U spent over $35,000 on what they perceived would be an education. For around the same price you could get a four-year degree from Stanford University (also named after a person)? Now if you’re the type to fall for a Trump sales pitch, or even vote for him, then you probably couldn’t get into Stanford, but there’s a lot of Universities that cost less than a hotel ballroom seminar from Donald Trump. Of course you actually have to work for those degrees unless you’re an athlete.

Trump is still facing lawsuits over running this scam, which was designed to prey on the poorly educated and elderly. They even defrauded homeless people.

One of Trump’s distractions to this is to attack the judge who is hearing the lawsuit. Judge Gonzolo Curiel has already moved the date of the case after the November election, yet Trump still claims he is biased and has a conflict of interest and shouldn’t be hearing the case. What’s the conflict? He’s Hispanic. Trump actually called him “Mexican.” He’s of Mexican descent but he’s an American (because we’re not recruiting judges from Mexico) who was born in Indiana. I suppose he can’t be impartial since he is Hispanic and Trump has a very public and loud record of hating Mexicans though he loves their taco bowls.

Every judge has an opinion. A lot of judges vote in favor of someone they personally detest because they’re following the law and procedure. If having an opinion disqualifies you from being a judge then the Supreme Court would be stacked with Kardashians (and it might if Trump is elected). I’m sure there have been several Civil Rights cases where the judge was white, or black. Don’t you believe cases involving Church And State were heard by a judge with faith?

Another fun aspect to this is Trump distracting people by attacking the Clinton Foundation. Even if the Clinton Foundation was everything conservatives say it is, how does that excuse Trump from scamming people? The argument is their thing is crappier than my crappy thing so forget my crappy thing and go after theirs. This is the logic of an eighth grader which is why it’s used by every Trump surrogate on the news.

Trump’s surrogates keep accusing Judge Curiel of being a member of La Raza which is a Latino advocacy group. It’s been pointed out that the La Raza Curiel is a member of is not the immigration advocacy group, but a non-profit association to support California Chicano and Latino lawyers in California. Despite this information being very public knowledge, the surrogates keep pushing the lie. These people probably confuse the World Wrestling Federation with the World Wildlife Fund.

Have you seen these Trump surrogates on TV and asked yourself, “why are they all idiots?”. Because smart people don’t fall for Trump schemes, whether it’s his realty deals, his “university”, or his presidential campaign.

A lot of people fell for the scam that was Trump University. Will there be enough Americans to fall for the scam of the Trump candidacy to make him president?

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  1. I’m stealing you work again, to wit: “The thing that kinda boggles my mind is that so many people stupid enough to fall for the scam of Trump”
    and I continue: and actually way more stupid to fall for his continued BS about everything that come out of his mouth.


  2. I think it’s fascinating that Trump uses his own attacks on Mexicans as evidence that a Mexican must be biased against him. He thus has only to attack a group to ensure that it’s member can hold no authority over him.


  3. The thing that gets me, is seeing the talking heads twist and turn in the wind when asked, “Is Donald Drumpf (sic) a racist?” Nobody steps up and says, “why yes – yes, he is.”

    That, and how they turn to the non-issue of Hillary’s emails when asked about Drumpf University!


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