Republican Confessions


Republicans will usually pick a lie, or rather a stream of bullshit, if you will…and stick to it for a few decades, like trickle-down theory. They don’t usually fold and collapse on a lie within a year and a half. But that’s exactly what they’re doing regarding vaccines.

Republican bullshit is inconsistent as well. Since President Biden came into office, they’ve been attacking vaccines as unsafe and the product of an overreaching tyrannical government gone wild while at the same time, demanding that everyone thank Donald Trump for giving us the vaccines. Trust me on this, Donald Trump didn’t give us the vaccines. Donald Trump is more the type who will give you something that will require you take a vaccine to kill it later.

But as I was saying, GOP bullshit is inconsistent. Right now at this very moment, a majority of Republicans believe there was massive election fraud in the 2020 election which switched ballots from Trump to Joe Biden, yet they don’t question the very same ballots for Republican victories in other offices. Maybe instead of checking Arizona ballots for traces of bamboo, they should be looking for White-Out.

But after months and months of being anti-vaxxers, Republicans are finally on board and are stressing that everyone should get the vaccine. They’re even pushing it on Fox News. Hell, even Sean Hannity is pushing it. That’s like Hannity admitting Earth isn’t flat. Wow!

Steve Scalise, the number two Republican moron in the House, did a photo-op this week of himself getting the vaccine. Scalise was eligible for the vaccine for the past six months, but hey…better late than stupid…or something like that. This is the same guy who nearly lost his life to gun violence who is still doing all he can to protect gun violence.

Why are Republicans, most of them, now promoting the vaccine after spending months of spreading misinformation? Because the delta variant is sweeping across the country, and with only 48 percent vaccinated, it may hit us hard. It may lead back to mask mandates. It may lead to another shutdown.

Or, it may lead to shutdowns only in places where the delta variant hits. Guess where it’s hitting. It’s hitting places where vaccination rates are low. Hmmmm…now where could those places be?

Over 86 percent of Democrats have received at least one shot. Only 52 percent of Republicans have taken at least one shot. In counties that voted for Joe Biden, 47 percent of the population have been vaccinated. In counties that went stupid, for Trump, only 35 percent have been vaxxed.

The numbers for infected are spiking again, and they’re spiking in places like Arkansas, Missouri, and…wait for it…Florida. They’re hitting Trump states.

Florida was the GOP success story. The state and its racist governor, Ron DeSantis, disregarded health guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. Large cities in the state followed guidelines, which kept infected numbers down, which the DeStupid took credit for while banning local governments from issuing mask mandates. Now his state is one of the hardest being hit and he’s pushing for vaccinations.

Republicans were faced with pissing off their base by promoting vaccines or watching their base die…literally. The Republican Party politicized the virus and campaigned for months to make it partisan and now…guess what. They succeeded and made it partisan. The virus is only killing Republicans. Good job, numbnuts.

But since Republicans are coming clean and finally admitting vaccines work, they should come clean on a bunch of other shit too, like tax cuts for the rich won’t increase deficits or that trickle-down works. How about financing two wars with tax cuts? Shouldn’t you guys admit the truth about this kind of stuff?

Oh yeah, how about climate change? The sun is being blocked out in Iceland from fires in western North America. You can literally see climate change. Admit it’s real and then, I don’t know…do something about it?

How about admitting you’re only changing voting laws because you can’t win elections anymore? Tell us the truth, assholes. You can admit that black lives matter…and maybe say it without the racist “all lives matter” bullshit. While we’re on the subject of race and civil rights, stop freaking out about critical race theory and trans athletes. Maybe admit your bathroom bills were homophobic hater bills.

Admit you never really cared about family values or evangelical stuff. Supporting Donald Trump just made you all a bunch of hypocrites. Stop attacking Dr. Fauci and making him public enemy number one.

Since it only took six months for Steve Scalise to get vaccinated, ask him about gun control. He’s had four years since he was shot so maybe now he can reconsider his stance on the issue.

Oh yeah…here’s a doozy: Trump lost.

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  1. They are finally realising a dead voter is a non-voter, and if all their voters die, so will they. But I doubt it will matter much. By confessing that vaccines are good for people they are admitting they lied to their base.
    The question is, are their still-living voters intelligent enough to to be upset their cult leaders lied to them

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “ The question is, are their still-living voters intelligent enough to to be upset their cult leaders lied to them”

      Well… the fact that they are still alive might indicate that they are smarter than the dead ones, but…NAAAH!!!

      The very definition of a cult is that “their leaders NEVER LIE to them”.


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