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Did you watch the debate between Pennsylvania Senate candidates Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Crudites Oz? Did you at least watch the highlights? If so, did you mute or turn away out of the sheer awkwardness of it all? I watched the highlights and I wanted to turn away. It was painful and uncomfortable for me.

Let’s face facts, my liberal friends. Fetterman didn’t come off well. Not only did he not sound well but he didn’t look good. Who’s responsible for putting Fetterman into a suit that made him look like Uncle Fester? I know he’s not a suit guy but the Democratic campaign could have done a lot better than picking something off the rack at Burlington Coat Factory. At the very least, they should have Men’s Wearhoused that shit.

Fetterman suffered from a stroke and had to do a live debate against a guy who has 20 years experience of selling snake oil on TV. The odds are tough enough for Fetterman.

The debate marked the first time voters were able to watch Fetterman unscripted on live television since his stroke in May, which was just days before the state’s primary. Fetterman relied on closed captioning during the debate so he could follow the conversation as he continues to recover from auditory and speech difficulties. Yes, Fetterman had a stroke which makes him suffer from these issues. What’s Donald Trump’s excuse. Oh my god. Did Donald Trump have a stroke and his administration hid it? He did have that secret trip to the hospital.

Fetterman had trouble communicating during the debate. He failed to complete sentences, stumbled over words, and there were long awkward pauses. All this may have distracted viewers from noticing the lying piece of crap that is Mehmet Oz, who mostly lives in a New Jersey mansion, bought a farm in Pennsylvania for the race, and is currently staying with his inlaws in PA.

Since Dr. Oz can’t seem to keep up with how many homes he owns when it was time to list them on financial disclosure forms, or he’s just flat-out lying, let me offer an assist. He owns the Pennsylvania farm, a mansion in New Jersey, a condo in New Jersey, two condos in Manhattan (one of which his sister is suing him over for stiffing her on rental income), a cattle ranch in Florida where he claims he hunts despite not having a hunting license (does he shoot his cows?), a mansion in Palm Beach, and three properties in Turkey, of which he’s still a citizen and says he’ll renounce if he wins. Oh, don’t do us any favors, Dr. Crudite. Additionally, his wife “technically” owns a mansion in Maine and a hotel in Ireland.

Several analysts said the debate proves Fetterman isn’t prepared to be a Senator and should instead focus on his health. They may be right, but voters should vote for him anyway. He’s improving and he’s better than Oz. A bag of flaming poo is better than Oz, who will vote to ban abortion nationwide. Sending Dr. Crudite to the Senate may give Republicans that 51st vote to ban abortion. And I assure you of this: If the GOP gains control of the Senate, they will do away with the filibuster to ban abortion.

During the debate, Oz sang and danced around answering direct questions about banning abortion, although it’s something he’s vowed in the past.

Republicans of course rejoiced at Fetterman’s performance because they’re evil twisted psychopathic fucks. They celebrated when Fetterman had his stroke. And to be honest, his campaign didn’t help matters by trying to bury the fact he had a stroke.

I’m mad at the Fetterman campaign. My problems extend beyond the crappy $35 suit they put the candidate in. They never should have put him on the debate stage. Normally, I want every race to have a debate, but this one served to give the wrong impression. If you read the transcripts and the points he made, Fetterman did OK. If you watch the debate, he did horribly.

Sure, the campaign would have been attacked for refusing to debate, but they should have weathered that. Again, they put him on stage against a slick con man with decades of TV experience and evil-sculpted eyebrows.

The people who are now attacking Fetterman for his difficulties communicating and expressing his thoughts ignore the cognitively challenged in their own party, from Marjorie Taylor Greene to Herschel Walker to Trump. My god, they sent racist Tommy Tuberville to the Senate and he doesn’t know the three branches of government. I’m not making that up.

These Republicans are not going to stop being uninformed stupid racist hacks, but John Fetterman’s cognitive abilities will improve. The fact he was able to perform on that stage last night should be applauded. And he didn’t whip out any props.

And that’s just it for the MAGA crowd. Herschel can whip out a badge and say “I am work with many police officers” and receive high praise while Fetterman struggles because of a stroke, and is accused of not being cognitively there.

The same people attacking Fetterman now want to reinstate the guy who said, “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.”

Music note: I listened to Toad the Wet Sprocket while drawing today’s cartoon.

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  1. Fetterman’s performance wasn’t great yesterday, but I’d rather have him after he’s had several more strokes (God forbid) than the Lizard of Oz on his healthiest day.

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  2. Fetterman is honest.
    This was worth watching just to witness the one thing that is missing in politics: honesty (and it only came out of the Fetterman corner).
    Fetterman would make a fantastic US Senator for Pennsylvania. Oz, whether he gets in the Senate or not, will continue to sell snake oil.

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  3. I only watched a bit of the highlights. It hurt to watch but if I lived in Pennsylvania I would vote for Fetterman and pray that he continues to improve. Years ago when Oz started his TV show I would watch. Then he turned into a pusher of fad ingredients and it was over for me.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Oz is a POS!! He’s a Repug!! … “Fetterman had trouble communicating during the debate. He failed to complete sentences, stumbled over words, and there were long awkward pauses. All this may have distracted viewers from noticing the lying piece of crap that is Mehmet Oz, who mostly lives in a New Jersey mansion, bought a farm in Pennsylvania for the race, and is currently staying with his inlaws in PA.”

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