Poorly Educated


The Republican party has been cultivating a base of poorly informed supporters for years. It increased drastically after Obama was elected president. This is the party that gave rise to the Tea Party, the slogan “I want my country back,” and birtherism. Republicans dumbed down and appealed to stupid, hateful people.

Along comes Donald Trump who says stupid things stupid people want to hear. He says we’ll build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. We’ll get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something better. We’ll tag Muslims and not let anymore enter the country. Mexico is sending us rapists and murderers. Make America Great again. Ted Cruz is a pussy. OK, that last one may not be so stupid, but I digress.

Trump has not been specific about any of his plans, yet his supporters love him and he’s killing his GOP rivals. Even the hateful, rhetorical Ted Cruz is on his last leg as a presidential candidate and Marco Rubio is in serious danger of losing his home state of Florida to Trump.

People support him because he’s “so honest.” How is he honest? He’ll support our vets. OK, how will he support our vets? How will he convince Mexico to pay for a wall? How much is this wall? What does “make American great again” even mean? Great compared to what? Segregation? White only lunch counters? Maybe he just wants to bring back Full House and 8-track tapes.

Some of his supporters say they don’t believe he’ll attempt to do the crazy stuff he says, but he’ll do a good job in the stuff they want done, like “make America great again.” They love that he’s not “politically correct” which is another way of excusing being offensive, insulting, and yes…again, racist. Seriously, I think poorly educated people just favor loud jerks.

During his victory speech in Nevada Trump mentioned how he won the votes of Evangelicals, Hispanics (what?) moderates, the more conservatives, and pretty much every demographic of Republicans. I was expecting him to say he won among kids with chicken pox. He also stated that he won the votes of the “highly educated” and the “poorly educated” then stated he “loves the poorly educated.” Trump can say anything and he’s proven that to be true. He said he can commit murder and his supporters will still love him. That’s probably true depending upon the color of his victim. OJ’s bloody glove could be found on Trump and his supporters wouldn’t bail on him.

I do love that the GOP is in full downward spiral over Trump. They’re actually confused how this happened after they created him. A conservative friend of mine, who is not stupid but takes stupid positions, says it’s Obama’s fault. Of course he’s in the Obama bashing industry so you gotta take that into account.

I share president Obama’s faith that our nation won’t elect Trump president. I did think the Carolina Panthers were going to win the Super Bowl so I could be wrong on this. But seriously, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, nutless monkey, I can’t see the general population choosing Trump over any of those choices.

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  1. I can’t think of a thing to say except bravo! And, ha! You said “nutless monkey”!
    Curious Clay; what’ the ratio of publishers who only publish the piece versus ones who also publish your comments?

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