Looking Up

I called a goon a “goon” yesterday and it upset him.

I enjoy reading the comments my cartoons get at GoComics but I don’t always interact with the readers there. But sometimes I’ll see a comment that I feel needs addressing. Yesterday, one of the right-wingers suggested a topic that fit his narrative, like that’s what I’m here for. I don’t see these guys telling the Boks, Varvels, and Lesters to draw on gun control, equal rights, Black Lives Matter, or women’s rights. Maybe someone should suggest a cartoon about climate change to Ben Garrison.

But this reader suggested a draw a cartoon that would feed his narrative, something he obviously saw while watching Tucker. I replied that it’s funny he found that to be an important issue while totally ignoring the mass shooting on Monday night that occurred at Michigan State University which resulted in three deaths from the killer. I also told him that I don’t take suggestions from goons.

He was upset at being called a goon and that he was flagging my reply, and what happened at Michigan State was “just another mass shooting.” I let him know that referring to what happened at Michigan State as “just another mass shooting” is why he gets called a “goon.”

Goons don’t care about mass shootings. They’d rather we ignore them.

Since the shooting on Monday night, Lauren Boebert has tweeted about a toxic chemical spill (while not proposing heavier regulations or punishment for corporations who create these spills), attacks on Pete Buttigieg, that it is OK to flash your penis at teenage girls in bowling alleys, Joe Biden, and spy balloons, but nothing about the shooting.

Since the shooting on Monday night, Marjorie Taylor Greene has tweeted about the chemical spill (while not proposing heavier regulations or punishment for corporations who create these spills), Hunter Biden, her white coat, the likelihood of being hit in the face with a banjo in her district, Jesus, but nothing about the shooting.

Since the shooting on Monday night, Ted Cruz has tweeted about Buttigieg, the chemical spill (while not proposing heavier regulations or punishment for corporations who create these spills), the border, his love for shoegaze, and big tech censoring free speech, yet no tweets about the shooting.

Since the shooting on Monday night, Jim “Gym” Jordan has tweeted about the chemical spill (while not proposing heavier regulations or punishment for corporations who create these spills), the border, big tech censorship, how much he hates it when he gets a run in his pantyhose, and a ton of tweets about balloons, but none about the shooting.

Since the shooting on Monday night, Matt Gaetz has tweeted about the chemical spill (while not proposing heavier regulations or punishment for corporations who create these spills), Elon Musk, hating that we are sending aid to Ukraine, the difficulty in finding extra-small condoms, big tech censorship, but nothing about the shooting.

I believe I research my subjects more than most cartoonists do, and for this blog…but I did make up one tweet for each of those MAGAts mentioned. See if you can find them.

The film “Don’t Look Up” is a metaphor for how right-wingers, conservatives, MAGAts, and your run-of-the-mill pigfuckers ignore science, facts, and impending doom if it’s something they don’t want to hear. As a meteor hurtles toward Earth that’ll destroy all life on the planet, the Republican response is simply, don’t look up. It’s a great metaphor after the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to science, Republicans don’t want us to “look up.” But now, they do want us to look up and see all the UFOs invading our airspace, but whatever you do…don’t look down. If you look down, you might see all the bodies from mass shootings. Republicans would rather look up than see those bodies or find solutions for mass shootings beyond “thoughts and prayers.” It’s why people like Jim “Gym” Jordan keep asking about spy balloons.

The day after the shooting inside a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas that left 25 dead in 2017, I read a post from a MAGAt cartoonist proclaiming it’s why we need stricter immigration policies, or maybe just ban all immigration. The shooter wasn’t an immigrant. He was a white guy born and bred right here in the good ole U.S. of A. He was a Texan.

I also looked at the official NRA Twitter account. Did you know the NRA describes itself as a “civil rights” organization? I know! Get the fuck out of here. Since the shooting on Monday night, the NRA has tweeted about new guns for 2023, President Biden “coming for your guns,” more gun reviews, how not to blow your dick off while fucking an uzi, and the University of Tennessee’s rifle program, but nothing the shooting.

Don’t look up. Don’t look down. Just don’t look.

Music note: I listened to a few tunes by Lenny Kravitz but spent most of my time drawing and coloring this while watching CNN and Nikki Haley’s presidential announcement.

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  1. Every time I read about a shooting it makes my heart stop for a moment. The Michigan State one made me think of my niece and nephew, one is in college and the other will start in the fall, I then think of where I work (retail) and how vulnerable we all are to people who think guns are the answer to their problems.
    I have also thought about the 9/11 terrorists and how after the towers came down, I kept thinking about how vulnerable we are. It doesn’t have to be something as big as planes in a tower but actions like those who tried to take down the electrical grid in Baltimore and in Washington state.
    I don’t understand the desire of some people to drag us into a state of chaos.

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  2. It is difficult for me to try to grasp what a “conservative editorial cartoonist” is. I know the big two toon distributors break then out right left and middle which I think is also highly inaccurate and lazy. I did s media studies class for many years. Everyday I opened class with an editorial cartoon. I miss my smart board. I broke the cartoon into for quadrants. As a class we moved through what students saw in each area. I wrote this down in the board for everyone to see. Prior to starting up the daily editorial cartoon we spent a good week or more going after what propaganda techniques are by definition and by application. We also spent time another week possibly understanding political positions by both definition and application to a list of issues occurring in daily life, ie gun control. So a certain degree of mastery of the political positions and propaganda concepts needed to happen before the daily toon began. After we identified what we saw the next question involved making some guesses about what the artist thinks in the creation of the cartoon. And then finally what did we thing the political position of the cartoonist is based on their cartoon. But I digress. Both the big services well all of them meaning also The Nib and Cagle need to engage the public in some sort of process to understand what right, left and middle means both by definition and application. No pun intended but many people will only see all of them as only joke. I loved this snark

    I loved the Book, Lester and Varvel snark. Good one. There are people out there putting up toons on their own who produce better work. Perhaps the big two should define this group as the capitalist cartoonists instead the right. And the other side as the community cartoonists rather than the left. Essentially that is what he breakdown actually is.


    joe musich



  3. I absolutely LOVED this cartoon and commentary! You have never been so “on it” before now – you hit the nail on the head! Now we just have to convince my neighbors ( betcha can guess where I live!)


  4. Excellent synopsis, as always, Clay. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and damned tired of the hypocrisy, particularly among those who would call themselves “conservatives” as if they are actually trying to conserve something rather than destroy most everything. I don’t often comment, but am always grateful for your perspective.

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  5. I don’t do twitter, but I am betting the made up tweets were all the same one. Nobody tweeted about a chemical spill. Republicans don’t want us to know about chemical spills!!
    And they certainly do not want anyone knowing about mass shootings. Gubs don’t kill people , after all. They only kill “targets!”


    1. Nope. They’re all tweeting about the chemical spill. If you visit GoComics, it’s the latest right-wing talking point on the Biden administration. It is confusing because normally they don’t care about corporations harming the environment. Actually, they don’t mention the environment…just the spill. But, none of them are blaming Norfolk Southern, the company responsible for the spill.


      1. Well, i tried. And of course none of them would blame a capitslist entity. They kiss the feet of capitalists. That’s where they get the funds to run their antisocial campaigns. Something only a few of them could do if they had to use their own money! I think we should call the GOP the “Gang of Parasites!”


      1. My apologies. I tried to delete this comment once I saw it above, but that didn’t seem to be an option. I don’t mean to be a bother.


  6. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I always enjoy Clay Jones’ cartoons, but I enjoy his commentary even more. He is an astute observer of the politics of the day and his words are typically as wise as any OpEd writer … though often spicier! His latest is spot-on … Republicans are desperately trying to distract us, to direct our attention anywhere but where it belongs.


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