Stalking Yovanovitch


Lev Parnas, the hired goon who’s an associate of Rudy Giuliani and whom Donald Trump doesn’t know despite being in dozens of photos with, revealed through text messages with a Republican congressional candidate (this just gets better by the minute) that there were plans to stalk Marie Yovanovitch while she was serving as ambassador to Ukraine.

The Trump team, specifically Rudy Giuliani, was conducting a smear campaign to get rid of Yovanovitch. During one phone call with the president of Ukraine, Trump said that Yovanovitch was going to “go through some things.” The text messages released by the House Intelligence Committee reveal that Parnas and his friend, Robert Hyde,” were, trying to get her to “go through some things,” discussing stalking and perhaps making something else happen to her when Hyde wrote, “They are willing to help if we/you would like a price,” and “Guess you can do anything in the Ukraine with money.”

Hyde also referred to Yovanovitch as a “bitch” in multiple texts, once writing, “can’t believe Trumo hasn’t fired this b—h. I’ll get right in that.” I don’t know why he referred to Trump as “Trumo” or if that’s just a typo. He also texted about Yovanovitch’s location and the state of her security. He also said we need to “get that bitch out” and “fuck that bitch.” He later said he was just being playful because calling a woman “bitch” is funny and humorous to Republicans. Hyde is the kind of guy who makes tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to GOP candidates while falling behind on child support payments.

This should really help Robert Hyde with the “get the bitch” demographic.

Now, Ukraine is investigating this as they feel a responsibility for a foreign ambassador’s safety. This is NOT the investigation Donald Trump wanted that nation to announce.

I am glad Ukraine cares about Yovanovitch’s safety because our Secretary of State and State Department, under the Trump regime, does not. Neither the State Department nor Mike Pompeo has issued any statements regarding this.

We killed a foreign general after one of our embassies was demonstrated against. Donald Trump cited an “imminent attack” on four as justification for assassinating the general. But someone threatens one of our ambassadors and we hear nothing?

The Ukrainian government issued a statement saying, “the published messages contain facts of possible violations of Ukrainian law and of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, which protect the rights of diplomats on the territory of another state.” Where’s the statement from Mike Pompeo regarding an ambassador’s safety?

Ukraine also asked the FBI for assistance in investigating the Russian hacking of Burisma, the gas company Hunter Biden worked for. Isn’t it funny that Russia seems to be getting involved on the side of Donald Trump?

Morale is low at the State Department. Probably because its leader refuses to express any concern for the safety of its employees. Perhaps he’s afraid of angering Trump by expressing that he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to Marie Yovanovitch, whom Trump, with Giuliani and her stalker, has smeared. This is another example proving that all our government agencies are only working in the personal interest of Donald Trump.

And for that matter, I haven’t heard any Republicans express concern for our ambassador. I’ve heard a bunch of them, Kellyanne Conway, for example, say Lev Parnas is unreliable because he’s indicted and just trying to help his case by cooperating, but no concern about threats against a United States ambassador. What happened to patriotism? What happened to putting nation before Trump? What happened? Do you know who else should be expressing concern for the safety of a United States ambassador? Donald fucking Trump, the president (sic) of the United States of America. The new normal is that nobody’s pointed that out yet except me, a cartoonist.

Republicans have done nothing over the past three years except excel at being horrible, vile, disgusting creatures. And because all of this is a result of electing Donald Trump, we need to get that bitch out.

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  1. Trump has been Putin’s bitch for years. There is nothing he wants more than to have the kind of power other dictators have, but he will never get there. How can he be “the man” when he takes no responsibility for his failures?

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  2. “Where’s the statement from Mike Pompeo regarding an ambassador’s safety?”

    It was late coming–but he made a reasonable statement (albeit while saying he believed the allegation was false) Friday.

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