Ginni’s Disappointing Hole

When the Supreme Court rejected Donald Trump’s efforts to block the National Archives from giving documents from his presidency (sic) to the January 6 committee investigating the attack on the Capitol building, only one justice dissented. I’ll give you one guess who that justice was.

In the weeks between the 2020 presidential election, won by Joe Biden over Donald Trump, and the January 6 attack, Ginni Thomas sent multiple text messages to Trump’s Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows to do everything he could to overturn the election. Ginni is the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Did you think that same-last-name-thing was just a coincidence?

In one of those messages, she urged Meadows to “release the Kraken and save us from the left taking America down.” The “Kraken” is what Trump’s ridiculous Qanon lawyer Sidney Powell kept promising to release which would prove the election was stolen by Democrats. We never got that Kraken. We did get a bunch of Crapen. Get it? Crap, Crapen, Kraken? Never mind.

In another text, she wrote, “I can’t see Americans swallowing the obvious fraud. Just going with one more thing with no frickin consequences.” She also wrote, “We just cave to people wanting Biden to be anointed? Many of us can’t continue the GOP charade.”

The texts were a part of more than 9,000 documents turned over to the Jan 6 Committee. The texts detailed Meadows’s interactions with Republican politicians and other assorted goons as they planned strategies to steal the election and install the guy who lost it, Donald Trump, as a fascist Cheeto dictator.

The committee got 29 text messages, most of which were from Ginni which makes me assume that at some point, it got too crazy even for Meadows to respond to, which is like the morning I woke up to find 19 blood-curdling messages from the girl I met in Las Vegas. Is it blood “curdling” or “curling?” Anyway, I was scared.

Here’s the thing, kiddos: Ginni was a part of the effort, coordinating with the Trump White House (sic), to steal an election and install Tiny Orange as a dictator. Her husband sits on the Supreme Court, which is supposed to be a check on the other branches of government (in case you’re a Republican, there are three branches of government, In case you’re Senator Tommy Tuberville, Congress is NOT two of them), and would later hear cases involving Trump’s attempt to overturn the election he lost.

Ginni is a GOP operative goon and a lot of the crap she’s involved in lands before the Supreme Court…which her husband, who is also a goon, will vote on. Does he ever recuse himself from cases that involve his wife? No. She claims they never discuss their work with each other. If they did, I can see it in my head in the style of one of J.D’s fantasies from the TV show Scrubs.

Clarence and Ginni are at the breakfast nook.
Clarence: Ginni, what will you be working on today?
Ginni: Oh, Clarence. I expect a busy day trying to install Donald Trump as a fascist Cheeto dictator by overturning the election he lost to the actual winner, Joe Biden. Grr, I hate Joe Biden.
Clarence: And how will you overturn it?
Ginni: By releasing the Kraken. What are your plans for today?
Clarence: Obviously, voting to support your Kraken. Grr, I hate Joe Biden too.
Ginni: You are the bestest judge ever, Clarence.
Clarence: I know. Can you pass the Coco Puffs? I’m really coo-coo for them.
Ginni: The doctor says you’re supposed to be eating Grape Nuts, but since you’re going to vote for my Kraken…

So, have you figured out which one of the nine Supreme Court justices voted to keep the Jan 6 Committee from seeing that Ginni Thomas tried to overturn a democratically-held election and install a fascist Cheeto dictator?

I’ll give you just one hint: He’s coo-coo.

Music Note: It’s Friday and I don’t have the idea for this week’s CNN cartoon yet, so I didn’t listen to music. I was thinking and watching news. It didn’t work.

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  1. I’ll bet Anita Hill is feeling vindicated these days.

    Which makes me wonder – WHY did it take over a year for Ginni Thomas’ part in the attempted coup to be ‘discovered’ and made such a big deal about? I’d read soon after 1/6/2021 that she had supplied money for transportation . . . I can’t have been the ONLY person to have read that article.

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  2. In one of her texts to Meadows Virginia Thomas mentions having a conversation with her “best friend”. During interviews (in the recent past) with Clarence Thomas reporters noted him to refer to his “wife as his best friend”. Ginni and Clarence had many discussions about the “coup” they helped plan and when texting about each other use their “best friend” code when referring to each other. These arrogant, sheltered, Washington belt way holy rollers are so narcissistic they think their shit don’t stink … Clarence is a scumbag and Ginni is just another parasitic leech … I mean…another nobody spouse wanting some of her husband’s political limelight.


  3. I know you don’t use other’s ideas, but….
    Idea for a cartoon, entitled Pillow Talk. Ginni and Clarence lying in bed. Ginni tattling on about Qanon. Clarence so bored he is sound asleep beside her…


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Unworthy from the start!! I remember Anita … “So, have you figured out which one of the nine Supreme Court justices voted to keep the Jan 6 Committee from seeing that Ginni Thomas tried to overturn a democratically-held election and install a fascist Cheeto dictator?”


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