What Kind Of Flood?


Honestly, when “breaking news” about Texas was announced on my TV Thursday, I half expected it to be another mass shooting.

While flooding is terrible, especially for Houston which is still recovering from a flood two years ago, it was kinda refreshing that breaking news out of Texas wasn’t about a mass shooting. This is where we are, folks.

If there’s one place in this nation where a large percentage of the population treats their guns like their babies, and even values them over the lives of children, it’s Texas.

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  1. if not the guns, then definitely their suped-up pickup trucks. But I guess the guns weigh less, so that makes more sense. I knew guys in school (native Houstonian here) that blew every paycheck on making their cars or trucks badass, but then wondered why they couldn’t keep a girlfriend. Gee, when you blow a few hundred on an unneeded part, but won’t even spring for anything more than McDonalds as a date with your girl… yeah, helluva keeper.

    Hell, my dad would go buy a gun every time he went to see my uncle. We had a hole in the front of our house because of crappy siding and his recliner was falling apart, but he’d come back home from those visits with a new gun.

    I became nagging daughter and told him before he dropped a few hundred on a new gun, he’d better either get a new recliner because the spot-welding repairs weren’t holding for long, or he’d better fix the hole in front of the house before we all died of black mold. Took a while to sink in, but eventually he fixed the hole.

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