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Gun nuts are eager to prove to everyone else what experts they are with guns and gun safety. In doing so, they often demonstrate just how ignorant they are about everything else, like how a film is made.

As soon as the tragedy on the set of the film Rust was reported, conservatives and everyone else horny for guns was all over Alec Baldwin, calling for him to be charged with murder. Not only do they not understand how filming works, but they also don’t understand how the law works.

This was a tragedy that injured writer/director Joel Suza and killed cinematographer Haylna Hutchins. This is not murder. Is it possible criminal charges are forthcoming? Yes, but for whom?

It’s the assistant director’s job to ensure a safe working environment on a film set. In this case, the assistant director, Dave Halls, handed Baldwin the gun and told him it was safe. Weapons on film sets are managed by the armorer. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer for Rust, had just prepared the guns on a cart, which is where Hall picked up the loaded gun and gave it to Baldwin. This was not a prop gun, but a real one.

There are all sorts of messed-up details in this story, such as warnings about an unsafe set, people turning down job offers because of the dangers, crew members walking off before the tragedy, and crew members engaging in target practice with the guns being used in the movie. Live bullets being put into a gun that will later be used in the movie by amateurs is a very dangerous working environment.

Perhaps the biggest question is: Why was there live ammunition on a movie set?

I’ve heard a lot of people say we should ban real working and functional guns from film sets. I’ve heard gun fuckers say this. How about we do this…and ban guns from all places of business? The Constitution gives you the right to own a gun, but it doesn’t say anything about you toting it around like it’s an extension of yourself. There’s nothing in the Constitution that allows you to carry a semi-automatic rifle into Krispy Kreme.

Republicans are after Baldwin just because they don’t like him. Baldwin spent four years doing an excellent job of portraying Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and Trumpers are still butt-hurt over it. But as I wrote in a previous blog, your dislike for someone doesn’t convict them of murder. Your political bias is a total and complete non-factor in this issue.

Alec Baldwin didn’t intend to shoot anyone. You can argue he should have checked the gun, even after being told it was safe…but the failure to do so still doesn’t make him a killer. While these same gun humpers argue for Alec Baldwin to be charged with murder, they’re simultaneously defending Kyle Rittenhouse who shot three people, killing two, with a semi-automatic rifle he wasn’t old enough to legally own or transport across a state line, which he did intentionally to shoot at black people. Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two of them.

These same people calling for Alec Baldwin to go to prison also call a Capitol Police officer a “murderer” for shooting Ashli Babbitt, a terrorist who broke into the United States Capitol building and was storming into the office of the Speaker of the House with a violent mob of white nationalist MAGAts when she was shot, but defend George Zimmerman for shooting Trayvon Martin, a black teenager, for walking while black in a hoodie and armed with Skittles.

I think what I’m trying to say to these people, in the most eloquent terms I can think of “fuck off, you whiny hypocritical rat bastard racist babies.” Can you get guns with nipples on them?

You don’t care about the victim. You champion racist murderers and terrorists. All you care about is vengeance against people who never actually violated you. You want to string up Dr. Anthony Fauci because his efforts to save this nation contradict Donald Trump’s lies. But you don’t have anything so you make shit up, like torturing beagles and gain-of-function in bats. You don’t like that racist parents can be criminally charged for threatening school boards over vaccine/facemask mandates and teaching critical race theory which isn’t being taught, so you go after the Attorney General for doing his job. And again, you have to make shit up. You scream that these parents are just “concerned” and expressing their views, but you leave out the parts about intimidation and death threats. Now, you’re after Alec Baldwin because you see an opportunity.

Being as vile and inhumane as possible isn’t just a part of being a Republican anymore. It’s the point. This is revenge for you, not justice.

Alec Baldwin will suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome from this for the rest of his life. If there are criminal charges for negligence, then so be it. But he’s not going to prison or the gallows because he impersonated Donald Trump and made him look ridiculous. If we’re going to send people to prison for making Donald Trump look like a moron then let’s send Donald Trump because nobody made him look stupid more than he did it to himself.

As for making Trump supporters look like racist morons, well that’s on them too. I mean, nobody forced Ted Cruz to defend Nazis yesterday.

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  1. Excellent commentary as well as superb toon. If guns were banned on movie sets the gun nuts would be the first to scream about lack of authenticity. Someone erred but this hysteria is no help. As you have exhibited the biases of the extremists have eclipsed the tragic losses. Thx.

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  2. I was going to say no one can make Donald Trump look ridiculous because Donald Trump is the best person to make Donald Trump ridiculous, not just look it. But you already said that, so I will withdraw my statement! Yeah, sure! Like he’ll I will! It took effort to type that. I don’t like wasting effort!

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Gun nuts are as ignorant as utterly fanatic!! … :As soon as the tragedy on the set of the film Rust was reported, conservatives and everyone else horny for guns was all over Alec Baldwin, calling for him to be charged with murder. Not only do they not understand how filming works, but they also don’t understand how the law works.”

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  4. Clay, in today’s age of rabid tribalism, the lack of veracity or hypocrisy of any argument matters not when someone in the perceived other tribe has been involved in negative press. The former president did say something true for a change during the 2016 election. When he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his followers would not care is true. When I first heard him say that, my first reaction was he has such disdain for his followers as he is saying they are too stupid to hold him accountable for shooting someone. Sadly, we have learned he was right on this issue.

    A woman died because of a sloppy film management team on the set of “Rust.” Baldwin was just the one holding the unchecked weapon. When the crew tells you something is wrong beforehand and goes on strike and the directors go forward without any more precaution, then that is telling. This is akin to Christopher Walkien’s character in “The Dead Zone” telling the rich father of a boy he is helping “The ice is going to break” and the father holds a hockey practice anyway and four kids drown.


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  5. I went to a club meeting/Halloween party and one guy was dressed as a pirate, with a flintlock. He spent the first several minutes explaining that there was no way it could shoot anyone, because it was a toy etc. The Baldwin shooting has made people edgy.

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  6. Sounds like the crew was negligent. Sounds like the armorer was way too inexperienced, even though her dad was an armorer. It also sounds like Baldwin is going to see this woman’s face every time he tries to go to sleep for the rest of his life. He deserves sympathy, not people calling for his head.

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