Roughs, Volume 105

I drew all of these on the day of the terrorist attack at the Kabul Airport. I was set on drawing a cartoon on that event but I had to pull back because there wasn’t enough information available. Since the cartoon I would be drawing wouldn’t be published for three days, I knew I couldn’t do the Kabul attack. You don’t want to do a cartoon going off on ISIS-K and then right before the cartoon is published, it turns out Richard Simmons masterminded the whole thing, or something like that. So I went with covid stuff. There are still a few roughs here on the Kabul attack.


I really liked this one. I may go back and do it at some point. I really hate people who say, “Don’t tread on me” while they’re stepping on other people.


This was the first rough drawn on the day of the attack but I don’t remember if I drew it before or after the attack. I think I drew it before and my focus was that Afghanistan would once again be home for terrorists groups…even though in the treaty signed with Trump and Pompeo, the Taliban promised they won’t let that happen. I know I’m gonna sleep better knowing that (sarcasm). 


This is the rough that became the cartoon for the CNN Opinion newsletter. I was very happy with the selection.


This might be my favorite. It’s goofy, silly and well, you know me.


I’m glad we did NOT go with this one. I’m not in love with it.


This is OK.


I had this same idea a few weeks ago but I don’t remember if I roughed it out. Did I? I’m counting on your memory to be better than mine.


Ya’ see, because pork prices are going up because of fucknuts taking the livestock de-wormer crap. If I have to explain it, it doesn’t work. 


I don’t know if this works or not, but I like the idea of a cow tending bar. I bet the White Russians would be amazing and moorific. You know, because they’re made with cream…and cream comes from cows…and if I have to explain that joke, it doesn’t work.


This is another one where I think I might like it before I draw it…and then not so much after.


Anything with a cow works for me. They always moove me. Get it? Moo? Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on?


I made a tweet about this, I think. 


There’s a delivery truck in the next batch of roughs too, which you’ll see next week. And again, the Grim Reaper is a cliché but he’s fun to draw. 


Any cartoon that has the word “jackass” works for me. If I could write a cartoon with a cow calling someone a “jackass”…


I like this point. I also like the layout. I do this about once a year but it’s really hard to pull off because you gotta land everything right. I am probably not the first who’s ever done two panels this way but I’ve definitely seen it a few times since I first drew it. 

There will be a video for these but I don’t know when I’m going to make it. 

Which of these are your favorites? Do they have cows?

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