Neo-Nazi Gun Rally


Yesterday, I wrote on Twitter: Dear gun fetishists. Please keep your and your racist and Nazi friends’ asses out of my state next week. Thanks.

I got replies to that. I was surprised at how many and the type of replies I got. And no, I didn’t respond to any of them.

Thousands of protesters are expected to the state capitol grounds in Richmond on Monday to protest proposed restrictions on gun purchases by the Virginia Legislature. The governor, Ralph Northam, has declared a state of emergency and announced a temporary ban on weapons on the grounds of the State Capitol ahead of the rally.

Yes, these people are upset at gun restrictions in Virginia, yet a ban on guns on the grounds of the State Capitol is only temporary. In case you’re a Republican, “temporary” means not forever. Also, why are you upset about this when you’re never angry about there being a ban on guns at NRA conventions? Think about it.

The reason for the state of emergency is that authorities have identified credible “threats of violence,” including from out-of-state militia groups and hate groups that are planning to start shit. The governor said the authorities had also found extremist rhetoric online similar to what had been seen in 2017 before the Charlottesville tiki-torch march conducted by hate groups in 2017 over removing Confederate statues, that left one girl dead.

Also, Monday is Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, which is a federal holiday, so don’t tell me there’s not a racist aspect to this. It’s like trying to tell me you’re not a racist while you’re wearing a sheet.

I think there’s something to these threats online because even I, little ole me, pipsqueak cartoonist who’s not major on the national scene, got some very cryptic replies to my tweet last night and this morning. And I’m not just talking about all the F-You comments.

I got the black-friend defense. I got the Hitler-banned-guns defense (I love that they fail to capture the irony in lying about the Holocaust to support their gun fetish while saying they’re not bigots). I got the I’m-Rubber-You’re-Glue defense, as in, “I’m not the Nazi. You’re the Nazi,” which is heavily used among the MAGAt crowd (I’m not the puppet. You’re the puppet).

And finally, I got the We’re-Going-To-Find-Where-You-Live reply. Yes, because somebody did not like my tweet. Earlier today, I even saw comments on a right-wing friend’s page that the governor has a “surprise” coming to him.

While these people are screaming at me for lumping gun fucknuts in with racists, white nationalists, and Nazis converging on my state’s capital on Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, the FBI…wait for it…just arrested three neo-Nazis, who’ve been planning for a race war, who had just obtained a bunch of guns and were planning…try not to be shocked…on traveling to Virginia for Monday’s gun rally.

So, to all the gun nuts who yelled at me yesterday, “We’re not the racists,” let me steal from Andrew Gillum in that it’s not me who thinks you’re racist. The racists think you’re racist. Do you know why they think you’re racist? Because you’re racist.

Here’s the thing, when you’re marching with Nazis, you’re marching with Nazis. And, when Nazis get together, nothing good can come from it. So no, we don’t want you here in Virginia. We’re good. Thanks.

See, here in Virginia, we’re turning blue and we don’t want any more mass shootings in our state. I understand dead school children is a price you’re willing to pay for the right to dry hump an Uzi, but don’t use our children.

Governor Ralph Northam is right to declare a state of emergency over gun nuts descending down upon our state. Our nation’s gun nuts are a state of emergency, just like our president (sic) is a national emergency.

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  1. The longer the gun barrel, the shorter their penises. And the faster they are to ejaculate.
    But really, most are brainwashed as children by their parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. They don’t know how to think for themselves…

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