Putin On The Fit

I dedicate this cartoon to all my conservative political cartooning colleagues who are upset over President Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine last week. And before you start to think that I enjoy beating up on MAGAt cartoonists, let me assure you, I do.

I’m not going to link to any of their cartoons today because I don’t feel like doing the work of looking them up and I have an eye appointment. But, I saw cartoons from Steve Kelley and Dana Summers where both whined about Biden giving money to Ukraine during his visit and not giving any to East Palestine. Republicans hate social welfare and many in Congress will vote against disaster relief when the disaster isn’t in their state. But here, they’re advocating for corporate welfare because the mess in East Palestine is an expense that should be covered by the corporation that caused it.

I saw a cartoon by Gary McCoy where he claimed there were “fake air raid sirens” during Biden’s visit to Kyiv. What the hell is a “fake air raid siren?” Wouldn’t that be someone doing the sound with their mouth? What’s that noise, is it an air raid siren? No, that’s just Gary being a whiny little hypocritical Putin-loving beyotch again. In the same cartoon, Gary blamed President Biden for Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons. It’s like blaming somebody for waking up the baby. Of course, you don’t blame the baby, but Putin is not a baby.

At least Ted Rall is paid by Russia to carry Putin’s water (and he attacked Biden’s trip too). Is Putin paying the other goons too?

These goons don’t want to blame the company that created the toxic disaster in East Palestine and they don’t want to blame the fascist dictator who is threatening armageddon. The GOP is NOT the party of responsibility.

Even if the air raid sirens going off in Kyiv during Biden’s visit were “fake,” Gary and whoever else is making that claim ignores that President Biden traveled through Ukraine by train for ten hours. And then ten hours on his return trip. That’s 20 hours when a Russian bomb could have hit President Biden’s train. Yes, Putin was given advance notice that President Biden was visiting Ukraine, but that was a gamble itself. They were trusting that the guy threatening nuclear war and has intentionally dropped bombs on daycare centers wouldn’t want an international incident of murdering an American president. Maybe they told him Trump was on the train.

And just because it was stupid, Gary Varvel drew President Biden riding a snail labeled “FEMA,” not realizing that what happened in East Palestine doesn’t fall under FEMA’s directive.

Biden’s trip was historic. It was the first time an American president visited a war zone that wasn’t occupied by American troops. He was in a danger zone. Russian missiles and bombs hit Ukraine. It was extremely brave and heroic of President Biden to visit. It was everything Republicans would love if one of their guys did it. They would have called it “manly.” If Trump did it, they would say it was an act by the “alpha male.” So of course, they’re trying to diminish what Biden did. All they have to do this with is Trump’s visit to East Palestine where he gave out Trump-branded water and MAGA hats.

It sure was nice of Trump to visit the site of a train derailment while President Biden is in office because he sure didn’t do it for any of the thousands of train derailments during the four years he was president (sic). But maybe the fact the entire Trump presidency (sic) was a train wreck makes up for his lack of visit.

They love to claim that while President Biden was in Ukraine, Trump, the guy who called for terminating the Constitution, was in East Palestine putting America first.

It doesn’t matter what either guy does according to the MAGAts. To them, Biden is a horrible person because maybe two dozen classified documents were found on his property, while Trump had every right to steal thousands of documents. You can’t win with the goons. They ignore reality like the fact Donald Trump is a racist.

President Biden walked through a war zone under the threat of bombs falling on him. Donald Trump is afraid of getting his hair wet.

Music note: I listened to Sananda Francesco Maitreya.

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  1. Good luck with your eye appointment. Hope it’s nothing serious. I myself have had Central Serous Retinopathy (an annoyance) for many years, and lately Macular Degeneration (an annoyance, so far). I’m popping Preservision like M&Ms (yes, even the green ones). 😉


  2. Norfolk Southern train wreck
    Political misdirection on government oversight and root cause
    More normalizing of oversimplification of complex issues

    Without irony my oversimplification is:
    The MAGA battle cry boils down to #6 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Biden’s support of Ukraine and the international rule of law – boils to #16 and #17 – the support system to facilitate all Goals including #6


  3. Spot on messaging, Biden’s trip was historic, the US didn’t fly him in, he rode a train like every else has to do. If trump went there, he would be looking for mcdonalds and a new wife from eastern Europe, but wouldn’t sit on a train. Your bigger than the Magat cartoonists so hats off to you. Cheers and stay safe

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    FACT IS … “It doesn’t matter what either guy does according to the MAGAts. To them, Biden is a horrible person because maybe two dozen classified documents were found on his property, while Trump had every right to steal thousands of documents. You can’t win with the goons. They ignore reality like the fact Donald Trump is a racist.”


  5. Message to Koch Suckers (aka Republicans)

    Remember when your fearless leader hid in a bunker under the White House when unarmed, peaceful protesters stormed the sidewalks of Pennsylvania Avenue? The epitome of manhood….

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