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Just another silly little bonus cartoon for you. Enjoy.

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LeBron Meets LeCon


If you donate to LeBron James’ charity, The LeBron James Family Foundation, you will help educate a child and provide university scholarships. If you donate to the Trump Foundation, you will help Donald Trump purchase a portrait of himself, or maybe some sports memorabilia, or perhaps pay off fines for his businesses and pay off politicians.

James just donated $50 million to build a school for at-risk students. While being interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon, he mentioned how Trump was using sports to divide instead of unite. Trump’s reaction was to question the intelligence of James and Lemon. In case you never watch CNN or follow sports, both men are black. Donald Trump has a tendency to question the intelligence of black people.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are very nice guys, but Colin Kaepernick is a “son of a bitch.” Trump’s rhetoric toward the quarterback has helped keep him out of his sport as he’s been blackballed by the entire National Football League.

Trump has also attacked NBA star, Stephen Curry. He has questioned the intelligence of Representative Maxine Waters and questioned if Obama was smart enough to get into Columbia University and Harvard Law.

Questioning the intelligence of black people is straight out of the white supremacists’ playbook. Trump, who refused to denounce David Duke’s endorsement until pressured, praised Nazis, and called nations with brown people “shit-hole countries,” knows the playbook well. Now, he’s rewriting it.

While insulting James, Trump threw out praise to Michael Jordan with an “I like Mike.” That puts Jordan in very exclusive company as the only other black people Trump likes are Don King, Kanye, and that “blacks for Trump” guy he flies in to stand behind him at every rally. Jordan, who has never been very vocal about politics, issued a statement supporting James’ charitable endeavors.

A smarter person, especially one campaigning in Ohio, would keep quiet about LeBron James, especially if that person’s own history with charity and education was horrid.

While James is a role model and sending kids to school, Trump University was not a university. The faux university was ordered to drop “University” from its name and New York’s Attorney General accused Trump of misleading more than 5,000 people to pay up to $35,000. After winning the presidency and before taking office, Trump settled three lawsuits over the university for $25 million.

The Trump Foundation was a charity that Trump stopped donating to after 2008. Instead, he solicited money from other people and would then use that money in non-charitable fashions. Like, buying himself expensive gifts, paying off business fines, and donating to political campaigns. Trump is so cheap; he even used it to pay the $7.00 Boy Scout Dues for one of his kids. The charity was also used in coordination with his presidential campaign. New York is suing the foundation along with Trump, and his three eldest children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. Referrals have also been made to the Federal Election Commission and the IRS.

Bad things happen to bad people. Donald Trump is a bad person. He’s a man who steals from charity and attacks others who give. And, if he can go about doing that while scoring whitey points with white supremacists, then all the better.

I like Mike. I also like LeBron. In fact, whether I root for them or not on the court (or field), I like anyone who helps at-risk children.

I do not like greedy, bloviating, Cheeto-encrusted racist bastards who con an entire nation.

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Huckster University


There are several institutions of higher learning named after great people. People like George Washington, George Mason, William Cornell, John Purdue,  and John Harvard are a few examples. There are universities named after women such as Mary Washington (which is located in my hometown), Queen Mary II, and Dolly Madison. Wait. Dolly Madison’s name was lent to snack cakes, not a university. Anyway, these are just a very few examples from an extremely long list.

Do you know what is not on that list other than the snack cakes? Trump University. Why not? Because Trump is not a great person and Trump University isn’t an actual university. In fact, it had to change it’s name to “The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative” because the New York State Department of Education forced it stop using the word “university” since they were not a university, accredited, chartered, or licensed.

The thing that kinda boggles my mind is that so many people stupid enough to fall for the scam of Trump U had such a long line of credit waiting to be bilked. Many “students” of Trump U spent over $35,000 on what they perceived would be an education. For around the same price you could get a four-year degree from Stanford University (also named after a person)? Now if you’re the type to fall for a Trump sales pitch, or even vote for him, then you probably couldn’t get into Stanford, but there’s a lot of Universities that cost less than a hotel ballroom seminar from Donald Trump. Of course you actually have to work for those degrees unless you’re an athlete.

Trump is still facing lawsuits over running this scam, which was designed to prey on the poorly educated and elderly. They even defrauded homeless people.

One of Trump’s distractions to this is to attack the judge who is hearing the lawsuit. Judge Gonzolo Curiel has already moved the date of the case after the November election, yet Trump still claims he is biased and has a conflict of interest and shouldn’t be hearing the case. What’s the conflict? He’s Hispanic. Trump actually called him “Mexican.” He’s of Mexican descent but he’s an American (because we’re not recruiting judges from Mexico) who was born in Indiana. I suppose he can’t be impartial since he is Hispanic and Trump has a very public and loud record of hating Mexicans though he loves their taco bowls.

Every judge has an opinion. A lot of judges vote in favor of someone they personally detest because they’re following the law and procedure. If having an opinion disqualifies you from being a judge then the Supreme Court would be stacked with Kardashians (and it might if Trump is elected). I’m sure there have been several Civil Rights cases where the judge was white, or black. Don’t you believe cases involving Church And State were heard by a judge with faith?

Another fun aspect to this is Trump distracting people by attacking the Clinton Foundation. Even if the Clinton Foundation was everything conservatives say it is, how does that excuse Trump from scamming people? The argument is their thing is crappier than my crappy thing so forget my crappy thing and go after theirs. This is the logic of an eighth grader which is why it’s used by every Trump surrogate on the news.

Trump’s surrogates keep accusing Judge Curiel of being a member of La Raza which is a Latino advocacy group. It’s been pointed out that the La Raza Curiel is a member of is not the immigration advocacy group, but a non-profit association to support California Chicano and Latino lawyers in California. Despite this information being very public knowledge, the surrogates keep pushing the lie. These people probably confuse the World Wrestling Federation with the World Wildlife Fund.

Have you seen these Trump surrogates on TV and asked yourself, “why are they all idiots?”. Because smart people don’t fall for Trump schemes, whether it’s his realty deals, his “university”, or his presidential campaign.

A lot of people fell for the scam that was Trump University. Will there be enough Americans to fall for the scam of the Trump candidacy to make him president?

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Sleazy Cartoon


It’s my birthday. It’s the big one too. 5-0. Fifty sleazy years. Brutal.

I start most days going through my list of subjects and I turn on the news to see if something more pressing hits. It’s usually my hope to draw a non-Trump cartoon, or at least go a couple days avoiding him. Then Trump opens his mouth and that witty Zyka idea I have is put on the back burner.

Every Republican candidate campaigns against the press. It’s red meat for their base because smart people scare them. Republicans typically hate the press because the press asks questions. There’s a liberal bias in expecting accountability. The press researches facts. There’s a liberal bias to facts. Republicans do not like accountability or dealing with facts. Brutal.

Donald Trump has taken it to a whole new level. While Republicans tend to attack the press they rarely attack a journalist personally. Trump has attacked Megyn Kelly for “not being nice.” He’s mocked a print journalist’s physical handicap. On Tuesday he told journalist Tom Llamas of ABC News that he’s a “sleaze” and Jim Acosta of CNN that he’s seen him on TV and “a real beauty” for his reporting on his campaign. He answered one question with “I think the political press is among the most dishonest people I’ve met.” Not every journalist is as willing to kiss Trump’s butt as Joe Scarborough. Trump promised to continue to treat the press with invective if he’s elected president.

The presumptive nominee hasn’t gone the Ted Cruz route yet and attacked a cartoonist, but I’m trying really hard to be the first one. Would it kill the guy to tweet a “loser” at me? Sheesh!

What brought on Trump’s latest tantrum? Having to account for charitable donations to veterans. Earlier this year Trump chickened out of a debate because he didn’t like the moderator and didn’t expect them to be nice. So he staged a campaign event instead and called it a charity event. It was to run on TV in direct competition against the GOP debate. Today he said he didn’t expect or want any attention for his charitable giving. What a humanitarian. He uses the vets for prime time coverage and to distract that he’s afraid of a female moderator (what is this guy’s deal with women?), and then gets upset over asking “show me the money.”

Trump claimed at the event that he raised $6 million. As the weeks and months went by it turns out charities weren’t receiving the money. Trump also claimed $1 million of it was coming from him. While he’s upset that anyone would ask him about this, he didn’t write that check until last week. In fact, most of the charities didn’t receive anything until last week.

The press started hounding Trump about this and he finally coughed up the money, because the press hounded him. He claims that a lot of the donations were pledges at the time and he had to chase them down, which does make sense. Maybe he should have said that weeks ago. He also claimed that he vetted each of the charities himself and it later turned out that they didn’t even bother to look at their tax information, or how much the charities spent on fundraising. Eventually $5.6 million was raised and distributed to over 40 charities.

Trump is a thin-skinned baby. He should market Trump Diapers. He doesn’t like being challenged. He called the judge hearing the case against Trump University a “Mexican.” and a “hater.” When asked why he referred to him that way Trump answered that it’s because he has integrity. That didn’t answer the question. By the way, the judge is from Indiana.

Trump says the media shouldn’t be criticizing him. They shouldn’t expect him to be accountable. They should thank him. He also wants a statue built in his image and placed in Washington, D.C.

If they ever do make a Trump statue I totally volunteer to design the image for it. I’ll start with the lips because I’m sleazy like that.


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