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Muhammad Ali died today.

I was too young to Watch Ali fight during his prime but I did see him fight great fighters who were much younger than him, and couldn’t hold a candle to Ali during his prime. There is no debate on the greatest fighter of all time. It’s Muhammad Ali.

I also respect the man for standing by his principles, even against the threat of losing everything he had fought for. I’m not real big on drawing obituary cartoons, but he inspired this and it’s dedicated to him.

Donald Trump has been very successful in business and entertainment, yet he seems to lack any understanding of…well…most things. He’s made that clear time and time again on the campaign trial, but no more than he has over the past few days. When asked if it’s racist to call for the removal of a judge because of his ethnicity, his response is “I want to build a wall.”

Hillary Clinton eviscerated Trump in a speech attacking his positions on foreign policy. She didn’t go the Marco Rubio route and make fun of the size of his hands. She used his own words against him. Trump, who calls himself a “counter puncher” punched back with “she’s gone to the left because she doesn’t want to go to prison.” Can anyone understand that? His other retorts are “she’s a liar” and that she doesn’t look presidential. The orange shouting man in the red hat with the ridiculous hair doesn’t believe Clinton looks presidential. The strongest part of Clinton’s speech was that she used Trump’s own words against him and they were all true. Even when Trump says she was lying, he can’t point out a part where she lied. He tried with the Japan nuke thing, but it turned out Trump was lying…again.

Later during another campaign rally, Trump talked about a friend of his who is black and referred to the man as “My African American.” It’s really hard to defend this man or to state that Mr. Taco Bowl understand anything.

At some point the media is going to stop being so cautious with Trump. They’ve been afraid of appearing biased and unfair toward the man. But it’s really hard when he says what he says. Right now we’re at the point of talking about his temperament and looking presidential. Soon all of his lies will be called out, such as calling for Japan to acquire nuclear weapons and saying he opposed the Iraq War. By November we’ll be to the point of questioning his sanity and we’ll be using the word “stupid.”

Here’s a man who lies about everything. Everything. Yet, he calls other people liars. He was upset when the former president of Mexico dropped an F bomb and stated it was disgusting language. Seriously, Trump has a problem with other people cursing. The man might suffer from dementia or maybe even split personalities.

Then again, maybe he’s just stupid. Ali could do more than deliver a punch, he could take one. So can Hillary Clinton. Trump can dish ’em out, but the man has an orange-glass jaw.

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  1. I never got to see Muhammad Ali fight in his prime, either…I missed sheer poetry in motion, for sure.

    Drumpf shows his true colours when he says “my African-American” or how he’s popular with “the Blacks” or “the Hispanics” or “the women.” He insults Muhammad Ali’s religion and every Muslim in America, and around the world, with his megalomaniacal, xenophobic, racist rants.

    I still wonder why he had to punctuate his tweet about Muhammad Ali’s death with an exclamation point…how crass.


      1. It’s not too personal a question at all – I just wonder, why aren’t you posing it in the ‘About’ or ‘Open Comments’ section of my blog?

        You’re more likely to receive an answer that way. I wouldn’t want to be accused of hijacking the thread of someone else’s blog, after all…

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    1. Oddly, sometimes there is no Reply box after a comment, such as your most recent response to me. At the moment, there’s one here, so here I am!!! Still wondering what the answer is, though, but don;t answer if it’s intrusive. I’m not sure where you’re writing from, since there seems to be a lot of ways to comment. No such thing as About or Open Comments here.

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      1. By the way, sepultura, I hit reply under your original post here, for the previous message I wrote, which I actually did with the first message, and it still goes to the end of the comments section. I’m wondering if something is broken with the host.


      2. You are hijacking a thread on a different blog by asking me personal questions there. Also, the blog you’re asking the question from has security issues.

        If you would like an answer to your question, then visit my blog and ask it here.


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