Gun Sense

The Do-Nothings


Former Broward County sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson was arrested and charged yesterday with 11 charges of neglect of a child, culpable negligence and perjury. Why? Because he sat outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in relative safety while a 19-year-old gunman killed 17 and injured 17 others.

An investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Peterson didn’t investigate the source of gunshots, retreated during the shooting while victims were still under attack, and directed other law enforcement officers to remain 500 feet away from the building. If he was a Republican, he would have cited bone spurs for his inaction.

While Peterson hung around outside busy not doing anything, over 70 shots were fired by the killer. How many of those shots found a human target? While the shooter is the murderer and responsible for the deaths and injuries, Peterson, who was hired to protect the school, could have probably saved a few lives.

The people who don’t do anything to protect children from mass shootings are culpable in their deaths. That includes Republicans in Congress. That includes the Republican president, who said in an interview with Piers Morgan that people need the AR-15 assault rifle for “entertainment.” As Morgan compared gun deaths in Britain, 35 a year, to the 150 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2019 (so far), Trump compared U.S. gun deaths to stabbings in England. Trump said, “In London, you have stabbings all over. I read an article where everyone is being stabbed.” I’m sure the headline read, “EVERYONE IS BEING STABBED.” The truth is, annual stabbing deaths in England are fewer than 300 a year, much less than gun deaths in the U.S. Trump argued guns in England could stop stabbings.

Trump has a point. We’re too busy in the U.S. shooting each other to bother with stabbings. Nobody goes to a school and stabs 17 people, or to a church or rock concert and stabs 50. In case you haven’t noticed yet, Donald Trump is an idiot.

The thing is, nobody “needs” an AR-15. You don’t need it for protection. You don’t need it to compensate for your small penis. You don’t even need it for entertainment. There’s a difference between “need” and “want.”

Fred Guttenberg lost his daughter Jaime in Parkland. He said Peterson deserves the misery coming his way and that he should “rot in Hell.”

Peterson didn’t do the job he swore to do, which was to protect and serve. Trump and Congress are also not doing their jobs. They’re not protecting the citizens of this nation from gun deaths. Their inaction makes them culpable for every single person killed by a gun.

For that, they should all rot in Hell. That would be very entertaining.

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Watch Me Draw.


Crisis Actors


Last week I talked about how one of the joys of being liberal is that you don’t have to make stuff up to justify your beliefs.

Your run-of-the-mill Republican will inflate or decrease numbers or leave out pertinent information when making their case. Your average troglodyte conservative will make up the most horrible stuff, like Alex Jones when he claimed the Newtown shooting was a hoax.

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, the scene of the latest school shooting, are organizing and taking on gun control and politicians who accept money from the NRA. Other students from around the nation are joining them. All these students are either victims, potential victims, or future victims. The reason they’re scaring the living hell out of Republicans is that they’re right.

They’re also future voters who aren’t going to forget Marco Rubio refusing to stop taking money from the NRA, or his refusal to acknowledge an AR-15 is an instrument of war. It’s like he can’t call an assault rifle by its name. They also won’t forget going to the White House where Donald Trump’s proposal to end more gun violence is to introduce more guns into schools, and the fact he needed crib notes to appear empathetic.

Some Republicans are starting to bash these students. The most harmless horrible comment I read was about the students not being old enough for their brains to be fully formed. That sort of crap makes me wonder about the conservative critic’s brains, and if he even has any. Just because you were inarticulate as a child doesn’t mean these kids are too.

Other conservatives are saying these kids can’t be this organized without any help. Crazy David Clarke, the sheriff from Milwaukee, has claimed George Soros is funding and organizing these movements. Clarke doesn’t have any proof, but these people don’t need proof to post a comment on Twitter. Look at Donald Trump.

Attacking one of the survivors of Parkland, conservative Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “This woman seems coached and also a bit deranged. Trump’s should ignore these media-manufactured theatrics. Genuine grief I can empathize with. But grief organized for the cameras—politically orchestrated grief—strikes me as phony & inauthentic.” D’Souza later apologized for the tweets, but I wonder why he ever thought, even briefly, such comments were a good idea.

Alex Jones has posted several videos on his InfoWars YouTube channel accusing David Hogg, a senior from Stoneman Douglas, of forgetting his lines during a TV interview. According to an article by Brianna Sacks of Buzzfeed, Its had nearly 10,000 views and another calling the shooting a “giant false flag” has nearly 200,000 views (the article is one of the sources where I got the info for this column).

The biggest conspiracy theory floating around out there being shared by your crazy uncle is that the students speaking out are “crisis actors” taking advantage of the shooting to push a liberal gun control agenda. Right-wing sites, such as The Gateway Pundit, are eating this up. Russian trolls are also pushing the narrative. You’ve probably already seen some of their work on Facebook. Russian troll farms don’t sleep.

The irony here is that the conservatives arguing the kids are coached and manipulated are being manipulated by right-wing sites and Russians.

I gave a primer the other day for voting which was, Putin’s choice for president is the worst choice for us. I’m going to give you another primer about political opinions.

If you have to make shit up to advance your agenda, you’re wrong. If you can’t rely exclusively on facts, you’re wrong. If you have to slander victims of a mass shooting, you’re a deplorable human being who should just go ahead and defect to Russia now.

I won’t miss you.

Here’s the video. 

Update: Facebook removed the video for “bullying” and “harassing.” What the hell? I’m clay Jones, not Alex Jones. I have appealed.

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Haters In Mourning


A federal jury in South Carolina only needed two hours to convict Dylann Roof for murdering nine black parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston last year. Dylann pulled the trigger 77 times.

Roof, who is only 22-years-old, is a self-radicalized white supremacist. The same jury that found him guilty on 33 charges will also be the one that decides if he will be sentenced to death or face life in prison without parole.

Racists and anyone who patronizes and tolerates their hatred created the atmosphere for Dylann Roof to kill. You don’t hear conservative politicians campaign and scream for more laws to prevent terrorism by radicalized Christians, like Roof and Robert Lewis Dear.

Dear killed three people and injured nine more when he attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs last year. The abortion clinic attack was encouraged by fake videos accusing Planned Parenthood of selling body parts from aborted babies. Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina spurred on the accusations against PP before and after the attack, even after the videos were debunked. What’s a few deaths compared to what plays well politically in Peoria, or on Breitbart and Infowars?

South Carolina was so distraught over the murders in Charleston that they finally took down the Confederate flag from the grounds of their state capitol building. Why does it take spilled blood before you realize something is a bad idea? They acted swiftly on the flag issue (after decades of complaints) and ignored the one on guns.

The people who fly the flag and encourage the likes of Dylann Roof and Robert Dear are the types who voted for Donald Trump, our next president. They’re the same types who are spraying Swastikas on black churches and intimidating gays and minorities. They feel empowered. We need more people to speak out against them instead of a president and the controlling political party silence. They would rather scream about radicalized Muslims while ignoring the fact that more people in this country have been killed, and will be killed, by white Christians than brown Muslims.

Dylann Roof deserves to die. Someday he will but I hope it’s not by the hands of the government. Death is not a punishment for a crime like this. It does not discourage lunatics from committing terrible acts. I believe a government by the people should be better than those who murder. Dylann Roof deserves to rot in a tiny cell for the rest of his life and think about what he did. Maybe at some point in his remaining days he’ll understand what a horrible person he is and that he let hatred not just destroy his life, but also nine others who were innocent.

Maybe while we’re fighting the voices of hate we can do something about this gun problem and prevent someone in the future from entering a church and shooting parishioners 77 times.

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Is That An Alligator In Your Pocket?


I know. Go ahead and give it to me. This is very insensitive and has poor timing. I’m not good with sensitive or sacred cows…or in this case, reptiles. At least I didn’t go with my first heartless idea which consisted of an alligator eating Mickey Mouse. Pissing off the NRA, Trump, and Republicans I’m good with. Disney on the other hand….ugh.

If there was a huge money-making alligator industry and rednecks used them to overcompensate for their tiny penises, there would be a trade organization buying off congressmen to make sure anyone could buy an alligator at any time.

Right now the Democrats in the U.S. Senate are conducting a filibuster to force the Republicans to schedule a vote on gun control. This has totally stopped all Senate business….which means it’s pretty much like any day in the Senate.

Republicans HATE to talk about gun control. The only issue they hate talking about more is Donald Trump. If you really wanna flummox a GOP office holder, ask him about Trump’s revolving position on guns.

Creative note: I’ve had a theme with alligators the past few days. Last week I drew Donald Trump with alligator arms (played that off a Geico commercial). Today I drew a commissioned cartoon with crocodiles for a brand new client that’s based outside the United States (Claytoonz is going international. You’ll see it Friday). Now today I drew this. I can’t help it. I like reptiles.

I really like reptiles. I once worked in the reptile house of a small zoo in northeast Louisiana in the late 1980’s. My favorite story from that brief adventure comes from the day we cleaned the alligator pool. I didn’t do any actual cleaning but it was my job to keep the gators and Alligator Snapping Turtles away from the cleaners. I was armed only with a stick. There were five gators in the tank. They were all under six feet long except for this one mother. Before we could drain the pool we had to get one gator out which we did with a lasso. That took several hours. Some genius designed the pool where the drain was in the deep end and had to be manually unplugged. Nobody likes diving with alligators.

The alligators cooperated for the most part. The turtles, not so much. In fact, the turtles concerned me a lot more than the gators.

A large chunk of my childhood was spent in Louisiana. When I was a kid my older sister and I swam in a bayou with them. As a teenager my buddies and I swam in the same water. We never had an issue. When I was around ten or eleven we actually had two pet baby alligators, which was and still is illegal. I didn’t know that at the time and thankfully, the statute of limitations has long passed. We only had them for about a week. They weren’t as cuddly as we thought they might be. I got bit a lot. They never bit my sister once.

I do feel really bad for the parents who lost a child this week in Orlando to an alligator attack. That city had one tragic week. Losing a child under any circumstance is a horrible thing to live with. I know. It’s something I’ve been very close to. I’m sure Disney will never make this family wait in line for Pirates Of The Caribbean ever again.

A lot of people are asking questions about the parents, just like when that Cincinnati gorilla thing happened. Thing is, things happen. This is a freak occurrence that’s a true tragedy. I don’t think there are any safety measures that can prevent something like this happening once in a million years, especially after you build tourist resorts on a swamp.

Before posting this I searched for hashtags and one of them is “Disney Gator” which sounds a lot happier than it really is.

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Obama’s Tears


I have more faith in a person who sheds tears over children killed by guns than for those who will mock him for it.

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A Petulant Child


It’s on now. Finally, after seven years of Republicans and other assorted crazies warning us that Obama was coming after our guns (your guns actually. I don’t own any), it’s finally happening. Who’s crazy now? Well, the crazies are still crazy. The executive orders Obama is putting into action aren’t taking anyone’s guns away.

What the orders will do, or attempt to do, is kill the gun-show-loopholes and online purchases that allow people to buy guns without background checks, increase funding for mental health treatment, and staff for the FBI and ATF agents.

Chris Christie said the president is “acting like a petulant child.” Marco Rubio said it’s “a war on the Constitution.” Donald Trump said “Pretty soon you won’t be able to get guns.” Ted Cruz, not to be out-crazied by Trump, said “the president is once again going to abuse his power to try to seize our guns.” Ben Carson advised the public to hide their guns in the pyramids (I made that up). Carly Fiorina said “Go Hawkeyes and beat my alma mater Stanford.” (I didn’t make that up but she wasn’t talking about guns. She was merely pandering on a historic level).

One guy who’s not running for president, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, said the “President is at minimum subverting the legislative branch, and potentially overturning its will.”

All of those statements were said before the plan was revealed but after their checks cleared from the National Rifle Association.

In a response to the president’s order the Republican presidential candidates and members of Congress promised to buck the NRA and do all they can to prevent more senseless gun deaths, especially those of children. They promised to improve upon the president’s orders and pass effective sensible gun legislation to decrease gun violence and protect all American citizens. Nah! I made that up too.

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Have A Cocked And Loaded Christmas


Note to my conservative friends: There is more than one use for the word “cocked.”

Back when I was a staff cartoonists I was always required to draw cartoons commemorating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day and whatever else came up. I hated them. It was like approaching the drawing board with the mission “draw a bad cartoon today.”

There’s a lot to miss not being on staff at a newspaper. I miss the paycheck and benefits. I miss the people. I miss the arguments in the newsroom. I don’t miss the required pandering. My editor ran the same syndicated cartoon every year on Christmas Eve of Santa in his sleigh waving a newspaper with the headline “Santa visits Fredericksburg.” The cartoon had a blank spot where editors could paste the name of their town. I would argue with him every year to stop running the cartoon and ask “how many readers of our editorial page still believe in Santa Claus?” I stopped fighting him about it after a few years and just took the day off.

Since I don’t have editors cracking whips on me anymore then I’m not going to purposely draw bad cartoons. I’ll draw them and realize they’re bad later.

I’m not against using holidays as metaphors and analogies. They are current events. I do hate the tired cliches like sitting on Santa’s lap asking for stuff. I refuse to draw that cartoon ever again. Though back on my staff days, I’d save the lap analogy for a tough idea day in December when deadline was looming. It was always an easy out. Now I just try harder. Freedom and drawing your own ethical lines is expensive, but it’s kinda worth it.

I hope each and every single one of you has a happy holiday, Christmas, whatever you wanna call it. I don’t have any plans so I’ll probably be drawing cartoons.

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