Debating MAGA

During the debate between Democratic candidate Tim Ryan and Republican J.D. Vance for the open Ohio senate seat, Ryan pointed out that Vance has claimed Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is a “credible” news source. Vance lied and said he had never said that.

During the debate between Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican candidate Herschel Walker for Georgia’s senate seat, Walker lied about being a cop. He’s also lied about how many children he’s had, graduating at the top of his class when he never did graduate from college, beating his wife, and paying for abortions.

During the debate between Democratic candidate Val Demmings and Republican Senator Marco Rubio for Florida’s senate seat, Rubio lied and said Demmings supported abortion “on demand, for any reason, at any time, including the moment before birth.” 

During the debate between Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Republican challenger Tudor Dixon, Dixon lied about supporting election results after she cast doubts on the 2020 election.

During the debate for the governorship of Wisconsin between Democratic Governor Tony Evers and GOP candidate Tim Michels, Michels claimed that abortions are being committed “at the time of birth” and Evers favors allowing “a doctor to murder a baby after birth.”

During the debate between Utah Senator Mike Lee and Independent Evan McMullin, Lee lied about working with the White House to overturn the 2020 election.

These are just a few examples of Republican lies in debates leading up to the midterm elections.

Republicans lie, especially the ones who tie themselves to the MAGA agenda of fascism. They lie about election results, their records, and their opponents’ records. They will lie about abortion, guns, and climate change. They will lie about the color of the sky if it suits their purposes. And that’s probably why Arizona Democratic candidate for governor Katie Hobbs refuses to debate Republican MAGA goon Kari Lake, who still insists there was massive election fraud in 2020 and that Donald Trump won.

Donald Trump has taught Republicans that they can lie and say pretty much whatever they want. While their opponents and the media will fact-check them, MAGA media will support their lies. Besides, their supporters don’t listen to legitimate news outlets anyway.

Donald Trump told over 30,000 lies when he was president (sic) yet his supporters believed every single one of them. Trump supporters believe he created the Obama economy despite being alive throughout the entire Obama administration. They believe there are invisible airplanes. They believe there were invisible airports during the American Revolution. They believe Trump had the largest inauguration crowd ever. They believe it didn’t rain during the inauguration. They believed his lies about the coronavirus, that it was “under control,” “disappearing,” “like the flu,” and that hydroxychloroquine and bleach up your ass were solutions. They believe he moved a hurricane with a Sharpie. They believe Trump didn’t know about payments to Stormy Daniels. They believe President Obama started the family-separation policy. They believe the noise from windmills causes cancer. They believe he’s the one who got Veterans Choice health care signed into law, and not President Obama. They still believe his big healthcare plan was coming in “two weeks.” They believe he was named “Michigan Man of the Year.” And they believe Trump won the 2020 election.

There are millions of Americans who believe Donald Trump won the 2020 election despite there being zero evidence to support the claim. There are millions of Republicans who believe whatever’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop proves his dad is corrupt, despite the fact they’ve never seen any evidence to support their belief or can tell you what exactly is on the laptop. And there are still millions of Republicans who believe President Obama was born in Kenya.

The most dangerous thing about these lies is that they’re using them to destroy democracy. They’re using the voter fraud lies of 2020 to make voting and even registering to vote more difficult for non-white Americans. Even the Republicans who admit Biden won are using the voter fraud lies to make it harder to vote in elections.

America, don’t vote for liars. Don’t vote for people who are full of shit. Don’t vote for people who are trying to destroy our democracy. Basically, don’t vote for Republicans.

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