Slice of Conspiracy

Some of the Republicans asking Ketanji Brown Jackson questions were using their time, not asking serious questions for a nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States, but were instead auditioning for the 2024 presidential race…that is, if Donald Trump lets them run. And while trying to make Fox News, OANN, and Newsmax highlight reels, they were throwing dog whistles to Qanon.

Do you remember the pizzagate conspiracy that claimed Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the basement of a pizza parlor in Washington, DC? This was generated from Clinton Campaign chief John Podesta’s email which was hacked by Russia, given to Wikileaks, then loudly broadcast by Donald Trump.

Just like with Hunter Biden’s supposed laptop, the people screaming about the hacked emails from the Clinton Campaign can’t tell you what’s in them. And since they couldn’t find anything scandalous, they had to create one. They claimed, “let’s get a pizza” was code for child pornography. It’s too much of a rabbit hole to go down to explain how all this landed in a DC pizzeria that doesn’t even have a basement, but it was generated by Qanon on 4chan and other assorted hate sites. Eventually, a North Carolina fucknut with a rifle drove up to DC and shot into the establishment.

This was the birth of Qanon. Since then, it’s grown into a conspiracy theory that deep-state Democrats are operating a pedophilia ring and Donald Trump was on a mission to bring it down. Some Qnuts theorists claim the pedophile deep-state Democrats are also lizard people. Seriously.

Of course, it’s laughable to believe that Qanon and Republicans care all that much about stopping pedophilia. They were silent on former House Speaker Dennis Hastert being a pedophile. You don’t hear them asking what Jim Jordan knew when college wrestlers were being victimized while he was coaching them. They were all defensive of Roy Moore spending more time in mall food courts than Debbie Gibson did in the 80s. And I haven’t heard one demand an investigation into the accusation that Donald Trump raped a teenager.

They accuse President Joe Biden of being a pedophile and joke about it where you have to be a Qanon goon to even understand the reference, like with “Let’s go Brandon.” What are they talking about? Also, ask one of them, any of them, what’s on Hunter’s laptop? Why are they OK with it being stolen? Why are they OK with contents being spied on without there ever being a FISA warrant? Oh, wait…they don’t really care about FISA warrants either. It’s like the Constitution to them. They only care about something if it can be weaponized. You don’t hear Devin Nunes screaming that Hunter Biden’s rights have been violated. But then again, maybe he’s too busy trying to get Truth Social off the ground.

Senators Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and Marsha Blackburn were asking Judge Jackson about sentences she gave to pedophiles. As it turns out, they were normal and in line with other judges’ sentences. But, they’ve created the narrative she’s soft on pedophiles, never mind the fact that she sent them to prison. Fun fact: When Josh Hawley was a horse-faced Missouri prosecutor, he let a sex abuser get off with only probation.

These senators wasted very important time on their own political ambitions instead of doing their jobs. And instead of denouncing Qanon, which is a cult comprised of insane racists and terrorists, they feed the beast. After Senator Josh Hawley first started his attacks on Judge Jackson being soft of pedophiles, online threats against her life have been made by Qanon goons.

Tom Cotton, Marsha Blackburn, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and the majority of the Republican Party are appealing to racist hateful people who will tear this nation apart and destroy democracy if they’re not given what they want.

The entire Republican Party is now a cult and instead of fighting to save it, these senators feed it to the cult.

By the way, the pizzagate shooter was sentenced by…wait for it…Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. She gave him four years in prison. Fact is, Judge Jackson sent Qanon terrorists to prison. Maybe that’s another reason for Republicans to hate her.

Music Note: I listened to the Violent Femmes but did NOT play “Blister in the Sun.”

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  1. I’ve been to Comet a couple of times (my son and his family live in the neighborhood). Pizza is OK, but can’t hold a candle to Chicago thin crust.

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  2. I like pizza rat making his own pizza! Much more important than those showboating Senators and their jackassery…These confirmation hearings and the many televised congressional procedures have become a mockery of the processes of government.

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    1. Mocking the government is usually left to cartoonists. Clay, are any on those Senators dues-paying members of the Cartoonists’ Guild? I’m betting not. They don’t believe in unions!

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