Welcoming A Crisis


Fox News and other assorted devious evil fuckers are spreading lies about immigrants crashing our southern border while carrying the coronavirus because Joe Biden invited them. They did something similar to this in 2018 when they screamed about migrant caravans being funded by George Soros. That was a hat trick for Republicans because it was a lie, anti-Semitic, and racist.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s do it.

President Joe Biden did NOT invite immigrants to come here illegally. He didn’t even invite refugees to come to our border and legally request amnesty. Despite what Republicans and other idiots are saying, those are the facts.

Speaking of facts, it is legal to come to our border and request amnesty. What Donald Trump did was bar people from being able to request amnesty and stay in our country while waiting on a hearing. So, Donald Trump forced very desperate people to sneak into our nation. Some people died attempting this. Some children died attempting this. Donald Trump has blood on his hands.

Joe Biden did NOT open borders. This is a huge lie for Republicans and they can’t stop repeating it. He has talked about pathways to citizenship but he hasn’t made that promise to people who were not in this nation.

There is not a flood of immigrants bringing covid to our nation. It’s just not happening. This is another Fox News bullshit talking point. What do they think the quarantine is for that President Biden has implemented? You can’t scream that President Biden is allowing immigrants to bring the coronavirus here then complain about detaining immigrants. You can’t have both. Pick one. By the way, migrants are being tested at a positive rate of less than six percent. That’s a lower positive rate than Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico.

Immigration has increased since President Biden stepped into office. And yes, a lot of it has do to with there being hope in Central America that there is a friendlier administration…or at least one that’s not going to dehumanize immigrants. Rumor is, unlike the last president (sic), President Joe Biden is NOT a racist asshole. We have had a hard time hiding this fact from Central America. President Biden is a nice guy. He wears a face mask to protect others. He doesn’t demonize or demagogue people. He owns dogs. Even Republicans like him. Ask Lindsey Graham.

The majority of immigrants being detained are children who arrived at the border alone. While we can be unhappy with the way they’re being detained, and where, the situation is not equivalent to the Trump policy where they ripped families apart and threw babies into jails to sleep on floors with tinfoil blankets. It’s not like where Trump and Stephen Miller forced children, children dammit, to go to court alone and represent themselves when they don’t even speak English. The Biden policy is NOT equivalent to the Trump policy that then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions laid out as one of separating families in order to deter immigration. You don’t see anyone from the Biden administration pushing a policy designed to be cruel and giggling while explaining it, as Sessions did.

There are real issues to confront with the border. There are real issues with how the Biden administration is handling it. There are real issues about the transparency of this…but Republicans would rather use lies because President Biden is actually trying to do something about it. Again, he’s a good guy.

For Republicans, the only answer to this problem would be to deny everyone who isn’t white entry into this nation and to be as cruel as possible to the ones who do slip in. You have to remember, Donald Trump didn’t just try to combat illegal immigration. He tried to eliminate legal immigration for non-white people. This is the guy who said we need more people from Norway, described nations in Africa, Central America, and Haiti as “shithole” countries. He talked about people coming over here after living in grass huts. He enacted a ban on people entering from Muslim countries.

For Republicans, the only good immigration policy is a racist policy. How racist are Republicans? The Department of Homeland Security estimates there are over ten million people in this nation illegally. The majority of them entered legally, not crossing through a desert. The majority of drugs and weapons that enter this nation come through legal checkpoints. These are facts. So, with over ten million people here illegally, why are we freaking out over 13,000 brown children at the border? In case you’re a Republican, 13,000 is less than ten million.

By the way, is Trump’s wall not working?

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