GOP Stampede


Now that Texas has effectively banned abortion, expect other yee-haw states to follow suit sooner than later.

You might think some of these states will pause to see what the Supreme Court does in its next session, but the court already weighed in to say they’re not weighing in. Plus, Republicans are too giddy to stamp out women’s rights to wait to any longer.

One of the biggest outrages in all of this is that Republicans are winning in this nation despite the majority of the United States population disagreeing with them. Despite a majority of Americans voting against Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020, voting against Senate Republicans, and being pro-choice, conservatives will probably control the Supreme Court for the next 30 years. Did I just ruin your weekend?

Republicans are in denial that the majority of the nation wants nothing to do with them or their racist xenophobic misogynistic policies. And if they did realize that, they’d still insist on forcing the rest of the nation to live by their “values.”

The Texas law bans abortion after six weeks and encourages lawsuits against abortion providers and anyone assisting in the abortion. This includes people who may drive someone to get an abortion. Lyft has responded by creating a legal defense fund for their drivers when Texas yahoos sue them. They’re also donating $1 million to Planned Parenthood. Let’s hear it for Lyft. Thank you, Lyft.

After Lyft’s announcement, Uber commended their competitor and are now promising to pay their drivers’ legal fees when sued by Texan troglodytes. Other companies speaking out include American Airlines, Hewlett Packard, and Silicon Laboratories. Dating sites Tinder and Bumble are setting up funds to help Texas women seek abortions outside that state. In yesterday’s blog, I called for GoDaddy to take down the tattletale site where fucknuts and rednecks can report people who helped with an abortion. Before the day was over, GoDaddy took ’em down. No, not because of me but because of thousands like us telling them to do it.

I would really like to see Texas’ sports teams go after this law, including the Astros, Rockets, Texans, Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, Mavericks, and Spurs. This goes for the leagues too. C’mon, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. We can include soccer too and those fake sports, NASCAR, WWE, and other wrestling companies.

What’s been overlooked by many because of the abortion bill are new laws enacted on the same day in Texas that make it harder for black people to vote and grants the right to carry a concealed gun without a permit which probably includes precincts where black people are trying to vote. I’m only surprised Texas Republicans didn’t write a new law making it legal to shoot abortion providers.

All these allies now need to target other states that intend to follower Texas. The states so far where Republicans have vowed to copy Texas’s hater law are Arkansas, Florida, South Dakota, Idaho, Indiana, and Oklahoma. Expect every Trump-voting state to make similar promises over the coming weeks.

The stampede is coming and if the courts won’t protect constitutional rights and women, then maybe businesses will. But you have to help too. Don’t buy shit made in these yee-haw states. Don’t buy Whattaburgers or beef jerky out of Texas. Don’t buy orange juice from Florida. Don’t buy Idaho potatoes. Don’t purchase a surrey with a fringe on top. Look up what a surrey is to make sure you don’t buy one. Be anti-yee-haw.

And if you live in one of these fucknut states…MOVE!!!

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  1. Has anyone considered the financial advantages of encouraging these states to succeed from the Union? Those states consume federal dollars at a rate of one hundred to one. For every tax dollar they give, they receive one hundred dollars in federal funds. Without them there would be federal funding for education, infrastructure and healthcare. Toll plazas on the interstates providing literacy tests can control migrant populations. And without MY federal tax dollars they won’t be able to afford fuel to keep those giant SUVs rolling, climate change fix!


  2. I know it is not easy to pick up stakes and move. People tend to stay in known places. But if these places become so dangerous to life as we want to live it, push, pull, or drag yourself and your loved ones to states that refuse to be pro-MAGAt. Leave the anti-abortionists with the anti-abolishtionists. Leave them to wallow in their own pigstys. (Or is that pigsties? Whatever! They’really all full of shit!)

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  3. Clay, as an independent, my strong advice to folks who do not like this is vote. Understand the rules of voting and meet them and vote. Texas is turning purple which is why the voter suppression actions are building off the former president’s “big lie” of election fraud. If Dems would vote they can defeat repressive thinking that is going on in Texas. Republicans are cheating to win as the demographics are not working in their favor (they have been doing this for ten years with ALEX and cookie cutter state legislation. This is also why they are using social issues lie critical race theory, which is a contrive wedge issue. That is my two cents. Keith


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